Loopy Q2 Quarterly Challenge

We have some fun Frank and Martha socks up in The Loopy Ewe Quarterly Challenge Photo Gallery that need voting on! (There are two pages, so be sure to view them both.) Remember, I’m drawing one name from all participants for a Loopy Ewe $25 Gift Certificate, and YOU are voting on the Knitter’s Choice Award for the second $25 Gift Certificate. Email me your vote for your favorite socks from that gallery (sheriATtheloopyeweDOTcom) and I will announce the winners of the Loopy Q1 Challenge next week. If you did not get your sock picture posted on that gallery, you’re always welcome to still submit them. Remember that you can do this by going to your Loopy Ewe account and clicking on Photos.

We’re mixing things up a bit for the Loopy Q2 Quarterly Challenge. For the months of April/May/June, the challenge is to knit from your stash – something for charity. Actually, something in particular for two worthy causes that I have in mind. Two Loopy Friends are involved with things that I would love for us to contribute to. Meg and her husband will be adopting a baby from China and she would like to take a lot of baby hats with her to donate to the orphanage. She mentioned that she was trying to get a few of her friends to knit hats and I thought, “Well shoot – WE can do that!” The thought of each of those sweet babies getting a hat knit with love is enough to motivate me. Meg thinks that baby hats through age 1 would be good. I know we all probably have books with baby hat patterns, but just in case you need one, here are a few free baby hat patterns that you can just print out. There is no rule on what pattern or what yarn – but I would say make the yarn soft and scratch-free. 🙂

Free Baby Hat Patterns:
http://www.soxie.com/babycap.html (but without the buttons on it!)

LubaThe second charity knitting idea is for Loopy Friend Janice. Janice makes wonderful felted bags. She sells them and then takes all of her profits and donates them to Luba. Here is what Janice said about her in one of her blog posts: “Let me introduce Luba. Luba is a woman living in Russia who works with young women ages 14-25 who have found themselves alone and/or orphaned and in difficult living situations. She helps teach them basic living skills as well as helping them obtain good nutrition during the long cold winters. When the young women are starting out on their own, Luba helps purchase clothes and other essential items they will need.” You may wonder why they are all bundled up in their classroom. There is very little heat in there. Fingerless gloves would be perfect for them, as it will keep their hands warm but still allow them to do their school work. So the second charity knitting choice is to take some of the yarn you have in your stash and turn it into fingerless gloves for these girls. (I also included some mitten patterns, if any of you would rather knit mittens. They’ll use those outside, too.)

Free Mittens & Fingerless Mitts Patterns:



If you do not have yarn in your stash to use, just add a note to your next order that you’d like a skein of yarn for the Q2 charity knitting and I’ll donate yarn for you to use. I know how very much all of your beautiful work will be appreciated. When you’re done, please email me and I’ll send you my address so that you can tuck them into a padded envelope and send them to me. I’ll wait until the end of the quarter and will then ship boxes off to Meg and Janice. Like this quarter’s challenge, I’ll be drawing a name for a $25 Loopy Credit, as well as having everyone vote on the Knitter’s Choice award for the second $25 credit. You can upload your photos through your account into the Q2 gallery, which will be up next week.

Thanks for participating in this challenge to knit for others! Next quarter – we’re back to knitting socks for yourself, with a challenge that is guaranteed to teach you something. Details in July!

Sheri totallyenjoyingWeekTwoofSpringBreak


  1. Great idea. I love knitting baby hats.

    I have gotten to the point where I only want to knit socks from yarn from The Loopy Ewe. This will force me to use up some of my stash.

  2. Sheri,

    This is absolutely an amazing idea even if it isn’t for a challenge or prizes. I’m so glad you brought these two wonderful causes to my attention. I’m still pretty new to knitting, but would love to contribute! So count me in on this one. 🙂

  3. Oooo! My second-favourite use for sock yarn is fingerless mitts, but I can only use so many pairs for myself. What great causes, both of them! Don’t forget the “Knucks” pattern from Knitty as well – a bit more challenging to knit each little finger piece, but a great way to add an extra message of encouragement.

  4. I think this is a great post too! I’ll have to see what i have in my stash to work up for you! I didn’t get my Martha socks up over the weekend, I was too busy with yarn dyeing, but I did do a pair and I’m so glad that I did! I love them. They’re even knee-highs! Very different for me, but now it’s back down in the 20s here and so they’re perfect!

    BTW, I don’t mean to cause undue excitement, but I’m finishing up the last two colorways you ordered today.

  5. These are wonderful ideas. I will knit some baby hats…our knitting group made a lot for the Caps for the Capitol program in January. I have lots of soft yarn left and will send you the hats soon, I hope. Hats are also good warmer weather knitting…not so much bulk in the lap. I have been wanting to knit fingerless gloves but can’t seem to get the thumb gusset correct…this will force me to learn and also help others. Knitting for others makes me feel warm inside.

  6. Oh, this is a wonderful challenge! I’m especially touched by Luba’s work. The suicide rate among orphans in Russia is very high, along with drug abuse, etc. The social stigma is immense. Luba isn’t just “helping” these girls, she’s saving lives.

  7. What lovely ideas! I know I have yarn for hats, and I think I have some yarn that would be perfect for fingerless mitts. Now I will have nice little side projects to break up my sock-knitting marathon.

  8. You can count me in. I’m already making baby stuff so why not add another hat to the mix and I love making fingerless gloves. This is going to be a great challenge.

  9. Hi Sheri, I really enjoyed the Loopy Q1 challenge. The criteria for the Loopy Q2 is wonderful and I can’t wait to get started. I get so much enjoyment from reading your blog, along with Janice’s (Janice was kind enough to send me a couple of purse patterns I’m currently working on) and Wendy’s blogs too, that I would love to give back. Count me in on this challenge too. Kristi 🙂

  10. Count me in! Alot of my friends and co-workers are having babies so I’ll just make a hat or two and some fingerless gloves. It’s always good to give back and pay it forward.

  11. can we do adult hats for Luba too? i was hoping so i could break in my knifty knitters. (i had to buy a new set because my old set broke.) i could probably talk a few of my friends into helping me too. (because i have 4 sizes…4 people could work…)

  12. Ooooooh!!! Count me in!! I love to knit baby hats and I love to knit fingerless mittens!!
    New people to knit for and new friends to meet – great combination!! I have just the yarn to
    use for the baby hats and I will do an excursion in my yarn stash for the fingerless mittens when I get home this afternoon from work. Thanks for a great challenge idea. Vicki

  13. I am SOO excited that so many of you will be joining me in supporting the work of Luba among the orphan girls in Russia… To see such a great response already (Sheri just posted this morning) really warms my heart and confirms my belief in what an incredible group of people Knitters are!! To answer Danee… adult hats would be wonderful as well!!! There is a group from my church that knits and sends scarves as well! Thanks to Sheri for including Luba in the quarter’s challenge..along with the baby hats for the Chinese orphanage. I am EXCITED to see what this group can accomplish!!

  14. I love this idea. How do you think Luba’s girls will wash these fingerless gloves? I’ve got some pretty colors in “non-superwash” yarn in my stash. Do you think I should use it or stick to easy care yarn?

  15. Sheri, what an absolutely wonderful quarter challenge! I’ve been wanting to knit up some fingerless mitts, but alas, haven’t had the time. A great excuse for me to paw through my stash and make some time!

  16. I have the same question as Tara on the wool for the girls with Luba. From some of the charities listed in Knitting for Peace (LOVE that book) I suspect that handwashable wool is ok, but it’s definitely best to ask up front! I have some ecological wool that I think would knit into very nice Fetching gloves (although…it’s cream…is color an issue?)

    Sheri–these are great causes! Looking forward to knitting something up.

  17. What a great challenge idea! 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to knitting fingerless gloves–I have a pretty pattern I’ve been wanting to use, but I don’t like wearing them myself. This is a perfect excuse to whip them up!

  18. Oops–I just noticed that my Martha socks photo is still pending approval and is not up in the gallery. Are all of the others up now? Should I go ahead and vote? 🙂

  19. Thank you, Sheri! There are so many needs all over the world. I am looking forward to taking hats to China! One thing to keep in mind, that I failed to mention to Sheri is that the items will be washed in hot water in China. So keep that in mind when you are knitting!

    I will be sure to make some items for Russia, too…..wow….what a wonderful idea!

  20. I love these ideas! I’ll be sure to check my yarn buffet soon.
    And I voted – it’s so fun to look at everyone’s pictures – talented knitters, that’s for sure!

  21. Great idea, Sheri! I look forward to the 2Q challenge — what a great way to help others!! I think I have just the things in my stash… : )

  22. i love this challenge. i have been wanting to do something for charity but hadn’t gotten to looking for causes. thanks for giving us all the opportunity to share with those less fortunate. you mention it doesn’t matter what pattern or what yarn we use. does that mean we can use yarn we didn’t buy from you? i’m sure we all have yarn from various places and i just want to follow your desire. i certainly have enough to share, no matter where it came from!! now to view and choose some patterns. happy knitting.

  23. What a great idea, Sheri, and I am thrilled to have an excuse to knit a baby hat again.
    I I just finished that big exam I had to do today (it went really well). What a relief! Now at last I can cast on my Panda Cotton to make socks for my mom’s birthday next week and knit away without feeling guilty! I plan to try the Lace-Cuff Anklets from Favorite Socks. They should make cute summer socks in the Panda, I think.

  24. What a great challenge. I’ve been knitting some stuff for Afghans for Afghans that I will have to photograph and then submit. I really enjoy knitting for charity. I’m excited to see who wins the first challenge, there are some really gorgeous socks up there!

  25. We can do both right? I’ve got LOTS of leftovers for baby hats, plus, I just *heart* baby hats. And they are quick. Can I make baby mittens too? I fell in love recently with a cute pattern for mittens with thumbholes (you know, so they can suck their thumbs). I’ve been looking for an excuse to do Fetching, I would never wear them myself.

    P.S. The Merino Stripes Gauntlets are gorgeous!

  26. The fingerless gloves that are sent to Luba will most likely be washed by hand in cold water. The easier the care, probably the better….but she will be thrilled with everything that she gets!!

  27. This is a great idea, Sheri. I really like to knit for charity and have some perfect yarn for soft baby hats and fingerless mitts. It’s fun to try different techniques (cabling, etc.) on small projects like this.

  28. How inspiring! I like the idea of knitting for places that specifically ask. Thanks for bringing these places to our attention! And a contest besides… mm!

  29. Sheri, as usual you have fabulous ideas. I love the idea of fingerless mitts for the young women. I know from experience how difficult it is to work with cold hands and fingerless mitts are truly an ideal way to still get some fine work done but stay warm.

    Time to dig through the stash….

  30. You read my mind! I’ve been searching for a charity to knit for and now I can try some patterns from the Itty Bitty Hats book. I also have a great pattern for cabled fingerless mitts. Thanks, Sheri!

  31. What nice ideas Sheri…I think I shall try to get something submitted for the Q2 challenge. Wish I’d gotten my Franks finished in time…’fraid I just got sucked into too many projects at once! So much to do…Q2C plus…the Sock Club should be coming soon shouldn’t it?

  32. Count me in ~ I’ve cast on for my baby hat already. Can’t wait to share more as I finish up. Thx for sharing these needs w/us, know that I will be praying and knitting.
    Have a great one.

  33. I’ve yet to order anything from you, but have heard such wonderful things thru WendyKnits’ site. I’d love to knit hats for Chinese babies. I have the perfect pink yarn in my stash to get started. For a long time, I thought about adopting a Chinese baby girl, but because I am single and without family support it’s not possible.

  34. Count me in, too! I am also adopting from China and this will give me something to do in addition to the countless blanket, socks, and sweaters I have already made for my baby! : )

  35. I love the groups you’ve chosen and the projects will be easy to do. Since I really need to rearrange my stash this weekend anyway I’ll be on the lookout for yarn to use….or else start another order – LOL!

  36. Hi, new to your blog and challenge – but, i am willing to try and knit a baby hat!!! It’s something I haven’t done before so it should be interesting. Thanks for the opportunity to do something for charity…

  37. Ahem! Not to point out the obvious, but what would be wrong with knitting SOCKS for these folks. I have lots of leftover yarn that would alone or in combination make lovely socks for kids….Capi

  38. Sheri
    Great idea. Count me in. I have been kniiting baby hats for my daughters friends so would love to help. I have made one of the hats that you offered in your list and it is so cute.


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