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DSC01048.JPGEven more yarn going up in this week’s Sneak Up, because our next mega-order of Dream in Color has arrived. WH loves those – no re-photoing necessary! And of course we have more coming mid-September-ish. I’ll pop the Sneak Up stuff up soon. I did get one sock done out of a skein of the new Sockina Cotton – do you like it? You’ll also be glad to know (because we ALL know about my SSS) that the second sock, knit toe-up, is done past the heel and I just have some cuff left. That will make a pair, for anyone keeping track. Woohoo! I do notice that I knit patterned socks much faster, as they keep me entertained. (Ok, I’m easily entertained.) I think these are going to be really comfortable socks. I’m hoping that as I wash them over and over, they’ll get that “favorite cotton t-shirt” feel to them. Then I’m going to need to make another pair.

DSC01049.JPGRemember when I said we were running out of room in The Loopy Room? WH came up with more pegs on the wall and right now they’re holding some of the 300+ skeins of All Things Heather, waiting for the Sneak Up. Isn’t it pretty? I almost hate to sell it because I love all of that color on the wall! (But I will sell it. Minus the Bandana and Chocolate Kisses I had to take out for myself.) DSC01018.JPGHere’s a photo of another wall in the Loopy Room, just so you can get a picture of where we’re packing all of your orders. It’s just the front end of the room, but you get the idea. I won’t take photos of all of the rest of the walls/shelves/angles here at Loopy, but there’s a little glimpse. The rest you will have to see when you come to the Loopy Retreat next spring and can visit it in person. πŸ™‚ (This photo is specifically for Wendy’s Friend Blogless L-B, who has asked for a photo of the Loopy Room before.)

I like being surrounded by yarn, but I do not think I’d like being surrounded by sheep. What do you think?

How are you coming on your Q3 Challenge? The challenge was to knit a pair of socks in a pattern that was challenging to you. I thought I’d do a Cookie A pattern, but they keep selling out before I have a chance to take a copy for myself. I DO have a skein of the lovely Wollmeise set aside to work with. (Speaking of lovely Wollmeise – more ships out to us tomorrow – yay!!) So what are you all working on for the Challenge? DSC01047.JPGMaybe I ought to do a different pattern now. We have until the end of September to put the photos up in the Q3 Gallery, so get knitting!

Did anyone else get a Pumpkin Spice Latte on opening day of the season, yesterday? (“Opening day of the pumpkin-spice-lattes-are-back season.”) I celebrated by getting a Venti and I had Barista Donna pose with the first PSL of the season. It’s not necessarily going to edge out the PM’s (Peppermint Mocha’s) but PM’s are available year-round and PSL’s come and go. Certainly worth celebrating, don’t you think? I may need another this morning, too. Is it bad to get Starbucks two days in a row? I really try not to.

Sheri dogishidingundermychairbecauseKnittingDaughterhashercameraout


  1. Our dogs are not bothered at all by thunderstorms, thankfully. A cocker we had when I was very young would try to crawl under the dishwasher during a storm, he was so terrifed. My silly Brittany LOVES the camera – when I get it out to photo new stash or FO’s, his snout is right there.
    My Q3 socks are still in the planning stages, I’m afraid. I was going to use some scrumptious hand-dyed merino, but I’m afraid of ruining it through potential repeat frogging while attempting entrelac, so I have to choose something else from the stash. Ooo, maybe some Trekking! Or Lorna’s! Off to fondle yarn now!

  2. I think visiting Starbucks a few days in a row is not a bad thing under special circumstances!! For instance, I have been there 3 days in a row in an effort to cope with all my children leaving home for college. It does help, but I just may need another Starbucks run today!!. Of course, the ultimate coping skill would be a trip to the Loopy room to see you… May have to happen soon!!!
    And buying yummy sock yarn.. that helps.

  3. How do you do it? I would turn into Gollum, lock up the Loopy Room, and repeat β€œmy precious”over and over while caressing each skien!
    I finished my Q3 challenge, I just need to post the picture. I did Cookie A.’s pattern Baudelaire in Louet Carribbean. Can’t wait for more details on the Loo[y retreat!

  4. Hi Sheri
    It’s still in the high 80’s and low 90’s here in DC just a little too hot for pumkin spice, but maybe in Sept or Oct it will be cooler to try the lattes.

    I have a question about the Monkey socks. Everyone is talking about them and I found a pattern on Knitty but you mention that Cookie A has a pattern. Are the the same, similar or different.

    I’d love to do the baby monkey socks and also try my hand at the adult socks.

    Thank you


  5. Well, having been to the Loopy Room yesterday, and helping escort the shipment of DIC downstairs…I’ll be amazed to see where you put it! James and I had a blast as usual. Can you believe he bought turquoise yarn!?

    I have 3 dogs, and Sara, a Sheltie who is now 14, used to be absolutely PETRIFIED of thunder/and lightening (as well as the vacuum cleaner). But as the years have passed, she has become increasingly hard-of-hearing, and now storms don’t really bother her at all. My younger Sheltie, Kira (she’s 2) is particularly afraid of household appliances. She growls loudly at the vacuum cleaner, the coffee grinder, and rolls of packing tape (yup the noise that clear packing tape makes when you pull the tape off the roll – with all your packages I’m sure you know that noise better than most of us!) Our middle dog, Oliver (a 7 yo miniature weenie dog) thinks he’s a rottweiler, and wouldn’t admit to being afraid of anything. He just doesn’t like having his toenails cut!

  6. That wall of ATH? GORGEOUS!! Thanks Sheri, now I want some of that too, lol… Seriously, thanks so much for sharing pictures of the Loopy Room – its as fabulous as I imagined and then some… definitely want to see it in person at the retreat.

    I actually haven’t started on anything for the 3Q challenge (I have a shawl pattern in mind, but that’s lace, not a pair of socks – but no worries, I have a few sock pattern challenges in mind as well – and waiting until only a month to start and finish it? Another challenge for me.) as I have been too engrossed in two different pairs of Monkey socks – and I don’t really count that pattern as a challenge for me, unless, of course, you count the kitchener on the toes.

    Which brings me to the PSL – um, no, I haven’t had one yet because I seem to recall you told me I had to do the kitchener first and well, that’s still not done, lol!

    Okay, that was one long, rambling post (but I’m good at that) – I think I’m feeling a bit Loopy today and not in a good way – can I leave work early??!?

  7. I’m actually over halfway through my chosen Q3 challenge! (Can you tell I’m glad you asked? I’ve actually thought about started a Ravelry thread on it in the Loopy Ewe group.) I finished the first of Cookie A’s Millicent socks, and have finished the lace pattern on the second, and am heading down the leg (they’ve for my daughter, who’s going back to school next Tuesday, so there’s some pressure — wish me luck!).

  8. Speaking as someone who lives in Starbucks Land, it is totally OK to go to Starbucks two days in a row, In fact the question made me giggle. Even two trips in one is fine, espicially if you are with different people each time. I do not think I have managed 3 trips in one day, but it does not seem unreasonable. So go get another PSL!

  9. Sheri… will you adopt me? Then I can come live in the Loopy Room. *sigh* (F5, F5, F5)

    As someone who has a starbucks mere steps away from her office door, I can tell you that going more than once a day is unreasonable, but going two days in a row? perfectly acceptable.

    When I was in college there was a coffee shop between my sorority and the Business College building that I passed every single day and they had a drink called a “Blonde Bombshell” it was a white chocolate mocha with butterscotch flavoring. I spent a lot of money there. I didn’t go EVERY day… but I definitely went most days. Mmmmm… Blonde Bombshell…

    My parents’ dogs both think cameras are the coolest things ever and want to go see the photographer whenever one is in the room. This makes getting pictures of them very difficult, the little stinkers.

  10. I started a frenzy at work yesterday by mentioning that the Pumpkin Spice Latte was back at Starbucks! That you for the glimpse at the Loopy Room. Do you ever get sensory overload from all of the yarn choices when you want to start a new project?

  11. Hehehe. Check your e-mail πŸ™‚ We can discuss the intrinsic dilemmas between being a yarn shop owner (and therefore there to sell yarn to nice knitters) and being a Knitter ( and therefore buy and horde yarn from nice shops).

    To the rest of you. I have found that knowing you have an entire shop full of yarn available at 3 am in the morning (if you have the key) “just in case” is a great soother to the yarn buying beast. My own stash fits in a small bookcase. Well, most of it, *ahem*, I’m still a knitter. And even if one takes up a job in corporate America and has to give back the key, thankfully, there’s late nights at most the yarn shops around, so there’s usually one shop open.

  12. I’m still planning on doing the twisted flower! I just have yet to start…maybe today.

    The loopy room looks like heaven!

    Oh boy, scaredy cat dogs, yes. Our outside dog Chelsea is the worst. Lightening, firecrackers, and gunshots (we live in the country). They have a huge house and fenced pen and she can climb the five foot fence if she’s scared enough. And has frequently. It’s bad, even when she’s been given her pills, she’ll start freaking out when the wind blows too hard or it sprinkles, in anticipation of a storm…

  13. Hi Sheri,

    The Loopy Room looks wonderful! I can’t wait to see it in person!

    I had a PSL today for the first time and really enjoyed it. There is a Starbucks in my favorite grocery store and you won’t belive this…but I actaully left both children at home(yes, the baby!) with family…and went out for an hour by myself!

    Of course, coming back home was tricky. Big brother was hungry and demanding food….baby had been fed but not enough so he was using his brand new lungs, the dog decided to chime in and basicaly all was in chaos.

    But all are sleeping(including the dog) and I am soon to sit in my knitting chair and attempt to knit!

    Yeah..for Dream in Color! For the Q3, I am doing the Embossed Levaes. I have always steered clear of knitting from a chart…it is still new to me but I am actaully really liking it and it seems to go faster, too.

    Go get another PSL. I could so have a daily Starbucks habit..you would not be alone!!

  14. I had a wonderful golden retreiver who didn’t mind cameras but he HATED water (???) yeah, I know… AND, he could not play fetch to save his life. He just didn’t get it… Poor little fella. He wasn’t very smart but he was really a dear dog. C:

  15. Yum! I have to try a Starbuck’s PSL. I’m already totally hooked on the Raspberry Mochas – Frapacino or hot, I love them. I was hooked on my neighborhood coffee shop’s Pumpkin Spice Chai Lattes last fall. ANd speaking of yum, I loved your photos of the Loopy Room and your All Things Heather wall!!

    I’m looking forward to geting some Sockina in the next Sneak Up — looks comfy. And I’m very proud of you for knitting sock2 so quickly!! Good job! :o)

    I’m halfway done with the Q3 challenge. I’m working on a sock project (out of Nature’s Palatte) that will qualify for this challenge and the Six Sox KAL at the same time! How is that for time/project/challenge management? I’ll post a photo when I can I’m finished which should be in about 2 weeks. BTW, Nature’s Palette is WONDERFUL – I love knitting with it and my foot didn’t want to take the sock off when I tried it on — it was so soft and comforting.

  16. I have yet to try a PSL, but I will have to before they are gone for the season.
    Aww poor dog being tormented by camera flashes. I feel sorry for the ones that are terrified of storms, but you hear about it all the time so it must be pretty common.

  17. Oh the yarn…..drool, drool! πŸ™‚
    I’m working on the Twisted Flower pattern by Cookie A. It isn’t as bad as I thought but the challenge for me is going to be finishing them in time since I’m moving in 7 days. This is not a pattern made with car knitting in mind. πŸ™‚
    The movers will be here to pack up my stuff tomorrow and Friday. I can’t believe it’s almost time.

  18. I have a cat that is terrified of thunder and fireworks. She gets half a Benedryl and goes to sleep during such times.

    Do we have to have the Q3 pattern completely done to qualify for the challenge. I was doing the Mystery Stole #3 for mine – but have set it aside for a bit to do something else. I hit a boring part in the pattern and, uh, got bored. So I had to take a break. (I’m a knitting multi-tasker. My comfort level is about six in-progress projects at any given time.)

    Also, you are a Starbucks enabler. I don’t generally like Starbucks, preferring my local indie coffee house. BUT! I just had to have a Pumpkin Spice Latte. I, however, went for the nice, cold Frappachino option, because anything hot makes me curl into a ball and whimper this time of year. It was over 90 degrees when I left the house – and it wasn’t even 11 yet!

    Oh! And the AtH – is that merino, merino tencel, or her bamboo mix? Will you tell me? Look! I’m cute! FEAR MY CUTE!

  19. I want a Loopy Room at my house!

    Does anyone know if Gingergread latte’s are coming too? My sister has worked at Starbucks for 11 years – I look at Starbuck’s two days in a row as building her retirement…so, no, it my book not bad at all.

  20. My husband and I have an espresso maker at home. And we still go to Starbucks at least every couple of days. Right now we are both hooked on iced lattes (always Venti) because it still hot in Maryland. Soon I guess we’ll switch to hot lattes as the weather cools. But whenever we go every day there is a little twinge of guilt… We have a 2 year old cock-a-poo who is afraid of almost everything, including his own shadow. But he is not afraid of thunder and lightening…go figure!

  21. Any multi-colored sock yarn amuses me. Easily entertained people are the best kind, in my book πŸ™‚

    And I don’t think Starbucks everyday is a *bad* thing πŸ™‚ When we were in Keystone for camp we had Starbucks ALL the time!

    And I kinda want to come live in the Loopy Room…

  22. The pictures of the Loopy Room are so beautiful I want to weep! And, my timid dog has had bodaciously explosive diar…. today. So $139 later she is feeling better, but I think I need some new yarn for retail therapy.

  23. oh my goodness.
    I would love a visit to the Loopy Room. That is one heck of a room πŸ™‚ all that color and inspiration all in once place! I’ve actually been surrounded by sheep before. It was a very very very strange – and it was before I started knitting. It happened in Ireland. One of these days I’ll cast on for Cookie A’s twisted flower socks…but I’ve got a whole whack of lace I’m working on in the meantime!

  24. Hey, I think maybe my Q3 challenge for myself was just to finish a pair of socks. And I did last week! I wish I could remember if that was really my challenge. I guess I better go look huh?

    The Loopy Room is absolutely gorgeous. How on earth do you get anything done surrounded by all that lovely lovely yarn? I wish I could come work for you but the commute would be a killer even if you’d hire me. I’m seriously considering that retreat though, despite the slower-than-molasses-in-January rate of my sock knitting.

  25. My dog is OK with storms, but he has a hard time on the Fourth of July. One time, DH and I were visiting his family for the Fourth and they had gotten a bunch of “boomer” fireworks. I was also about 6 months pregnant with my oldest. I was sitting with the dog, (actually he was hiding under my chair) and every time one of the boomers went off, the dog jumped and the baby kicked me!

    The wall of yarn is beautiful!

  26. I love how the yarn looks hanking from the pegs.

    As for the Q3 challenge–I’ve started, and I’m sure I’ll have at least one knee sock finished by October 1. I doubt both will be by then, but I’ll try my darndest. =)

    It’s still too warm for me to have a PSL, but I certainly will have a couple before they’re gone again. And perhaps I’ll actually finally apply there when I get one. Heh…

  27. Woo hoo!!! I finally got the Dusky Aurora DC I’ve been sobbing over having missed! One more order and I’ll be a Loopy Groupie…but today I’ve been a Loopy Stalker. πŸ˜‰

    Sheri, you have to be one of the most generous people on Earth. Because if I had anything like the Loopy Room in my house, not so sure I could share all that goodness with the rest of the world. Wouldn’t care if I ever knit it up…I’d just roll around in it. And the cats would be in heaven!

  28. Yea got two Shuibi? knits colors, woohoo….stalking does pay off, I was going to check around 10pm glad I took a moment early…now off to sleep to dream of yarn…

  29. Surrounded by sheep reminds me of that Chris LeDoux song Photo Finish. ha ha

  30. HURRAH for Dream in Color! I just bought some and I’m praying there’s still some left when I get more money, haha.

    I always get jealous when people post pictures of “yarn rooms” whether they are shops or personal stashes. All that yarn all around.. so inspiring. My dream would be to live in a yarn store where if I got the urge to knit something I could just go “shop” for the yarn and start.. haha.

  31. Ummm… the dog ate my homework.

    Ok, I don’t have a dog. But I have diddly/squat to show for Q3, so I had to blame it on someone. Or maybe my Flicker socks counted. Yeah, that’s it.

    Never had a scaredy-dog, but when the camera came out my ex-Maine Coon cat used to give you a look that said, “I could rip your arm off if I chose to. Put the #$%& camera away.” No sense of humor, that cat.

  32. Wow! Your yarn wall is amazing. I could see spending a whole afternoon and a huge portion of my paycheck in there. Its a verrrrry good thing I live in Michigan and not anywhere near you. hehehe. I cannot wait for the Wollmeise. If I’m lucky to get to the page when its posted and there’s any left, I’m just going to click on a color…won’t look..I figure I gotta be fast or I’m gonna lose out. I got my yarn for the Chevron scarf and don’t think it was easy! LOL. I got Claudia Handpainted, Santa Fe and Argyle 2. Should be pretty nice when I get to it and get ‘er dun! πŸ˜‰ (No, really…I dont ever say that.)

  33. It’s your personal art gallery with ever-changing exhibits!

    I’m plugging along on my challenge socks; when I pull them out, I can usually get a few rows done, and I’m actually approaching the point where I’ll start increasing for the gusset. I’m even starting to memorize the pattern.

    My folks used to have a dog who would be terrified by the oddest things. Like a discarded water heater someone had left by the curb for trash pickup; he wouldn’t go near the thing. This was the same dog who, when my mom was practicing songs for the children’s choir, would come to the piano and howl. We never did figure out whether he was protesting or just singing along.

  34. Oh man, I love The Loopy Room! I want it for myself! πŸ™‚

    And I did not know about the Pumpkin Spice Lattes being out again. I have a feeling there will be one in my hand sometime tomorrow!

  35. What does it say about me that I can look at the shelves of Claudia and identify every single color? It’s sick, right? I can tell you right now what I’d be buying if I were in the Loopy Room right now – Claudia, Claudia, Dream in Color, Claudia. πŸ˜‰

  36. I have a little peek-a-poo who is one of those dogs that only a mother could love. She is 14 years old, most of her hair is gone from her left ear and she has some teeth missing in the front which gives her a most unusual look! She hates cameras and whenever we try to take her picture she squints her eyes and takes a terrible photo. So, we have to sneak up on her. She is still so cute!! I am still working on my second Coriolis sock from Cat Bordhi’s new book. I really like the way the two strands held together of Trekking XXL are looking. I feel that Pumpkin Spice Latte calling………!

  37. Retreat?! YES! I love your room. Too bad your little shop isn’t on my way home. Could you move to KS or NE so it is? Wait…. what am I saying! You just stay put so I can feed my family. We will come see you. Ya, that’s it.

  38. We just got a puppy that is a Chinese Crested and she doesn’t like the camera. The other dog we got as well likes it, but she came from the pound so I think she is just happy to have a home.

  39. The Loopy room is so wonderfully organized! And I suppose a little more sparse since I see not much Dream in Color and Shibui Knits are left! Guess ya got some packing to do πŸ™‚ And thanks for the tip off about the pumpkin drink, sounds like a perfect picker upper for me. And no – being that you’ll probably be packing like crazy these next days, another will be wonderful for you!

  40. Sheri, I think you would enjoy at least one aspect of living in Seattle–it is a rare person indeed who does NOT get at least one latte a day here (whether Starbucks or some other coffee shop). Today is so beautiful, it’s more like a Starbucks iced tea day, but so much of the year, I think it’s the caffeine that gets us through the gloomy days. There is a Starbucks just 2 doors down from my LYS and the table where we gather for classes and chatting with our knitting comes complete with a variety of well-used coasters since we usually all arrive with our Starbucks’ favorites in hand, knitting bag in the other (I’ve learned how to “gracefully” kick the door open LOL).

  41. Sheri, what an inspiration! I need to get all my fabrics organized and visible just like you’ve done with your yarns. The kids start school next week and it’s first on my list. Hooray for PSLs!!

  42. Cookie has a couple of free patterns on Knitty. One is Monkey Socks, which was my first EVER pair of socks that I knitted (does that count for the Q3 Challenge?). She also has a pattern called Hedera on an older issue. What I like about Cookie’s patterns is that you just do exactly what she tells you – they’re very well written. If even a beginner like myself can pull off a pair of Monkey Socks, that’s a testament to the pattern writer!

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