Future Loopy Ewe Customers? … and a CONTEST!

summer knitting 002I love this picture! It came in an email from Loopy friend Valerie in Canada, with the subject line: “Future Loopy Ewe Customers”. This is her two daughters and a neighbor friend, all knitting on the front porch. Isn’t it a great photo? I hope these three will have fond memories of summers and knitting when they grow up. (And lots of finished projects to show for it.) Special thanks to Valerie for forwarding the photo and giving permission for me to share it with all of you. 🙂

It’s time for our May blog contest! Since this is Memorial Day Weekend in the U.S., I’ve been thinking about memories a bit. Memories of people now gone, and memories of times past. If you could re-live one day/moment/event over, what would it be? (Well, it doesn’t have to be your ALL time favorite thing – just one thing you’d like to re-live or re-visit.) I would love to re-visit a day with each of my kids when they were about 3 years old. Knowing who they are at this point in their lives, I think it would be fun to go back and re-visit a typical day in their three year old life. (Three years old – that has to be one of the funnest ages in the world. Talking up a storm, personality in abundance, old enough to carry on discussions but young enough to still be hilarious with what they come up with!) I have totally enjoyed each stage/age as our kids have grown up, but I’d love to re-visit “three” with them. What about you? What event or day would you like to re-visit? Leave a comment and I’ll do the random generator thing next Friday (6/1) to pick a winner for the May Loopy Loot. (Edit: oops – I forgot I’d be out of town on June 1st, finding new fun stuff for all of us at the TNNA Market.  Watch for the Loopy Loot winner on Monday, the 4th!)

Today’s recipe is one of my favorites from my mother-in-law. We have a big rhubarb plant that was transplanted from her house in Iowa to our house here in St. Louis several years ago. I picked the stalks and made this delicious dessert last week. I imagine you could substitute any fruit in place of the rhubarb, but be sure to adjust the sugar amounts along with it. This dessert has …. um …. a bit of sugar in it. To give you an overabundance of energy for a few minutes counteract some of the tartness of the rhubarb.

DSC00714.JPGRhubarb Dreams


1 cup Flour, 5 Tbl. powdered sugar, 1/2 cup margarine

Press in bottom of 9×9 pan and bake at 350 degrees for 15 minutes.


2 eggs, 1 1/2 cups sugar, 1/4 cup flour, 1/2 tsp. salt, 2 cups chopped rhubarb

Spoon over crust and bake another 35 minutes at 350 degrees.

You can also double this recipe and make it in a 9 x 13 pan.

Serve with whipped cream or ice cream.

We’re looking forward to a long weekend around here (Monday is a holiday) and you can bet that there will be knitting involved. I need to start my socks for my Sockapalooza Pal and I picked out one of the new colors from Scarlet Fleece for her, as it goes along with her preferred color suggestion. I’m still on a quest to find more knitting time each week. It’s one of my summer goals.

FYI – The vet visit was a regular checkup/yearly shot appointment this week, but Zoe and Casey want to thank all of you who inquired to make sure they were ok.

I’ll fill you in on more yarn news next week. I have two new yarn lines on order that are going to be fun, as well as new patterns and new accessories. And the TNNA – The National NeedleArts Association – Market is next weekend in Ohio, so I’ll be looking for more great lines and ideas that we all “need” need. WH thinks maybe I ought not to go. 🙂

Sheri sowhatwouldyouliketore-liveforfun?Leaveacommenttoenterthecontest!


  1. Isn’t it hard when asked that question to give just ONE answer! And I must be truly blessed because there are many memories that live on and wonderful enough to want to go back and do it again! On the spot I’d say that I would like to relive a day many years ago when I said I couldn’t do ‘it’ anymore………… of course my life would be totally different than it is now because I would take back the information that those things I was afraid of when I was younger were really no big deal. I can do ANYTHING!

    Be strong, Be a blessing and live in peace.

  2. My kids births…any time with my mom; in the kitchen, on the phone, in the garden (I still miss her so much even after 11 years of her being in heaven). The Christmas I knit my dad a hat and scarf (he always wore them when he grilled in the winter). So many of them I can’t pick just one. But it’s nice to think upon happy times when life isn’t all we expected it to be.

  3. I’d like to go back to the day my mom, my grandmother and I sat at a kitchen table and cut up a 108-pound pumpkin my 10-year old son grew, preparing it for canning. The whole family was at our summer home. The sun was bright. I was working with my women-folk. It was a lovely day.

  4. It would be one of two days. The first was a ballroom dance competition called Baby Bam Jam. My partner and I had worked our butts off all semester–it was our first semester dancing together and it took at least two months to work out the kinks of dancing together. This was the first competition where we really proved ourselves as dancers. We absolutely destroyed the competition. After having made our first latin final just a few weeks before, we ended placing second in all the latin dances and then first in all the rhythm dances. It was a high like none other.

    The other would be about a month ago. The show was opening the second run, which was sold out. The audience was phenomenal and the kicker was that the show was reviewed in a local paper that day, which liked the show and LOVED my Adelaide. 😀 I was on the biggest high all day.

  5. Hm….I feel so young! I’m honestly not sure which moments I want to relive…. Several with friends who live far away, of course… Right now, the moment that I want back happened just a few evenings ago, though. The Boy and I had just gotten out of graduation practice and we got ice cream and went and ran around a park and watched the stars come out. That feeling of utter freedom is splendid and I want to do that again very soon. (We graduated this Wednesday [high school] — and when we got out it was SNOWING!)

  6. Great caption for that picture–so cute! I wish I’d learned to knit when I was younger (I learned on my own when I was 17).

    There’s this picture that’s been on my friend’s mom’s refrigerator for a few years–it’s of my friends and me on the Ronald McDonald bench at Six Flags, pooped out after a day of fun (it was a whole eighth grade field trip). That’s one of the things that comes to mind.

    Another thing is my second trip to visit all my cousins on the east coast and my grandmother was here on a visa. All of us kids had so much fun, and we had a huge family dinner one night, and my dad and uncles fought over the check (along with all the other checks that we had when we ate out). Also, we went bowling quite a few nights–it amuses me to think of it because my brother would easily kick my oldest cousin’s butt at bowling now.

  7. Great picture!

    My one moment that I’d relive over and over again would be this:

    It was right before Christmas and my mom kept me home from school and sent my sister off to school. She woke me up by telling me to hurry and get dressed, we had to get our day started. I was a bit surprised, but, quickly got dressed, all the while wondering why I wasn’t getting on the bus as well. My mom and I got into the car and then she told me that she’d decided that she and I needed a day together, just us. We headed off to breakfast at a local restaurnt and then did some Christmas shopping for my sister. I’m not sure to this day who had more fun in the toy section, me or her. We chose my sister’s gifts and then it was off to lunch. After that it was to a movie (arrangments had been made for my sister to go to a friend’s house after school). Then dinner and a little more shopping for me. My mom got me my birthstone ring that day and I have it still—I wear it every day to keep her close. We got home just before bedtime.

    That’s the day I’d love to revisit. Not because of the shopping, but, because of the time spent with my mom.

    Days like that were pretty rare–my mom was a diabetic and on dialysis the last few years of her life. To have a day like that, a day where she felt good and was able to do all that we did? That was amazing. But then, my mom was an amazing lady. She died just 18 months later..

  8. A time I would love to re-experience is the moment after giving birth, when all the fear, waiting and pain are over, and the new baby is placed on my chest. After waiting so long to see her (4 hers for me) at last there she is, warm, healthy and perfect, next to my skin. I had the last two at home, so it was lovely lying in my own bed with my husband and older girls all around the bed to welcome the new little one.
    Your rhubarb recipe also brought back another lovely memory. My mother grew rhubarb in our backyard and in the spring we would wait for it to grow and then go and pick it together and she would bake a rhubarb pie or crisp. So rhubarb always reminds me of good times with my mother.

  9. This one is easy for me the day/moment I would like to live over is when my son Bradley was six months old. He was diagnoised with Type one diabetes when he was three but he started having health issues at 18mos. Anyway at 6 mos. he was about the most perfect baby in everyway you can think of. Good health, happy, slept through the night and just loved he’s mommy to pieces and smiled all the time. I look at pictures of him then and wonder what and when things started going wrong in his little body. He’s still is a great kid – very mature for his age. He takes three insulin injections a day but he never seems to give it a second thought. He wishes he could have all the cake and ice cream he wanted like other kids but other than that he has never let diabetes get him down. Anyway that’s my moment in time. I loved reading everyones there all just great. TFS


  10. I think I would revisit the first days in which my sweetie and I knew we were going to spend forever together…. what a rush!

  11. One of my favorite memories was on a trip to England several years ago. I am fascinated with old stone churches, and on one Saturday night I went for a walk in the neighborhood where I was staying, and I heard the bells ringing in the tower of the local church. I was very curious and walked up to a man who was just entering the church, and he said that it was the Bell Ringers practicing for the next day’s service. He invited me in, and we walked up to the bell room together, and there were a dozen or so people in this tiny stone room– wives and husbands, old women, young boys– and they were all taking turns pulling on the ropes that went through holes in the ceiling to the belfry. I watched them for a while, and they seemed to be glad to show off what they thought was a fairly every-day thing to this curious American (who was interested in all things NOT listed in tourist guide books)!

    Anyway, after a while, one of the men there– the leader of the Bell Ringers– asked me if I would like to go up and see the bells. He pointed to this very narrow, very sketchy-looking ladder that was against one of the walls. Now, I’m quite terrified of heights AND I’m not all that physically agile, but for some reason I said yes. He led me up this fifteen-foot ladder, and then up second (even sketchier!) fifteen foot ladder, up into this dusty, creaky attic-space. I saw all around me these huge bathtub sized bells. Then the guy said, “hold on– and you might want to plug your ears”. And he dingled a tiny bell on a string to signal to the people in the room below (really, what else would you use?) and the huge bells started to sway, and there was this great reverberation of BONG BONG BONGs and it was so beautiful and loud and there I was perched on this creaky very unsafe ladder, one hand wrapped around the bars of the ladder, my other hand stuffed in my ear… and the whole time I’m thinking, if I don’t fall off this ladder and end up breaking my neck, then I’m going to have one very fantastic memory for the rest of my life!

    Thanks for suggesting this, Sheri… and I love reading everyone else’s responses as well.

    Your lives are beautiful.

  12. Isn’t it interesting that most of these moments are not about what happened but rather who they happened with: my mom, my dad, my kids, my husband, my best friend. Life is only about relationships.

  13. I would relive any happy Saturday when I was seven or eight, to spend time with my father, mostly. He died when I was twelve.

  14. I would love to re-live one of those great family summer vacations we would take with my aunt and my uncle….my Unlce Bricky (he was a a brck layer) would load his station wagon (with no radio – we all had to sing the louder the better) with everything but the kitchen sink (including my baby brother’s crib one year) and we would drive to Hampton Beach NH for 2 weeks in a cottage with no air conditioning and all my cousins…the more the merrier and just spend the days at the beach….nights playing cards or board games, hanging on the boardwalk…..and just plain old good time summer fun…if it rained we found something to do..there were no malls to go to…..and of course his famous Sunday Morning Vacation breakfasts…how does everyone like there eggs….we would place our order and then everyone ended up with scrambled…..I miss him dearly!


  15. If I could re-live one moment, it would be the spring of 1986. I would want to be a teenager again with what I know now, a time before responsibilities had set in. I would want be able to wisper in my own ear and make that one decision diffently. 🙂

  16. Great question! I think I’d go back to college, just for one day–I wouldn’t want to relive that entire period, but one evening in particular when a bunch of college buddies from the dorm I lived at went to a local lake to walk around it, singing, being silly, just having fun and great camaraderie. It was blissful.

  17. As a child growing up in New York City, I didn’t get to see much nature, but in the summers, I would go to camp in central Pennsylvania, and I loved it there. The camp was at a top of a mountain, and I just loved the trails, rolling hills, and fresh air.

    There was a swing that faced down into the beautiful valley below, and I loved to swing, swing, and swing, and look down into it. I would like to go back there again someday.

  18. the day i would like to go back and visit would be memorial day of two years ago…since that’s the day i got together with my boyfriend. although we’ve only been together two years, it feels like we are already an old married couple (in a good way!).
    i remember distinctly us sitting together at lunch, he in my grandfather’s old blue wool sweater because it was actually very cold that year and i had lent it to him…and we talked and talked and talked.
    nowadays, we are both so busy with work and school, we don’t get as much time to talk like we used to. with our two-year anniversary coming up, i’d like to go back to that time and revisit what it was that made us fall in love and reaffirm our being together.
    many happy returns to all!

  19. My memory is of a sound..I was at work at my second job at the time and was having a particulalry stressful night, the ER was very busy when in the midst of the madness I heard a luagh. Not a quick laugh, but a heart felt laugh, genuine and appreciative of whatever caused its existence. It was a sound that made me stop and smile and realize this would be over in a few hours and i could go back to my life outside that me made happy. I wondered about the owner of the laugh and stepped out of the room i was working in to track it down. It came from the biggest man I ever saw, six foot six, shoulders of a linebacker, eyes of rootbeer and as I was to find out later when I knit his kilt hose for our wedding size 16eeee feet. I am blessed to hear that often but as a first kiss I will always rmember the first time hearing it.

  20. I would like to relive my wedding day 16 years ago this weekend. The weather was great and we had a wonderful day, but I would love to not be as nervous as I was. I tried to make everyone happy in the hopes that they would soon like me and accept me, well that never happened and I think I would have had an even better day had I just been myself and not cared what my in-laws thought of me. lol

  21. It’s not so much that I want to relive any particular memories of childhoold, though they were mostly enjoyable, having had wonderful parents, both of whom have passed on now. What I would love to share with both of them, however, are the travels that I have had in the past 7 years or so since they have both been gone. Much of my traveling now has been due to their largesse and I am ever thankful.

    They so much loved traveling and did much of it throughout the US, Canada and Mexico…all by car & much of it in Mexico in the late 30’s when auto travel was precarious at best. Later, my father’s health precluded further travel and they never got to see sites of foreign lands, so now I try to travel thru their eyes.

    I have been to Cuzco, Peru, staying with Peruvian friends at their home, then visiting Macchu Picchu and also the Amazon. Up to Churchill on Hudson’s Bay to see polar bear and kayak with the smiling white beluga whales. I have been on 4 treks in China, once on a tea tour taking me down to the borders of Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma) and the oldest tea tree in China. In 2006 I convinced my Beijing friend, Angela to accompany me up to the frosty January Ice Festival in northern China near the Russian border at Harbin, where the temps never broke zero, even at noon. But the site of 4 story ice palaces, completely lit from within by colored lights was well worth the 20 below temps one had to endure for the nighttime viewings. Also fantastic more than lifesize ice carvings of Swan Lake scenes, Snow White etc, all done with chain saws. Some Europeans compete here, but though the Park was crowded, there were no Americans in evidence.

    All these adventures and more I would love to be able to share with my parents, whose only contact with places like these was thru their annual subscription to the National Geographic and the Saturday travelogue movie/lectures they attended at the Chicago Museum of Natural History. How I would love to carry them along in my pocket.
    Anyway, these are memories I would love to relive…at least with my folks. Thanks for allowing me to share some of them with you all.

  22. I would love to go back and relive some of the early days of dating my husband. My whole world revolved around him and he was the first good, stable male in my life. I was 18 and it seemed like we’d be young and silly like that forever. I’d love to have a Saturday to just stay in bed all day. 🙂

  23. I’d love to hang out with my grandmother when she was younger, maybe her 50s or 60s. I remember her as a very athletic woman (she played baseball probably into her 60s, rowed us around the creek when we were kids.) Even in her 70s she was high speed! I remember her as so loving and great fun, but it would be great so have a living image of her active. She was slowed by age in the last 5 years of her life (she died 2 years ago at 91) and often wheelchair bound, but she still wanted to go and do things. I used to take her (and my two kids!) to a restaurant with a playground (mcdonalds, chik-fil-a, burger king, anything) every Thursday. She loved being around all of the kids, and just LAUGHED when they were a bit naughty. I used to stack the kids in her lap on the wheelchair and push all three around! Those are good memories, but I’d still like to see her in her prime. We could go fishing!

  24. There are lots of days, most of them by the ocean. Right now I’d have to say the afternoon I spent last April at Half Moon Bay just south of San Francisco. There is no sound in the world I love more than the crash of waves. Sitting in the sand, watching the waves and smelling the sea. Makes me happy just thinking about it.

  25. Thank you for a new rhubarb recipe! Yum!

    The moments I would like to relive would be the day of each of my daughters were born – to remember the gift that was given to me, smell their sweet little noggins, and remmber how teeny tiny they were…well, they are still sweet – just not teeny tiny:)

  26. In high school I had two best friends. The three of us were inseparable from 7th grade onwards. It’s been nearly 10 years now since one of them was killed in a motorcycle accident. The summer before, the three of us had met up at the Michigan Renaissance Festival, and spent a great day together. So that’s oen day I would choose.

    Another is a random weekend day when my husband and I were first dating. It was pretty much an ordinary day – he was fixing my car and I sat in the driveway and we talked while he worked. There are many days in the hustle and bustle of now, married with three kids, that I really miss being boy friend and girlfriend, the newness and the freedom.

    I’m baking Rhubarb Dreams tonight. Gotta go buy eggs.

  27. The two times I would like to revisit.

    Summer days when I was young ~10 up at my great-grandparents cottage near Roscommon, playing at the beach, wandering in the woods, canoeing the AuSable. All fun times.

    The other time i when hubby and I first met, years before we dated, just friends camping at my first Pennsic with a bunch of other friends. what a fun year.

  28. I would love to go back and get to know my two grandfathers better. They both died when I was young – one when I was only a couple of months old from a building accident, and the other when I was about four. I’ve done a lot of family history research since then, and they were both amazing me who had done so many things and had some wonderful experiences … I wish I’d been able to know them better in person, rather than just by reputation.

  29. I had to think about this for a while, there have been so many moments I would like to revisit. I think that I would choose to go back to the day my first daughter was born and I became a mother. It would be so nice to be able to re-experience the wonder of it all and to not be so paranoid about everything.

  30. I would probably relive a day with my grandpa before he went blind. Either than or a day with my former best friend in 7th grade, before we had a falling out and never spoke again.

    Isn’t it funny how we always want what we can’t or shouldn’t have? I think that’s what makes like all the more bittersweet.

  31. I’d like to relive the day that one of my cousins got married. After the reception, most of the family came back to our house. I don’t know how many of us were crammed into the living room, but my mom, my grandmother, and two aunts were on the couch (any time someone said, “Mom!” they swiveled their heads as one and answered in unison, “Yes?”) and the young folks ended up on the floor. We ate, drank, played parlor games (my grandmother turned out to be an ace at “Murder”) and talked talked talked. As I look back on it now, that was the last time we were all together in one room. And it was probably also the last time we could all sit comfortably on the floor!

  32. Growing up we always had a boat, Dad’s love, Mom’s – not so much. I loved being out on the boat especially at night and I remember one time when my Dad took only me out on a nighttime “cruise”. I don’t recall now why my Mom and brother weren’t there but I remember feeling so special and happy that night! I wish I could live that night all over again! (Especially since I lost my Dad in December and I miss him so much)

  33. There was this incredible day in Budapest that I would relive…. and perhaps give in to more fully this time. Terribly romantic and passionate and as free as I get… simple shopping, holding hands, the subway, museums, funicular railways, roman ruins, shopping for a hat, a turkish bath afternoon, labyrinth wandering, dinner and wine at sunset, and walking to the hotel at midnight. Terribly wonderful, intangible, magical.

  34. I think I’d go back to when I was 5 and just before my grandfather died. I adored him. He loved me unconditionally and I think I miss him with a deep sadness which has never left me, and I’m now 59. He had a stroke and was in the hospital for 3 days before he died. At that time, my parents believed that I wouldn’t understand what was going on, so they never talked to me about it. He just went away one day and never came back, and I never got to say goodbye or to tell him how much I loved him. So I think I’d go back to before he died and tell him how important he was to me and how much I had needed him. I’d tell him goodbye and hold his hand one more time.

  35. I’d like to have my just-born son in my arms again. (Not the labor & delivery, we can skip all that!) I’d sing Happy Birthday to You all over again.

    It’s funny, before I posted, I thought I’d scroll through some of the other comments, and I see I’m not the only one who’d like to hold her tiny newborn. My kids are bigger than I am now, but they’re still my kids! I am so blessed that even though they are grown, they still love me and want to stay connected.

  36. So many moments to relive–how does one choose from the first glimpse of your newborn’s scrunched up face, to leaving that child at first grade, and then at college??? I’d like to relive the hours I spent with my grandmother as she was dying. I was afraid to talk to her, even if she couldn’t acknowledge that she heard me. I sat with her during one night. I should have told her how much I appreciated spending time at her house every summer, eating her fresh baked bread and kolaches. I should have held her hand, prayed with her and sang to her. Instead, I sat in a chair across the room.

  37. Any of the Friday nights in college. My girl friends and I weren’t much of partiers. We would spend Fridays in our hallway playing games like pictionary or chinese checkers and share a few beers and a pizza. It was great girl time that I don’t get anymore. I hope my daughters have memories like that of good times with their friends.

  38. I would go back to 1971, when i was in high school. Dad was still alive, and both grandmothers were too. I would live just one whole day with the extra effort to remember each and every second of it. Then when life takes those turns of up and down, like divorce, and the death of my baby, I would have that one whole precious loving day of memory to remember and live in so the down times didn’t hurt so bad.

  39. There are many, but I think maybe I’d pick yesterday when my son and two grandchildren sang at the Davis High School Madrigal 40th anniversary concert at the new Mondavi Center to honor its founder, Dick Brunelle. Mark sang with the choir back in 1973-1977 and Connor and Chelsea (graduating seniors of two of my daughters) are in the current choir. (We went to Wales last summer with the choir when they competed and won Chamber Choir of the World at the Llongollen International Eisteddfod – what an experience that was. Would certainly repeat that experience, too!) Yesterday was special – the concert of some 250 voices from the past and present sang old and new favorites. Fun to visit at the reception and see how all those friends of Mark from back in the day have grown up…in their 50’s now.

    …and I’ll send you a picture of the three of them, as well as one of me knitting (or crocheting) when I was about 8…another time I wouldn’t mind repeating.)


  40. First of all, that is such an adorable photo!! : ) Second, I have been trying all weekend to decide what I was going to share. I think it would probably be the day my brother pitched his first no-hitter. I was so proud of him. And, it was such an exciting moment in the beginning of his baseball career. He was so happy… Things haven’t been as happy for him in recent months and I wish I could take him with me and that we could relive that moment together…

  41. I think the day I’d most like to re-visit is Christmas in the early 90’s. My grandfather hadn’t lost his mind yet to Alzheimer’s, my parents were still married, my sister was in from college with a friend of hers, and all four of my cousins had already been born. Granted, we all had “great” hairstyles, but if I could go back to that day, knowing it was the last Christmas we’d all be together, I would.

  42. The one moment I’d like to relive is my tenth birthday (1991… I’m so old, I know!) It was the first time I was allowed to go into Tokyo with just my friends. We took the train, walked in the pouring rain, and went shopping at the department stores. I remember buying lots of cute pencils and stickers! We had hamburgers at a Wendy’s, and on the walk back to the train station got completely SOAKED by a passing truck! Whoo.. And in the evening, my grandmother came to visit, complete with a strawberry cake and fancy Barbie doll. Why can’t birthdays be that fun anymore?

  43. I would relive a day when I was in the 4th grade. I would go on weekends to visit my grandma and grandpa (he has now passed away) My grandma taught me to knit and then bought me a knitting machine. On Saturday we would go visit Mrs Campell, a lady who once owned a yarn store, and sold my grandma the machine and gave me lessons. It was so much fun to learn to knit and great time with my grandparents and sweet Mrs Campell. 🙂

  44. I would relive any time I had with my mom and my dad. I miss them. The birth of my children. The first ime my kids told me they loved me. My wedding day I can’t pick just one. There are so many i would love to relive

  45. I’d definitely want to relive my wedding day because it went by SOOOOOO fast and I didn’t get a chance to say “hi, thanks for coming” to all of our guests. I’d especially like to go back to re-dance our first dance only this time my dress wouldn’t be too long in the back and I’d dance much more gracefully because I wouldn’t have to focus on not falling on my arse in front of my guests — instead, I could savor the moment with my husband, as it should be. (the seamstress at the bridal shop didn’t ask me to walk backwards in my dress and had I known better I would have insisted and I would have had her hem it high enough.) I wouldn;t change anything else — the weather was perfect and the night was magical — just too darn short!!

  46. This is such a toughie! There are so many, I would love to re-visit the times when the kids were small (yes, I agree that 3 is a wonderful, funny age!), travelling with my Gramma ‘Deen, hanging out with Grandpa while he flooded the rink in the winter, etc.
    But if I had to choose one, I would like to go back and do the canning with my Mom–we never really got to spend much time together due to living far away from one another, and we lost her to cancer almost 2 years age. Every year we would get together and put up hundreds of jars of pickles and peppers all in one weekend!! We would work, and clean, and chop, and laugh, and gab, catch up on each other’s lives, and just have such a great time–all the while accomplishing a rather amazing feat! One weekend we put up 125 quarts of peppers, 95 quarts of dill pickles, and 100 pints of salsa!
    This has been such a lovely thread Sheri, and I’ve had a good cry reading all these touching stories and remembrances.
    Watery Smiles, Karen

  47. I would like to relive a moment from High school. I was asked to sing the national anthem in front of a very large crowd at the State Fairgrounds. My mother was sick and my father was working…I had to sing alone without my family. If I could do it over, I would stress to them how important the moment was for me…and I would make sure that they attended to support me. I missed having them there…and now, 10 years later, I realize how much they missed being there.

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