Wanted: more socks, more knitting time.

DSC00828.JPGI think it’s clear that I just need to find more knitting time in my week. I had so much fun getting lots of socks done on vacation (and of course shopping, eating, watching movies, hanging out, etc. Hmmm – maybe I just need to be on vacation all the time?) As promised, here are photos of the completed pairs. These first four are ones that had a sock done and needed the mate. (Except these Duets. With this one, I had just 1/2 of 1 sock done and frogged it back to change the pattern anyway. So that counts for 1 1/2 socks knitted up for that pair, right?) So the Duets – I decided to add the solid color on the top as well as on the heel and toe. What do you think? I kept the instep just plain knitting so that I could see the rows of color. The pattern on the top is basically P2, K5 for 3 rows, and then stick a row of P2, k2tog, yo, k, yo, ssk in there. Very quick and easy. It really is fun to knit with contrasting toes and heels. We have an order of Skinny Duets (her fingering weight) coming in the near future.

DSC00829.JPGThe All Things Heather you might remember as my official Frank socks. I think it’s not good that I only finished one for the first challenge, for pete’s sake! But now they’re done and they’re eye-poppin’ bright, aren’t they? This yarn is so soft and comfortable to wear. (Because yes I did need to wear socks out in Colorado in the evenings. I’ll tell you, what is there not to like about that state? Sock wearing, year-round.) The pattern is Penllyn from Wildhorse Farm and I liked it a lot. I may not knit another pair of orange/pink socks (does one need more than one pair like this?) but I’m glad to have them. And really glad to have them done. (Heather is sending more sock yarn to us very soon.) Are you liking the Frank and/or Martha socks that you knit for the Q1 Challenge? And did it encourage you to knit more of the “other” types of colors in the future? I find myself being a bit more bold in my color selections. (Q3 info in Friday’s blog. Time for a new Challenge!)

DSC00830.JPGThis pair of socks is out of Crystal Palace’s Panda Cotton in the Jeans colorway. It’s a wonderful yarn – no wool. Just 55% Bamboo, 24% cotton, 21% elastic nylon. It’s so soft on your feet and this one, of all my twinless socks, is one that I really wanted to finish up soon because I knew I’d wear them a lot. That’s how much I like wearing this yarn on my feet. Now I get to pick another Panda Cotton colorway to work on. This yarn IS a bit splitty, but I found that that went away as I got more into the ball. The pattern is another Wildhorse Farm pattern – Savannah Socks. I have made this pattern before and it’s one of my standard favorites. I keep thinking I might do a pair of Panda Cotton socks and pick coordinating yarn for the toes and heels. (Like Strawberry Lime for the socks, and Lime for the heels and toes. Or Fruit Salad with Lacquer Red. Or Mardi Gras with Royal Purple. Or …. well … you get the idea.)

DSC00831.JPGNext, the socks I knit up out of Fiesta Boomerang. Wow – this was great to knit up. It’s a heavier weight. I knit this on 2’s with 48 stitches and each sock literally took just a few hours. (So, really, it’s almost not fair to count them because they went up so fast. But I’m counting them anyway, because a pair of socks is a pair of socks, after all.) The thing that I love about Fiesta – besides how fast it knits up – is their colorways. They have some of the prettiest color combinations around. We have the other half of our first Fiesta order going up in the Sneak Up next week, and you will see more of what I mean. I also really like the “squishiness” of the yarn. It makes it a very comfortable sock to wear. The pattern is one that Loopy friend Josiane from Switzerland sent me and she said I could share it. You can also see how she used it just on the top of the cuff on her Sknitches Breathmint sock in our photo gallery. As soon as I saw that photo go up, I emailed her to ask what the pattern was. It’s: 3 rows of K3, P3, and then one row of: yo, sl1-k2tog-psso, yo, p3. That’s it. Easy but so pretty, don’t you think?

DSC00833.JPGLast, the yarn that cured me of my twinless sock habit. I knit one sock and then immediately cast on and knit the match. I’m so excited to have this Wollmeise in-house and I can’t wait to get it up next week for you to get your hands on. The colors are so deeply saturated and wonderful. (I was so amazed that this didn’t bleed when I washed it. Because of the intensity, I was sure there might be bleeding.) I used another one of my favorite sock patterns – Parting Ways by Heartstrings. There are over 500 yds. in each skein, so you could make kneesocks for someone with very very long feet! I had a lot of yarn left over and I wear a size 11. Or – how fun would it be to make matching socks for a little one? For sure I’m going to make a sock blocker keychain with it. We’ll be getting more Wollmeise in August again because I know it will sell out quickly, despite the large order that I have sitting here. So don’t panic if you miss it the first time – we’ll keep getting it as often as we can!

Now I just wish it was winter and I could be wearing all of these. Somehow, 90+ degree weather and sock-wearing don’t mesh. sigh. Still wondering why we live in St. Louis.

Sheri anyonehaveanytipsonfindingmoreknittingtimeinyourweek?


  1. I knit on my subway commute since I don’t have AC at home. I get the funniest looks with the heatwave going on here, but I don’t mind. I know there will be some knitted goodness in the fall/winter when it’s all said in done! 🙂

  2. You have been busy! I’m just on the verge of finishing up a pair of Panda Cotton socks; they’ll be my first Loopy Ewe pari. I got the rose water multi with matching pink. They’re great. I’m doing a little bit of a twist on the traditional solid/multi color pattern. One sock is mostly multi with solid toe and top of cuff, and the other sock is mostly solid with a multi toe and cuff. They’re really cute! I love the base too.

    Can’t wait to see the new stuff!

  3. Commute time and downtime at work – that’s when my socks get done. I started out with just knitting on the bus. But it’s much more than that now. I knit at red lights (if I’m not on the bus). I knit at lunch. I knit on my way to pick up lunch (and I’ve yet to ever see a single other person knitting in Florida, let alone knitting while walking around town.) I knit on my way from the bus or car to the office – and that includes in the elevator and all the way up to my chair. I MAKE my knitting time!!

    And you are such a little finisher! I’m proud of you! (And I really, really, really love the colours in that Fiesta sock!)

  4. I have a pair of Panda Cotton socks just finished with strawberry limeade as the main colour and sprite green as the heel and toe. Picture by the end of the week, I promise.

    I knit on my lunch break at work. Co-workers have got used to finding me with yarn on the desk and a half-done sock on the needles.

  5. I recently discovered your site and ordered some stuff last week. Right now I’m just looking at it and petting it but I especially love the soft Panda Cotton and can’t wait to knit it up! I live in St. Louis too so I sympathize with you. Yesterday I wore socks anyway, 95 degrees be damned! At least it’s supposed to be a smidge cooler today.

  6. I knit everywhere I have to wait for more than a few minutes. Want to get some looks, knit while you are standing in line at the post office, it is a great way to start conversations with people you don’t know,

  7. Yay for you!!! I see “pairs” of socks!! You’ll love the Panda cotton even after washing. The most softest socks on my feet!

  8. Ahh, St. Louis summers. There’s a reason why pretty much everyone who lives here has AC.

    I am impressed with Wollmeise’s SSS curing habits. Will this trend continue?

    (P.S. I’m probably going to look into Starbucks later today.)

  9. I envy you for getting so many socks done on vacation! And I too love the Panda Cotton. Master G has one pair and HRH has two (although she has hidden one pair and we can’t find in anywhere!). I agree that it is a bit splitty in the beginning, but it’s so easy to knit with and is soft on both the hands and feet. And it’s such an affordable yarn for all purpose socks – hmmm… maybe I’ll have to get some for me too, and not just the kids!

  10. I knit while waiting on my kids at their karate lessons, doctor visits, on my lunch break at work, in the car (when I’m not driving). Being a sufferer of insomnia, I get a lot of knitting done at night… when I’m not stalking this site, that is! 😉

    Cheers for you getting some pairs put together!

  11. You are an amazing sock knitting machine!! I LOVE all of the PAIRS you finished. You are an inspiration for all that suffer from SSS! I think you could get more knitting time if Kirstin and I came one week a month.. Pack orders in the morning; knit in the afternoon. It’s a good plan.

  12. I love all of your socks! Thanks for sharing… I can’t wait to try out some of that Fiesta that I ordered – I think mine is the same color as yours. And, of course, looking forward to the Woolmeise.

    I don’t really have any suggestions on finding more knitting time that haven’t already been mentioned. Although I have noticed that with my brother out here visiting, I have the energy to knit for 1-2 hours every evening after work (while we watch baseball on t.v.), whereas before, I didn’t always commit to knitting every night. Hmmmm, maybe there’s something to this…lol : )

  13. I do a LOT of knitting while waiting… waiting for my kids to finish playing in the bath… waiting for them to finish eating (it can take hours with a 3Yo!), “watching” their favorite cartoon “with” them… Lots of little moments like that. Sure, I keep it pretty simple and don’t wow anyone with complicated lace, but the knitting is nice and soothing. Which is an all around benefit for the family too!

  14. Waiting for the Wollmeise is really hurting me. 😉

    Finding time for knitting. Breakfast, lunch and supper with a slow eating three year old.. oh yeah! Bath time used to be the number one but it’s starting to lose it’s novelty. I need some new bathtime fun ideas. 😉 I occasionally bring Boy to the library and let him rip up the childrens section while I get a couple rows in. Ha. Of course , there is the standard ‘bring sock on car rides in case (praypraypray )he falls asleep and knit in the driveway ‘trick. Everyone knows that one. 😀

  15. No time tips (God only gave us 168 hours a week and I think you already double up on the use of those hours), just dropping in to express my admiration for your diligence. You are *so* going to have drawersful of new socks to wear come winter.

    Autumn’s only 9 or 10 weeks away…

  16. Very pretty socks–all of them. You’ll be set for warm winter feet at this rate.

    I knit everywhere. Waiting for water to boil or the oven to warm up–knit a few rows. We live in the middle of nowhere, so we only have dial-up. I knit A LOT while waiting for pages to load. I knit while we’re doing homeschooling lessons. I knit when the kids go to bed. It’s a good 30 minutes to town and I knit while DH drives. So for me, it’s a lot of little moments here and there throughout the day.

  17. I’m wearing my socks right now b/c it’s just my way.

    How do I find more time? I knit socks on my commute. On the days I work from home I set aside half my normal commute time as knitting time. 🙂

    When I finally get my sewing machine’s tension right I’ll make a better ziploc bag to hold my socks in and a hook so I can knit while in the kitchen waiting for food to finish…

  18. They all look wonderful! I can’t wait to finish my current pair and cast on another. And I agree – it’s hard to look at my socks and not be able to wear them right now.

  19. You mentioned not wearing socks during the hot summer months but I have to tell you, walking around in Italy last month in 90+ degree heat, and humidity to match only makes good sense if you do two things: first, seek out the shade; that sun was a killer!, and two, wear your handknitted socks, no matter the content. My husband and I were probably the only folks on the tour who wore the socks, and we didn’t have sweaty feet sticking to shoes, blisters, or even achy feet! Our feet were cool, dry, and very comfortable! Next time I travel, I’ll carry even more of my socks so I won’t have to try and knit a few extras while touring like I did this trip!

  20. That Woolmeise is so pretty! As for finding more knitting time…I take an easy project (like a pair of simple socks) in my goknit pouch with me wherever I go. That way when I’m sitting at the bank, waiting to pump gas, or just have a few seconds before a meeting starts, I can crank out a row or two. It’s amazing how quickly those socks that you devote no time to knit up. The only time that I remove them from my bag and work on them exclusivly is when I need to work on the heel.

  21. What an impressive array of finished socks! I, too, love the Fiesta socks. I don’t have any tips that haven’t already been mentioned, but I did enjoy Marti Johnson’s comment about wearing socks in Italy! There’s not much air conditioning over here, is there?

  22. Beautiful socks! I have to say… since I’ve been shopping at your wonderful store, I have been knitting only socks for the last month! Thanks for all the wonderful choices. (And I can’t wait for the next sneak up!)

  23. Congrats on finishing all of the socks. They are very, very pretty. I, too, am loving the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton. I’m using the Periwinkle colorway, and it’s beautiful. I’ll have a pic for the gallery soon.

  24. WOW! All your socks are soooo amazing! I’m glad I get to see the Fiesta line knit up. I wasn’t sure how to approach it since I’m so use to knitting with fingering weight yarn. 🙂

  25. Oh I love them! Especially the fiesta ones. Second socks are so gratifying! And I finally figured out that I’ve entered my blog URL incorrectly all this time, I never notice anything 😛 Hope you’re settling back in okay!

  26. Great job on the socks!!! I think the only way to have more time to knit on a daily basis is to have a 30 hour day instead of 24!!!

  27. Did you have knitting fairies helping you? My socks are taking longer and longer
    but for good reason. I’m glad you had a good time and your socks are beautiful.
    My neighbor came in today and I think I have at least 30 pair of handmade socks;
    but I have been knitting them for years. They are all still in good shape. I have
    been to Colorado and it is beautiful, but as one of your knitters said, have you
    lived up there for a full winter?

  28. You were a knitting wild woman!! Gorgeous results…from all the fabulously beautiful yarn you sell.

  29. Beautiful new socks!!! I have a couple first socks sitting around mateless…..I should get on that. I usually sneak my knitting in during the day while the kids are napping (yeah, they both take naps!!!) and while they are playing I knit a few rounds here and there. I also sneak in a few round while working on yarn dyeing…..there’s a lot of waiting involved!

  30. For more knitting time you just got to grow another hand so you can carry around a sock at all times. If you could grow two think about how much more knitting you could get done then. 🙂

  31. So here I was thinking “yes, the Wollmeise I’ve seen is pretty, but it’s not giving me the urge to grab it”, and then I see your sock with Wollmeise in my colors. Turquoise and fuschia — matches half my wardrobe!

    Sigh. And I’ll probably have to pass this sneakup too. But at least the August one will be during Birthdaytide, so maybe then…

  32. Way to go Sheri! Good for you for completing that many PAIRS of socks! I think you are officially in recovery from SSS — now keep it up! Those socks are SO pretty and you have me drooling for the Wollmeise in the next Sneak Up! Though…I’m starting to run out of space in the stash room to hide more yarn. ;o) DOH!

  33. Oh, I forgot to answer your question! All I know is I protect what knitting time I do have so as not to let things encroach and whittle it away. Ex. My husband knows when we do a road trip, he drives and I knit, period.

  34. I”m a new reader of yours & I must say: Wow! You really like to knit socks! Can’t say I blame you. They’re perfect summer knitting projects, even if we can’t wear them until October (I live in St. Louis too!).

    All those socks look great! I’m sure your feet will be very happy this winter!

  35. Oh, man…such pretty socks!! I need to do some serious knitting.

    The sad thing is…I hate wearing socks. I hate wearing shoes. But I love KNITTING socks! The sock yarn obsession is…well, best not discuss it in case there are impressionable young knitters around. 😉

    *twitching and drooling in anticipation of Wollmeise*

  36. oh sheri. your socks are all so lovely. isn’t it wonderful to get all those mates done? so glad you had lots of fun time and knitting time on your vacation. i just finished my friends socks and my yarn order today is for my neice. guess my panda cotton sock i have made for me, will be mate-less for awhile longer too. sorry, i don’t have any good ideas for making more knitting time. i’m amazed how much knitting you do get done with all you do in your life. your fingers must be like “speedy gonzales”. and yes, that panda cotton likes to split and when i see one tiny thread of yarn looped out, i have to fix it when i come around the next row. but, that yarn feels so nice to the hands and feet, that i can forgive the extra effort to not have split yarn. ( : happy knitting to all.

  37. Gorgeous socks Sheri…

    Wait till you all see the Wollmeise in person! I visited the Loopy Room yesterday, and got a sneak peek! (She wouldn’t let me buy any though…till it goes up online…but I have my colors all picked out!).

    My first pair of Panda Cottons are coming along, but I had to buy an extra ball and I only have size 7 feet. Am I just knitting too tightly? I’m working on size 1 dpn’s. Anyone else out there in Loopy-Land having the same problem??

    So many yarns, so little time….**sigh**

  38. All of your socks look great! How nice to have finished so many pairs.

    Ooh, I wish I had more knitting time (and yarn money!).

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