You are just the best.

What big hearts you all have. Thank you so much for your support and encouragement, through the “upset and mad people”. From now on when I get one of those emails, I’m coming back to this post and re-reading your sweet comments. I know that will take care of any cranky feelings that the email might start to foster in me. (And just to clarify – I totally understand “disappointed” and “sad” – and do feel free to vent that to me any time. It’s the mad and nasty that I’d prefer to avoid.) 🙂

DSCF0861Yesterday was WH’s birthday! Yay! We celebrated with take-out on the back porch – and it was a beautiful night, so that was fun. I can’t say that he took the day off to do something fun, but dinner was nice. He has been so supportive of the endeavors that I have gotten us into over the years (and, as he likes to point out, most of them have been my “fault” – although I think he means that in the nicest of ways. I think.) I couldn’t do any of this without him and am so lucky to have him here. (Thanks, Honey!) He will love seeing himself in an apron. This is probably the only time I’ve ever seen him in an apron, and we’ve been married for 23 years! But it’s a cute picture of him and his mom, and she gets credit on his birthday, too. (Thanks, Mumbee!)

College Guy comes home tonight – woohoo! I think he’s mostly coming home to see Zoe, but I’m pretending that he wants to see us, too. I did promise him I would keep him out of the Loopy room and he could just relax and enjoy the weekend without any work. (I want him to come back, you know?) So we’ll have a great weekend.

Here’s a quick and easy “throw it in the crockpot and knit your afternoon away” recipe for you. The only drawback is that it smells way too good cooking away during the day, and your stomach will rumble with hunger. But that’s a small price to pay, I’m thinkin’.

DSC00692.JPGItalian Shredded Beef

3 lb. rump roast
2 pcks. Good Seasons Italian dressing mix
1 pck. brown gravy mix
1 cup water
BBQ sauce (optional)

Put 1 package Good Seasons mix, gravy mix, and water in crockpot. Add roast.

Cook on low for 8 hours or longer.

Remove meat from cooker and shred (I use 2 forks to pull the meat apart.) Return meat to cooker and add second package of Good Seasons, plus barbeque sauce, if desired. Cook another 1/2 hour. Serves 8-10. Great with Frito-Pea Salad!

Have a wonderful weekend – and thank you again for all of the Loopy love. We love you right back.

Sheri Iamtotallygrossedout-Zoejustcaughtandateaflyrightinfrontofme.FPS.


  1. Happy birthday, WH! 😀 I hope you’re taking photographs for TLE for many years to come! (Or, you get to the point where you can hire someone to do it for you, then enjoy the freedom that brings for many years to come. Whatever works. 😉 )

  2. Um, just looking at that picture makes my stomach rumble with hunger now!! Oh wait, I haven’t taken my lunch break yet. That might partially explain things… : )

    Enjoy your weekend with College Guy. He certainly deserves to have a weekend off and just relax without having to worry about work – he does so much to keep TLE website fun and I think we all appreciate his efforts!!

    I hope maybe you will be able to stay out of the Loopy room this weekend too and just enjoy a special weekend with your son at home, with family and/or with friends!! You especially deserve it this week!!! : )

  3. Happy birthday WH!

    Look! There’s Sheri doing the-College-Guy-is-coming-to-visit happy dance!

    Loopy love. That’s exactly what it is.

    And Zoe? Stop eating bugs in front of your mom!

  4. Happy Belated Birthday to Wonder Husband!!!!! I hope you have a great relaxing weekend and get to spend lots of time with your son and the rest of your family. At least Zoe didn’t eat a mouse in front of you. 🙂

  5. Happy Belated Birthday to WH! And many thanks for all the hard work he does for us Loopies! (My husband—aka The Resident Engineer—also celebrated his birthday a few days ago. Busy month!)

    Have a wonderful relaxing weekend, Sheri, and and a big hi to College Guy!

  6. Happy B-day WH and thanks for letting Sheri get you into this venture : )
    It is so funny, you talk about Zoe all the time and I know she is a cat and then you mentioned CG coming home to see Zoe I was thinking girlfriend, and then at the end of the post you said she caught a fly and ate it, and I am thinking yuck he has a bug eating girlfriend and then …. the light bulb went on Zoe the Cat : ) I am slow today, good thing I am not a brain surgeon or something.
    Have a great weekend!!!

  7. That’s funny…I just brought home our College Guy #2, and I think he too is looking more forward to seeing his feline friend than his mom!!

    Have a good weekend! Get some rest!!

  8. Haha, for a second there, I thought Zoe was CG’s girlfriend…but then I figured CG is a bit smarter than to date a girl who eats flies. 😉

    Oh look, Monica thought the same thing, so I’m not a total doofus!

    Have a good weekend Sheri, you deserve it!

  9. Happy Birthday to WH!

    That recipe looks delicious; I think I might just try it this weekend. I’m betting the husband and child would enjoy it as much as I would. Thanks! (And it’ll give me time to knit the lovely new yarn that arrived today. :))

  10. Your recipes are so helpful! You truly rock, as does your husband and your children, and even your pets most of the time.

    I was dealing with unpleasantness aimed at me this week, so I didn’t have a lot of “spare” energy to who my support, but I am here now, better late than never. I understand what you are going through all too well–I was once the Internet “face” of an organization, and people who didn’t know me personally often felt like I was an appropriate target for all sorts of pent-up upsetness. I don’t know if you ever get to where you completely shrug that sort of personal attack, even when you intellectually know it isn’t “the real you” they are after. After all, we ARE human, even if we run a business, or are the webmaster, or whatever.

    Right now I am glowingly happy knitting a sock in Seacoast Panda in the most lovely Silver Leaf colorway. And I want to THANK you for keeping our earlier orders online, because a lot of the time that’s the only way I can figure out the actual name and color of what I am working on. I go read the order and say, “Oh yeah, that’s what it is!”

  11. My dog eats flies. I usually appreciate it (can’t stand them) but I agree it is gross. That recipe looks good and I think I will have to try it one of these days.

  12. Happy Birthday, WH! Welcome Home, College Guy! (As I say to my cat all the time) Way to go, Zoe, but eeeewwww! And Please pass me one of those sandwiches. 🙂

  13. HB to WH! My kitty “Wabi” ate a fly or spider in front of me yesterday too = yuck!

    I will be away all next week and so not only will I miss my Loopy box’s arrival from this week’s order, but will also miss the next sneak up! That’s probably good for my credit card, though, to give it a rest.

    Hope you can recuperate this weekend!

  14. Happy Belated Birthday to WH! And Yay for having College Guy home this weekend. I hope everyone has a wonderful and relaxing (especially after this week’s crazy sneak up) weekend. I got my yarn today, so I might be doing a bit of winding this weekend. 🙂

  15. Happy Birthday and many more!

    (One of my late cats once ate a roach in front of me. I couldn’t decide whether to gag or cheer.)

  16. Ok, what is “WH”? I know “dh”…but..wonder husband?? And are there pics of u on this blog somewhere?
    Have a great wknd…am going to try the recipe…yummies

  17. OK, so I’m not the only one who thought that Zoe was CG’s lady friend. Brain fry here. My own CG says that he’s not seeing anyone in particular, but the same phone number keeps showing up on his cell phone bill. Hmmmm? He’s not totally independent from mom, yet.

    Have a great weekend, Sheri. You deserve it!

  18. Um, Sheri…you are a cruel, cruel woman to post a recipe like that this when it’s too late in the day for me to make it right now!!! That sounds absolutely WONDERFUL, and is on my must-make list for the very busy week I have coming up. Thanks! 🙂

    Have a good weekend with the family – those visits home are precious when they’re so far away.

  19. Have a nice relaxing weekend with your family!
    That sammich looks yum-o!! Will you be making cookies for your WF – WonderFamily? Maybe Chocolate Chip Cookies? for Zoe, you could make some chocolate covered flies cookies? LOL
    Couldn’t resist…


  20. Happy Birthday, WH!!

    Although it is hard to time/get what we’d like sometimes it just doesn’t make a world of sense to receive nasty e-mails, either. I don’t imagine retailers of yarn ( get mails like that, but ya never know.

    We love you and all your efforts, Sheri!!!

  21. Frito-pea salad? I sense my doctor would disapprove. Of course, she also disapproves of my one cup of decaf in the morning, and says eating sushi is a “risk behavior” while looking at me as if I were a very very very loose woman.

    I wish I’d seen the recipe sooner. There is a roast thawing in my sink…hey! We can have it tomorrow and have the ribs tonight!! HAHA!! Perfect!!

    Enjoy College Guy. Girl is saying she wants to go Away To School next year. Mom’s a little….nervous…

  22. Happy Birthday Wonder Husband and many, many more. You know how much your family all your friends appreciate and love you but your Loopy friends appreciate all the hard work you put in too. When I am on other sites browsing and I see the yarn and try to figure out if it is dark red, or maybe brown or what the heck is it, I always say to myself–“WH would never let an awful picture like that be posted on the Loopy site”. So thanks, I like knowing what color yarn I am buying.

  23. Happy Birthday WH! Thanks for helping Sheri keep us all happy and yarnified. That recipe looks really good (and really easy! woo hoo) so I’m going to try that out on Monday. Monday is my day off this month (except for the normal family chores and so on anyway) so I’m gonna make your recipe for dinner and knit (and maybe spin) all day long. OhboyOhboyOhboy!

  24. That looks like a GREAT recipe for this weekend. It’s the last official weekend of summer, but more Fall-like weather here. I could really torture myself with good smells by making bread in the bread machine to use instead of rolls…hmmm.

    I’ve had bug-catching cats too. Moths are actually more popular at my house. And…occasionally I’ve come home to a trail of feathers down the staircase because some bird wasn’t smart enough to stay out of leaping range when the cats were on the balcony. I expect that when I move, I’ll finally learn where the beaks went. I had a kitty who would catch spiders too (assuming she got to them before me). Before you think the fly part is too gross, just remember where else those little tongues go during a cat bath LOL

  25. Happy Birthday, WH! Sheri is really lucky to have such a supportive husband, and one who is such a great photographer, too. But then I think you’re pretty lucky to have such a great wife, too.
    Thanks for the recipe, Sheri. That seems like a great one for me to leave cooking while I’m at school. I love coming home and finding dinner already cooked, and that kind of recipe is about the only way that will happen.
    BTW, can we borrow Zoe this weekend? We have a couple of flies that snuck in our back door and need taking care of!
    Have a great weekend with CG. I have to go now–I have a basement full of girls over for a birthday party/sleepover. Time to ice the cake and put the pizza in the oven.

  26. Oh, I MUST try the shredded beef. Of course, being from the SE, I’ll bet I try it with pork, too! Sounds wonderful.

    A happy birthday to WH. I hope it was a good day.

    I just had to laugh about my missing the Sneak Up! I had stalked all morning, but on Tues afternoons I head into town for the LYS Tues Knit Night. So I missed the yarn because I went to the yarn shop! Actually, I was stalking for Wendy’s patterns, but like she says, eventually there’ll be plenty, and it’s NOT like I don’t have anything to knit in the meantime!!

    Enjoy your family back together weekend!

  27. Oh my gosh, that recipe just made me so hungry! I haven’t had any beef in months since my DH won’t eat it (he’s Hindu) and I feel guilty eating it in front of him…but I’m starting to crave my gramma’s pot roast!!

    Happy birthday to your DH!! 🙂 Does Zoe eat spiders as well as flies? And if so, can I borrow her? I love our balcony but it’s like a spider expressway into the apartment. 🙂

  28. Next Sneak-Up delayed??? The Loopy Photo Studio will significantly reduce its hours of operation while management discusses policies related to blog content and photo selection. Thank you for your patience.

  29. Happy Belated Birthday, WH! Hope your day was FANTASTIC!

    PS. Once again Sheri and crew have AMAZED me with the lightening-fast shipping! When I got home from the grocery store today the mailman had left me an awesome present: my scrumptious skein of Wollmeise (my first!) Thanks again Sheri!! 🙂

  30. Happy birthday, WH! Your photos are pretty much yarnography–extremely explicit and true to life. 😉 If I’m trying to figure out what something REALLY looks like, I always look at the Loopy photos first. Most of the time, yours are better than the dyers’ own!

    You look cute in the apron…and must have been a “child bride,” since you hardly look old enough to have been married 23 years! Must be the good genes from your mom (who looks quite youthful herself) and the good home cooking.

    Sheri, no fair with the yummy beefy goodness when I’m working until 8:00 tonight. 😉
    And as for Zoe…better she eats the bugs than they snack on you. I notice that I haven’t seen a centipede in the two years since I got my kitties. The spiders disappear pretty darn quick, too.

  31. Happy Birthday, WH!!

    And about that shredded beef….*sigh* you had me at “crockpot.” I don’t know why I forget about the crockpot until fall/winter, but it’s getting to be that time again…. YAY!

  32. A very Happy Birthday to WH. I can see that you have quite the sense of humor after reading your blog entry. Good Luck! Hope you and Sheri have a wonderful weekend with CG/WG and Knitting Daughter. You certainly deserve it. Hugs to Sheri

  33. Happy Birthday to your incredibly supportive and loving husband.

    I might try the receipe with chicken (don’t eat meat), substituting chicken stock.

    I can’t even begin to tell you the disgusting thing my four dogs eat, trust me it would make you heave.

    Enjoy the weekend with college guy (wish mine could come home for the weekend, won’t see him until Thanksgiving).


  34. Happy BD, WH. As to the photo selection/blog content, PLEASE don’t let that influence the talks management is having with the Loopy Photo Studio. That’s a darn fine photo of WH and Wonder Mom. You can see some family resemblance. 🙂 And like Liz said, no way WM looks like she could have a son married 23 years. And no way WH (or Sheri, for that matter) looks like they could’ve been married 23 years. There must be something youth-i-fying in your water down there. 😀 😀 😀 (Or y’all had one of those arranged-at-birth marriages…)Enjoy the weekend with CG. It’s nice he *wants* to come home from time to time. My DD moved out and went to school and now she thinks I live in Hicksville, USA. LOL. One day she’ll appreciate the quiet.

  35. Happy Belated Birthday, WH. That is a great picture of WH & his mom. You should keep that one for the records! Thank you for your wonderful yarn pictures that you take for the Loopy web site!

    You all have a great weekend with College Guy, and that you get in some wonderful family time! Are you going to bake him some cookies to take back on Sunday, Sheri? So CG likes Zoe better than Casey? You don’t mention Casey much anymore. (Casey is your dog, right?)

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