It’s almost the weekend!

DSC00986.JPGBoy, this week has gone fast. (Maybe that had something to do with a Monday night Sneak Up and being so busy with your orders all week long!) I’m glad that weekend is here, and I intend to spend a good portion of it on my knitting. Because there are just so many things I want to knit. Or maybe I’ll follow Zoe’s example and nap. (Do any of you have cats that stretch out like dogs sometimes? This is a dog pose, not a cat pose. Sometimes she just does that.) I also want to photograph my projects for Ravelry. If you are not yet on Ravelry, you really ought to photo your stash and projects. That way, you’ll be able to upload them and have that done when you get on. (You’ll need a Flickr account, too.) It is so fun seeing everyone’s projects and patterns and stash. It’s like visiting a bunch of different knitters at once!

It has been so nice to read all of your wonderful comments on our anniversary blog! Thank you so much for de-lurking to participate. The guesses on number of skeins in The Loopy Room on Wednesday have been fun. There were guesses of 300 or so, all the way up to 25,000+! I’ll let you know the real number next Friday. Many of you asked if I had to count them all. Actually, that’s in our inventory system and so no, I didn’t have to count them. I just had to count the new stuff that is sitting here waiting to be photo-ed and put in. Then I just added those to the computer number. Also, several of you have clicked on this link and decided that we must have 628 skeins in stock because that is the number underneath the yarn icon. Actually, that just tells you how many different colorways we currently have in stock. (628 choices – isn’t that fun?) Within each colorway, there are different numbers of skeins of yarn. We’d be in big trouble if we had just one skein of each different color. So there’s a hint for those of you who haven’t yet entered the contest. (But remember – just one prize is going to the person who guesses closest. Five prizes will be awarded randomly. So it’s ok if your number is off – you have five more chances to win anyway!) And no one has hit it on the head yet. Actually, I don’t think anyone has come within 100, but there is one person who is about 200 off. 🙂 That’s all I’m sayin’.

Next week’s Sneak Up …. will either be later in the week or we’ll wait until the following week. Why? Because 1) the yarns are still being photo-ed, and 2) Susan is off for the week again and I have overly stretched the family’s packing help this week already and 3) my good friend Janice and her Iowa Girl daughter are coming to visit from Monday through Thursday, and I just know they aren’t going to want to spend all week packing orders with us. Although you can bet that they’ll be helping pack the regular ones! Just no need to inundate them with Sneak Up sized quantities, right? But they may talk me into changing my mind, so we’ll see. We do have fun things to put up, and more cool stuff coming in that I haven’t even told you about yet. Maybe I’ll spill some more beans next week, just to make you feel better about the lack of a full Sneak Up. Would that help?

I’ll leave you with this bit of news that was in our newspaper this week:

“A man and a woman were arrested at a trailer home in VA in March, as the two, according to police, nearly burned down the home while trying to destroy counterfeit money that the man had printed.

Police had served arrest warrants at 5:15 a.m., found the trailer smoky, and upon entering saw the woman near a bed (under which the fake currency was burning, with smoke pouring out), pretending to knit a sweater and to wonder about the commotion.”

Sheri I’mjustgladshewasn’tknittingasock


  1. WOW!!! I didn’t think you could top top the first sock kit. I was ruly just expecting yarn and a pattern and that would be super. But then I opened it up and ….WOW!!! Thanks so much for the terrific little goodies, I won’t spoil the surprise either. And I got my last two yarn orders from the SneakUp, I am in sock yarn Heaven. Thanks so much for your never ending great service, Sheri….Happy Happy Anniversary…

  2. I have two inside dogs – A yorkie and a yellow lab, one inside/outside cat who loves to sleep flat on her back with all four legs in the air, right in the middle of the lab’s bed under the fan, and one outside cat who sleeps at the very corner of the roof of our house, curled up in a little ball. I sometimes wonder why he doesn’t fall off in his sleep! So looking forward to the next sneak-up!!

  3. Sheri,
    Thanks for the email today reminding me I have my first $25.00 credit! Just what I need – more temptation :> I also need to return my rosewood dbns – two broke. I understand it’s a common problem with the little sizes – these are size 0’s.

    My guess for number of skeins is 3254.

    I just received my second recent order – the yarn is just gorgeous, as usual. I’ve been more tempted by lace than socks lately.


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