It’s almost the weekend!

DSC00986.JPGBoy, this week has gone fast. (Maybe that had something to do with a Monday night Sneak Up and being so busy with your orders all week long!) I’m glad that weekend is here, and I intend to spend a good portion of it on my knitting. Because there are just so many things I want to knit. Or maybe I’ll follow Zoe’s example and nap. (Do any of you have cats that stretch out like dogs sometimes? This is a dog pose, not a cat pose. Sometimes she just does that.) I also want to photograph my projects for Ravelry. If you are not yet on Ravelry, you really ought to photo your stash and projects. That way, you’ll be able to upload them and have that done when you get on. (You’ll need a Flickr account, too.) It is so fun seeing everyone’s projects and patterns and stash. It’s like visiting a bunch of different knitters at once!

It has been so nice to read all of your wonderful comments on our anniversary blog! Thank you so much for de-lurking to participate. The guesses on number of skeins in The Loopy Room on Wednesday have been fun. There were guesses of 300 or so, all the way up to 25,000+! I’ll let you know the real number next Friday. Many of you asked if I had to count them all. Actually, that’s in our inventory system and so no, I didn’t have to count them. I just had to count the new stuff that is sitting here waiting to be photo-ed and put in. Then I just added those to the computer number. Also, several of you have clicked on this link and decided that we must have 628 skeins in stock because that is the number underneath the yarn icon. Actually, that just tells you how many different colorways we currently have in stock. (628 choices – isn’t that fun?) Within each colorway, there are different numbers of skeins of yarn. We’d be in big trouble if we had just one skein of each different color. So there’s a hint for those of you who haven’t yet entered the contest. (But remember – just one prize is going to the person who guesses closest. Five prizes will be awarded randomly. So it’s ok if your number is off – you have five more chances to win anyway!) And no one has hit it on the head yet. Actually, I don’t think anyone has come within 100, but there is one person who is about 200 off. 🙂 That’s all I’m sayin’.

Next week’s Sneak Up …. will either be later in the week or we’ll wait until the following week. Why? Because 1) the yarns are still being photo-ed, and 2) Susan is off for the week again and I have overly stretched the family’s packing help this week already and 3) my good friend Janice and her Iowa Girl daughter are coming to visit from Monday through Thursday, and I just know they aren’t going to want to spend all week packing orders with us. Although you can bet that they’ll be helping pack the regular ones! Just no need to inundate them with Sneak Up sized quantities, right? But they may talk me into changing my mind, so we’ll see. We do have fun things to put up, and more cool stuff coming in that I haven’t even told you about yet. Maybe I’ll spill some more beans next week, just to make you feel better about the lack of a full Sneak Up. Would that help?

I’ll leave you with this bit of news that was in our newspaper this week:

“A man and a woman were arrested at a trailer home in VA in March, as the two, according to police, nearly burned down the home while trying to destroy counterfeit money that the man had printed.

Police had served arrest warrants at 5:15 a.m., found the trailer smoky, and upon entering saw the woman near a bed (under which the fake currency was burning, with smoke pouring out), pretending to knit a sweater and to wonder about the commotion.”

Sheri I’mjustgladshewasn’tknittingasock


  1. I have 3 cats. My gigantic yellow tiger named “Little Boy” weighs in at around 18 pounds and sleeps flat on his back in full stretch mode! Sometimes out on the front walk in the sun. Very funny site!!

  2. I have 4 cats (and 2 dogs) and only one of them stretches out like that. We call it the SUPER CAT pose cuz she looks like she is flying through the air to save the day.

    Have a great weekend and give Zoe a scratch behind the ears for me.

  3. I don’t have a cat, but my dog sometimes cleans his face like a cat would. He’s kind of a weirdo though…I have no idea if that is normal.

    Is it wrong I’m dreaming about winning the contest? I think we all are! 😉

    That newspaper article….HILARIOUS!

    Hope you have a relaxing weekend and get lots of knitting done.

  4. I’m glad you survived packaging the sneak up! I certainly didn’t envy you having that job. Neither of my kitties sleep like that but I do have one that goes in her cat basket and lays down perfectly straight, belly right up like a person sleeping on their back. Cats are silly that way sometimes aren’t they?

  5. Yes, my two girl cats stretch out like that. One because I think she likes the stretch, and the other because she is extremely fat (despite all my efforts to the contrary), and I think her paws go to sleep if she tucks them under.

    I’ve never had a male cat that did it though… hrm…

    I’m glad for the spread out sneakups, I’m not able to buy any sock yarn right now. :\ I don’t guess you want to trade for test knitting…? I’m quite prolific! 😉

  6. :-))))) That’s news story is hysterical!

    I won’t get much knitting done (still working on those Twisted Flowers) and I won’t be home to get my 2 Loopy Ewe boxes…wahhhhhhhh, sniff, sniff.

    My Bailey sleeps like Zoe occasionally. Both of my cats like to sleep on their back, stretched out to their full glory. It’s hard to resist a little tummy ticklin’.

  7. I am seriously curious to see what sock yarns are stashed by the purveyor of all things sockish.

    if you look at my stash in Ravelry it must be like visiting old friends for Sheri. Of course my photos lack the artistry of WH.

    The amount of yarn I have is absolutely ridiculous, and getting moreso by the day. I’m a little afraid of it to be honest. Like it might smother me in my sleep. Even if I quit working, I don’t know if I could knit it all. Oh, and of course that would require someone willing to pay my rent and occasionally feed me.

  8. How cute is Zoe? 🙂 I have 3 cats and 2 dogs. My cats don’t do that dog pose very often, but one of my dogs does think she’s a cat. She lays on the top of the couch like a cat, sits in the windowsill, and lounges in the sun on the floor by the back door. She’s a little Italian greyhound and weighs in at a whopping 9 pounds after she eats. She’s our little cat-dog and we love her!

    By the way, I got my Smooshy order last week and I am chomping at the bit to cast on with it – I just have to finish the mystery stole first! Thanks a bunch for this little knitting nook on the web! I may not comment very often but I visit almost every day!

  9. Ha ha, knitting as a way to look innocent, I’ll have to remember that! Husband – hey, who ate all my leftovers?! Me – it couldn’t have been me, look, I’ve been knitting all day!

  10. Nope my cat curls up. Does it count that my toy poodle curls up like a cat? 🙂
    OMG that news story is sad but at the same time funny.

  11. I just received my first order from the Loopy Ewe and have already begun a sock! Ordered on Monday of this week and received pkg. in the mail on Thurs. You and the loopy helpers are fast! Thank you – love the yarn.

  12. Thanks for the Ravelry tip – I should start doing that…I think I’m slightly more than 1,300 on the list as of this morning. And, I have been meaning to go through my stash and organize.
    And, enjoyed the news story… Have a fantastic weekend!! : )

  13. Enjoy your company and a week off from Sneak Ups.
    I will be packing up College daughter and heading back to Nashville from Dallas next Friday so waiting until week after next for a Sneak Up is good with me!

  14. Pete, my big fat cat (21 pounds) stretches out on his back like that. It is quite disturbing actually! We call him a cat skin rug when he does that!

    hhhmm. Next sneak up, maybe more of my stuff in that one?

    Knitting to look innocent? I will remember that! But if there was a fire and she truly is a knitter, why wasn’t she frantically getting her stash out of there!?! Forget the fake money- save the yarn!!!

  15. How funny!

    As for cats? My cat sometimes lays on her back and stretches out so straight and long we can’t believe our eyes!

    I am looking forward to the sock kit:) It will be perfect for next week! This week, there has been hardly any knitting. My husbnad took the week off and we have been out in the canoe and today we will be tubing. Hmm, although my tube has a bottom rather than an open hole, I still don’t think I better take my knitting!! On the other hand….I could introduce Loopy to tubing!!

  16. I remember hearing that news story. Very funny.

    None of my cats sleep like that, but my sis has a cat that does. He also does this thing where she holds him on his back like a machine gun and shoots at folks with him. He loves it!

    Yeah, he’s a weird cat. But big and fluffy, so all is forgiven.

  17. Shame on her, trying to give us knitters a bad name. lol. No pets here, the kids are all allergic to furry things. I got my groupie bag today, I am so excited….thank you so much for the wonderful surprises.

  18. Sheri,
    I can’t believe you can find time to keep the blog up-I really enjoy it, as do all your readers, I’m sure. Going up to camp and cut firewood above Tin Cup, CO, this weekend. There are beautiful flowers right now-lavender asters, lupines, Indian paint brush, Queen Ann’s lace, and large yellow sunflowers called mule ears due to the large furry leaves they have. This is something you can look forward to when you move to Colorado!!
    Keep up the good work.

  19. How do cats manage to ALWAYS look so comfortable?

    (If knitting makes one look innocent, then I must be a freakin’ saint. Somebody call the Pope.)

  20. Clearly the responding police officers were not knitters or they would have known if the lady was actually knitting the sweater or just pretending to knit. 🙂

  21. 6,480 that’s my guess

    Lexi will stretch out like a dog once in a blue moon. The most “dog like” behavior she has is growling. She had to visit the vet a few months ago and when he let go of her she scooted up next to me. I asked him do you hear this? She was one continuous growl and he said: yes, that’s why I let her go. lol The girl can get her point across!

    Happy Anniversary!

  22. 4 cats – the two girls stretch out like that on the sunny window ledges to maximize heat absorbtion. Usually, they cross their front legs like ballerinas. Both are particularly long legged – one has gotten tubby and doesn’t quite have the elann of the other.

    Wait another week for a sneak up – allow me to recover and wallow/obsess over descriptions of yarn to come.

  23. We have one that stretches out full length like that, paws allll the way out, tail out straight behind. She and her brother like to do “book-end” poses next to each other as well, one lying with left paw tucked in and right paw out, the other alternating. Very cute. Gotta love ’em.
    My kids are in St. Louis today at Six Flags…I shoulda told the bus driver to make a detour by your place!!! Have a good weekend!

  24. Zoe is precious! What a beauty! We have 3 cats and 2 of them like to do dog poses. One does the “chin on the floor between the paws” pose, and the other lies on his back and side and lays fully stretched out, with tummy exposed – and doesn’t mind if you touch his tummy a time or two. That cat also like to sit in front of the window with his bottom resting on the radiator and one of his front legs propped on the window sill. This pose looks like he just saddled up to a bar and is about to say, “Hey baby, can I buy you a drink?” The first time we saw him do this posed we laughed very hard and took pictures, and ever since it’s been a regular pose every now and then, and still gives us a chuckle!

    Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your guests!

  25. Zoe is too cute! Jenny usually either curls up or flops on her side or her back. Right now it’s 95 degrees here–the a/c is on, but I have the window open a little because she likes that. Where do you think she is? And the heat is just pouring in on her!

    Got my goodies from the Sneak Up today. Yummy!

    I think you should just enjoy your friends’ visit. My budget could use a week off anyway!

  26. Yeah, my solid white cat Ali sleeps like that. I love it. I think it harks back to when they were kittens, and that’s how they’d fall asleep after nursing on their momma. So cute.

    Well, I think my guess on the number of skeins was way low, come to think of it — I didn’t think about multiple skeins per colorway…. Oh well!

  27. Oh cats you gotta luv them. I have 5 cats and 2 dogs. Trio and Hobbs sleep like that all the time. Jack does once in a while,never for the others. Actually Rosie my yellow lab sleeps on the bed every night and Trio is always strecthed out full lenght right up next to her stomach. Yes, so much fun when it is 99 degrees. Chole and Maggie curl up most of the time. I must say sometimes it is hard to knit with them around. That was a strange story in newspaper. Have a great week with your friend. Hugs

  28. Love the cat pose! Yes, my cat takes the dog poses. In fact she takes poses I can’t even begin to imagine a 19lb cat taking. lol.


    My guess for the number of skeins is 4050.

  29. I only see my cat pose like that occasionally. She much prefers lying on her side or curling in a ball.

    However, Zoe looks so relaxed, I may have to try that myself. LOL

  30. Zoe is quite adorable. We don’t have cats (allergies) but our dog purrs. Is that weird enough?

    I’m hoping to get some knitting done this weekend, too, just as soon as our most recent house guests check out…!

    Yes, take a week off from Sneaking Up, enjoy your friends, celebrate Loopy’s first anniversary some more, and give our budgets a chance to recover!

  31. We have 1 house cat who loves our house dogs and they all act the same. They play and sleep together. I also have 4 outside young kittens that are so much fun. They act like wild cats. Bu love the dogs and walk with us when we take walks. They even get along with my Guinea Fowl.

    I have dogs that are known to be cat killers but all of our cats and dogs get along and live harmoniously. My rule on the farm is if you don’t get along you can go along. Some how they all seem to know this is the rule. It seems to work.

  32. I have 4 cats and don’t remember any of them sleeping like that. However my mom has a cat that has even a stranger sleeping pose.

    She lays kinda like that but with her feet tucked under her AND her head is tucked straight under, like tucking her chin in but she has it tucked in so far that her head is upside down with her sleeping on her forehead. It looks SO uncomfortable but it mustn’t be since she sleeps like this all the time.

  33. Our kitty does sometimes sleep like that… Not too often though… Can’t wait for the next sneak-up! I need me some Claudia Handpainted! I saw some IRL this weekend on Cape Cod and fell in love with it… They didn’t have enough skeins of the color I wanted, so I’ll give you my business instead! Plus, I need some other Loopy exclusives any way. Very cute news story… I’m also glad she wasn’t knitting socks!

  34. I have a Bengal kitty who comes up with some very strange sleeping positions, the one with the 4 paws together and the head upside down is one of her favorites, but my favorite so far was the one the other night when I was sitting at the breakfast nook table with a skein of Regia on the table, knitting socks. Xixin knows NOT to taste the yarn, though she does forget once in a while, but was laying next to the yarn, then put her head on the skein, tucked her paw under themselves and went to sleep, using the yarn for a pillow. Wish I had had the camera handy for that one.

  35. Sheri,

    I just opened up my sock kit. Wow!!!! I am totally in love and want to start right away! I may wind the yarn today…but before I can really start knitting, I need to finish a baby blanket.

    Thanks for the kit…great little knitting notions(I don’t want to spoil the secret!)

    Oh, fun, fun, fun!!!!!

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