Sockret Pal Socks and some SCOOPS!

DSC00988.JPGMy Sockret Pal socks are on the way, so here is the photo which I promised to share! My pal requested “fall” colors and since I was really wanting to knit up some Scarlet Fleece, this color seemed perfect. (That’s sunlight and shadows on the socks – there really aren’t light and dark spots to them.) I love how this yarn blooms and softens when it is washed. The colorway is “Easter Basket” and the pattern is from More Sensational Knitted Socks, called Open Twisted Ribbing. I hope she likes it! I have a skein of Red Velvet Waters caked up and ready to go for myself out of Scarlet Fleece. And more knitting went on this weekend, too. DSC00989.JPGI finished a sock of Urban GypZ (out of Curry with Raisins) using the Waffle Rib pattern out of Sensational Knitted Socks. (Ohmygosh easy, and I really like how it came out.) This Twisted line from Urban GypZ is really pretty up close because of all the lights and darks and blends going on in the yarn itself. We have more on order and I’ve already decided which other color I’ll keep the next time. (The Tomato Salad – loved those colors in person.) I will admit to starting another new sock yesterday, though. We have three or four new colors of Interlacements Tiny Toes to put up in the next Sneak Up, and one of them is called Colorado Treasures. You all know how I feel about Colorado – how could I not cast that one on?

I thought I’d fill you in on what will be coming in next week’s Sneak Up. Since we’re not doing one this week, I knew I’d at least have to give you some “scoops” of coming additions. So next week we’ll have: Duets Skinny, Woolly Boully Softie, Fleece Artist Somoko, J. Knits Anniversary yarn/pattern, and a few others as well. 300 skeins of All Things Heather arrived today – that box about broke the UPS guy’s back getting it into the house. 97 pounds. We’ll hopefully have some of that up, too. And remember that I told you about a new bag line? This is from indie-crafter Dena of Ham’s Jam and her beautiful work arrived today. She is doing exclusive fabric combos for us and we will get her Totes, Yarn Cruisers, and Needle Rolls in as often as she can sew them up for us. Her workmanship is absolutely top notch. Another brand new indie line arrived today – Lime & Violet’s Sasquatch Sock Yarn! We’re thrilled to have this yarn here (you know how much we love L&V at The Loopy Ewe) and the colorways are beautiful. (The names are fun, too.) So any or all of those different lines will be up next week.

Brand new lines coming sometime soon:

Schaefer Heather – this is a new silk blend sock yarn from Schaefer. I first heard about it at market this June and have been looking forward to getting it ever since.

Trekking – Many of you have asked for this, and I’m so glad we are able to finally get it. We’ll let you know as soon as it arrives.

Sockina Cotton – 55% cotton in the blend – wonderfully soft.

Austermann Step – the one you’ve heard about that is treated with Aloe Vera and Jojoba oil. It’s wonderful on your feet, but you can imagine how nice it is to knit with as well.

Addi Turbo Needles and Addi Turbo Lace Needles – Another item that has been requested over and over from all of you and we’re happy to have gotten an account with Skacel to make this possible now.

Classic Elite Alpaca Sox – 60% alpaca, 20 % merino wool, 20% nylon. This is a brand new sock line for them.

Fiesta Baby Boomerang – which I already told you was coming, but it bears repeating!

Oceanwind Knits – an indie dyer out of Canada with beautiful colorways and yarn.

Of course we have big orders from our regulars coming in this month as well – more Dream in Color, Wollmeise, Yarn Pirate, Zen String, Chewy Spaghetti, Cider Moon, Lorna’s Laces, Perchance to Knit, and Seacoast Panda. The other lines we carry will have more coming in September. We’re keeping UPS, Fed Ex, and the mail system busy. šŸ™‚

We have definitely outgrown The Loopy Room. Actually, it hasn’t been a “room” for a long time now, but I still think “The Loopy Room” sounds nice, so I’m sticking with it.

Sheri theheatindexwillbeover100degreeshereallweek.WhydoIlivehere?


  1. Ooo Trekking. I cannot wait to try that new alpaca blend. I’ve been wondering for years why they hadn’t made an alpaca superwash.

  2. You’re not alone! It’s around 100 in Atlanta as well. I know you love Colorado, but I’m more partial to Utah…. and ’round those parts, there is no heat index because there’s so little humidity! It’s heaven, really, when you add the mountains in to the picture.

    I can’t wait for the new yarn! I’ll have to work on my excuse to convince DH that I NEED some more šŸ˜‰

  3. Thanks for sharing your latest sock photos – love the colorways! I can’t wait for all the new things to start appearing – addi turbo lace needles! Yea! And, thank you sooo much for the latest sock club installment – I just opened mine up. All I’m sayin’ is – LOVE IT!!!

  4. Hot, its even hot in the pool right now. I got my new sock club package today, and as usual you have outdone yourself. I haven’t been into the knitting mood or anything else for that matter, blame it on the heat, or the fact that school needs to start. We are starting 2 weeks later than usual here and my sons need to go back so I will not murder them. But I am starting to feel ambition coming back, so it was wonderful to hold some yummy yarn. Its just wnat I needed despite the over 100 degree heat index here.

  5. Hee! I knew you would come up with more things I “need” to buy! Good work! Can’t wait!

    Hoping my sock club kit comes today – and it’s not too hot here in SoCal, for a change. Sorry you are having to literally sweat it out!

  6. Love the “fall” colors there. I can’t wait for the sneak up to get my Anniversary yarn šŸ™‚

    The Regia silk I ordered on Friday got to my office today. When my mailman handed it to me I went “oooOoo! This isn’t work related AT ALL” He laughed at me.

    I have it sitting next to me at my desk and I’m fondling it. FYI.

    It’s overcast and a little chilly here today.

  7. Gosh it is hot here too, close to 100 today. But then it always heats up just in time for the kids to start school. One more week and I get my daytime knitting back, but I would really rather have them here. All that sock yarn sounds so yummy and your socks look beautiful. Tell Janice if she drools on the yarn she has to buy it šŸ™‚ I don’t want mine pre drooled on.

  8. Hi Sheri, I received my sock club package today. I love it…everything you included. THanks for all your effort in making it so special. I’m hoping I can still enter my guess in your contest re the number of skeins of sock yarn you have. My guess is 4374.
    I’m sorry it’s so hot down there in STL. I won’t tell you what it’s like up here in God’s country! šŸ™‚

  9. I am new to the sneak ups so what do I have to do or watch out for??? i know you can’t tell me everyting since it is a sneak up but a hint I am sure would be oh right? Or will you have to ill me?? :0) Thanks. Just got my yarn and I am reay to start knitting. Can not wait the yarn is soooo soaft.

  10. Your socks are gorgeous, Sheri! I need to find my copy of More Sensational Knitted Socks immediately. It’s around here somewhere…

    While I so can’t wait for the next Sneak Up, I’m glad you’re taking a week off. Hope you have a great visit with your friends!

  11. I just looked at Ham Jam’s website. I’m hyperventilating. Are the bags affordable. “affordable” meaning not going to break the bank.

  12. Well, unlike the rest of you, I like the heat. Your socks look very good. I don’t know
    how you get things done so fast. I could
    sell you sock patterns. I always want to make everything I see and having a hard
    time getting what I have got started completed. Besides, I live in a 530 sq. foot
    senior citizen apartment, and there just isn’t any more room. I’d have to rent
    another apartment for my stash. What are you going to do now that you have
    outgrown the Loopy room?

  13. It sounds like big doings at the Loopy Ewe, so much yarn and so little time, what are we all to do.

    Sock club arrived today, and I can’t tell you how it blew me away. What a treat, the yarn, pattern and Loopie Touch – just the thing to put me in the mood for Autumn knitting.

  14. Some of the new yarns sound intriguing! And I love your sock pal’s socks, the colors are lovely. Isn’t this heat unbearable? It’s just so muggy and hazy and sticky and gross. And it’s only supposed to get hotter. St. Louis summers really are unbearable. All the more reasons to stay inside and knit socks!

  15. Oh… much little time to knit……..Sock Club arrived today……so beautiful……I guess I should start my “summer” sock before my “fall” sock…….I just can’t keep up! Of course if I stopped ordering beautiful sock yarn from you (not happening)…..

    Thanks as always for making us all so very happy….

    Blogless Diane

  16. Gorgeous socks for your pal! I love the colors! The pattern is nice as well! I love the “Sensational Socks” books – very good resource book! I only knit socks with the Addi Turbo’s – Magic Loop. 40 inch cable. Just perfect. I love the feel of the needles. They are so smooth!
    Hey, I started a blog – but it’s not very good yet, living in dial-up land presents its own problems. No pictures yet, but working on it. How do I add The Loopy Ewe button to my blog?

  17. Wow–go, Sheri, go! The Loopy Room is going to need to turn into a huge warehouse, like WEBS. I wanna be a Loopy employee if that happens. =)

  18. It’s HOT here in Ohio too. Love the colorways on your pal’s socks. My Sock Club package arrived today and I love everything! Fall is my favorite time so the colorway you picked for us is perfect. Can’t wait for the anniversary yarn…hoping it goes up before I leave for vacation. Thanks Sheri!!


  19. Sheri I got my yarn today and it’s soooo gorgeous!!! I’ve blogged about it too but now it’s time to choose ONE SKEIN to get wound and take with me to Washington. Its so hard to choose only one, sigh…

    Now that you’ve outgrown the Loopy Room does that mean you have more space for Roving *WEG*

  20. I outgrew this house before we moved here. I can’t wait for DH to get his raise so we can put together a new down payment and get into a big house again. Then I can take over as many rooms as I need (read: the house itself).

    I’m on yarn restriction, so I’m afraid I’ll have to avoid the Sneak-Up. Otherwise, I’m in big trouble. I get a hefty check from the yarn store tomorrow for my classes, but most of that is earmarked for a new Native American flute (I’m playing in a benefit concert down in San Diego in October), and the rest will go towards our vacation.

    Sheri, I’m sorry to say this, but our high today was 64. It was colder yesterday, and foggy to boot. We had dinner in San Francisco last night, and it was about 55 with fog, wind, and that lovely salt smell. I don’t miss the heat one little bit, although I do miss my mahogany tan. Oh well – one must give up certain things in order to live in comfort. All we do is open the front and back doors, and we have natural air conditioning. Good thing, too – nobody around here has actual AC. I actually had to put on my fleece bag the other night because I got too cold to knit.

    Enough preening. Back to watering the flowers.

  21. Oof. 110 heat index. Too darned sticky for anything but sitting here. Knitting. Socks. Cotton Panda socks. Can’t. Look. At. Wool.

    At least not right now. Give me five minutes. I’ll be fine.

    Anyone for an iced tea?

  22. I got the Sock Club box today and barely made it inside to open it.I love the yarn and the pattern.Thanks Sheri! Good fall choices.
    Sorry about the heat and humidity in St.Louis.I don’t miss that at all–but a custard from Ted Drewes would be awfully good .
    The next Sneak up sounds terrific.

  23. Our temperature hit 100 today – can’t even comprehend what the heat index might have been. It was miserable hot. So glad that I wasn’t born before the invention of air conditioning. Sure we are sending good yarn money to the power company but at least it is cool enough to knit.

  24. Sock Club yarn and goodies are wonderful! The yarn is sooo squooshy and the colors are so vibrant. And Addi Lace needles! Don’t know if you’ve had a chance to use them yet, but they are the best. Love my Knit Picks, but I need more Addi Lace. They are so very lightweight and have just enough grab. Can’t wait.

  25. It’s…. not that hot here right now, relatively speaking. It’s kind of creepy, like a portent of the end times or something.

    *looks over the list of yarns.* Why do you hate me Sheri? WHY DO YOU HATE ME? I’m going to have to start keeping a spreadsheet for the yarns I want vs. the yarns I have
    and then make sure I have some way of indicating what is coming up.

    And then, as if that wasn’t enough, you’re going to be stocking Lime and Violet. Soon I will be buried in yarn.



  26. And I HAD to come back from Colorado, where the sky was clear, the air was clean, and the temperatures were in the mid to upper 70s! It was perfect! When I got off the plane today I could hardly breathe! Loopy and I stayed at a lovely B&B in Steamboat Springs. The trip was all too short…except it was subsequently lengthened by a last minute canceled flight, resulting in an impromptu overnight stay in a Denver hotel, and a trip home through Dallas-FW, change planes and all. Did give me some more knitting time!

    James and I will be visiting the Loopy Basement tomorrow. See you then!

    (Julia…you’re not alone. I, also, am buried in yarn. Must have more….

  27. It’s actually been relatively mild here, if you excuse the humidity. The evenings are pleasantly breezy and cool too.

    Re: Loopy Room – does this mean you’ll soon need a warehouse manager?! You know I love the yarn… and I’m so organized it frightens my family. (Far cry from the days of plates of food shoved under the bed and underpants on the lamp!)

  28. Wow Ham’s Jam how exciting, she makes awesome bags!!!

    Have you announced the contest winner yet? I know I should have guessed way more!

  29. How funny you mentioned getting Sockina & Austermann…just got a skein of each today and have the Sockina cast on and up to the gusset…love the way it feels and not splitty at all for cottonish yarn.

    I love love LOVE the newest Sock Club edition….LOVE the pattern & as you already know, that particular indie dyer is one of my absolute favs!!!!! Love the rest of the goodies too…thank you so much for having the best sock club on the planet!

    Funny that you folks are having such hot weather…soon as the sun went down here it became sweater weather….gonna be nice sleeping under a light blanket tonight….mmm.

  30. Wow, no wonder you wanted to put off the sneak up for another week—the amount of yarn coming in is overwhelming! (You’ve outgrown the Loopy Room? No kidding.) And I may miss it all because we will be going on vacation soon—no Internet access for two weeks. Yikes. At least we should be able to show Loopy a good time! That is, if he doesn’t fall out of the rubber dinghy…

  31. I think I’ll go have a little lie down now. All that lovely potential gave me palpitations. I’ll take 2 skeins and get the credit card ready.

  32. good morning sheri. just read all the exciting news here. the socks are beautiful and i’m sure well received. it is a cool 62Ā° here this morning and sister, grandson and i are going fishing. it is our annual, star gazing, fishing week together. if any bad weather interferes, then we get to do a puzzle too. guess my baby knitting gets a bit neglected but we all need some balance in life. that’s what i hear! just have to say, i’m very familiar with the austermann step yarn and it is wonderful. love how it feels and really enjoy the striping it does. look forward to seeing it here in the future. hope your humidity and heat goes away and gives you all a break. til then, crank up the AC. happy knitting to all.

  33. Pretty socks šŸ™‚

    And I’m excited about Trekking – I’ve been wanting to try it out, and I can’t pass it up if it’s at the Loopy Ewe :p

  34. Trekking, Trekking, Trekking! If you’ve got color 78, I’ll trade you a 2.5 year old for it. She’s really good at telling you when to stop and which way to go.

    I’m really interested in the Alpaca, too. You are going to be busy this fall, aren’t you?

  35. Ohhhh more Wollmeise – yippee!!!! I am working on my Q2/Q3 Challenge sock using the Wollmeise that I snagged last time and the Rococo sock pattern. I love the pattern and I love the yarn. It’s knitting up beautifully and I can’t wait to finish them!

    And keep that cotton coming – DH loves my socks for him but won’t wear wool – I think he had a “bad wool” experience as a child.

    Oh, and I have a 1500sqft basement in my house if you need storage space – wink, wink! šŸ™‚

  36. I’m a little woozy now, I had to go look at those bags. The Yarn Cruiser is THE BAG that I have been shopping all around for. Cross Body Strap, and just a bit bigger than my City Girl Bag which I LOVE but doesn’t QUITE carry everything I need comfortably.

    And Silk Blend, and Aloe Vera, and Alpaca…….I need to start selling things on eBay to raise money.

  37. Wow, you are getting in so much great stuff, how will we ever decide what to buy next!!!!
    It’s really hot here, too – like a steam bath. More what I imagine Louisiana feels like in the summer, than Illinois!

  38. I think your Sockret pal will be very pleased! Very pretty socks!

    I wish I could buy more yarn. I think I’ve blown my yarn budget for awhile. Besides Loopy Ewe, I purchased other yarn (DK and worsted) for some Christmas presents. Plus I still have some beautiful yarns in my stash (Apple Laine in Blue Bayou) that I would love to eventually get knitted.

    And now I have that gorgeous yarn for the Fall Sock Club socks….awesomely autumn!

  39. oh, I am so glad to see Dena’s bags are soon to be up! I own matching bags of her entire knitting line and I am so in love with them. Sigh. And all those other goodies are just making me drool, too!

  40. Your pals socks are beautiful. I love scarlet fleece. I just finished a pair not that long ago using Irish Eyes and I couldn’t believe how soft they got after their soak in the wool wash.
    Looks like we are going to be enjoying lots of goodies. When I get to Montana you can use my place as an extension to the Loopy Room. šŸ˜‰
    I got my sock club yesterday and I love it. TLE did a wonderful job…..thanks! It seems to be cooling down here for a little bit. We are finally enjoying temps before 100F.

  41. Sheri! Trekking, Step and Alpaca Sox? OMG! Why must you tempt me so? I’ve only been wishing you had Trekking forever!! We are gonna be eating hot dogs and mac & cheese all September. šŸ˜‰

  42. Sheri, love the socks and colorway. They are great. Looks like the sneak up will be a good one. We are going to the St. Lawrence Sea Way on Saturday. The only good thing about the drive is great knitting time. I hope that it will be cooler there. I’m sick of heat and humidity too. Can’t wait till fall. I don’t think that I will have computer access. Not good. Hugs

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