It’s a Wooly Wednesday

flower4The wool is flying around here as we attempt to get all of your wonderful orders packed up and on their way to your house! If you’re waiting on an order from our shop update this week (and I think every single one of you must be) then I know you’d rather I spent time getting YOUR order packed up and shipped off instead of writing an interesting blog post today. Right? So that’s what we’ve been doing all day, and that’s what we’ll be doing all night tonight and all day tomorrow. And we’re very very happy to be doing it – we appreciate you and your business!

If you didn’t catch the Sneak Up, we have added Fleece Artist Basic, Fleece Artist Sea Wool, Lorna’s Laces (all of the new colors are back in stock, along with lots of your regular favorites), J-Knits, Opal Neon (I am so making socks out of one of these!) and that luscious Cider Moon. We actually have good Sneak Ups scheduled almost every week in the next month or two. Isn’t that something fun to look forward to?

flower2I did think it’d be nice to share some pretty pictures today, since the blog content is severely lacking. Wonder Husband takes great yarn photos for The Loopy Ewe, but he also takes great photos of just about everything else, too. These came from a day at The Missouri Botanical Gardens. That is, before the freeze last weekend that killed all of the flowers off. Makes one feel downright Spring-y, just looking at them. I’ll share more of his photos in future blog posts.

Friday I’m going to blog about some exciting things coming soon to The Loopy Ewe. Check back!

Sheri mightneedapeppermintmochaaroundmidnighttokeepmegoing:-)


  1. Your flower pictures make me wish that I could grow something. Alas, even if I did have a green thumb, instead of the withered brown stump I inherited from my mother, the desert here is not exactly conducive to pretty, delicate things.

  2. I love the Missouri Botanical Gardens. The irises were in bloom the one time I visited. I also got one of the worst sunburns that day. 🙂

  3. The flowers are lovely. Wonder Husband does indeed take wonderful pics. Are you going to break the record again on boxes mailed out? 🙂
    Try to relax when you can…..I know, I know easier said then done. 🙂

  4. All that sock yarn is so yummy! Your flowers are very pretty. I hope to have some this summer. Everything died last some in our heat and lack of water.

  5. Those tulips are just beautiful!! My poor flowers really took a nose-dive this past week. Everything, except for the hostas and butterfly bush, was greening and growing. Now they are dying or dead. At least I can live vicariously through your pictures!

    The new Fleece Artist colors are stunning. I have some ready cash but I’m patiently (wink, wink) for the Sock club.

  6. The flowers are beautiful. I have really been missing Giverny (I took a trip to France to see Monet’s gardens, etc. in the fall last year before they closed for the season) – and I know the flowers there will be at their peak in the spring…makes me want to go back again…

    Oh, I saw that there is a Stitch n Pitch in St. Louis in August – because I love baseball so much, I’ve long been considering a baseball stadium tour — and of course, I’d really want to stop by the Loopy Ewe…

    And, more sneak ups, oh the anticipation!! : )

  7. I love your spring flowers pictures! I assume the top one is a dogwood? That’s really sad that your flowers didn’t survive last weeks terribly unseasonably cold weather pretty much across the country. Pictures make great memories! Please continue sharing them!

    We had another Winter Storm Warning yesterday afternoon & evening, complete with lots of heavy, wet snow, followed by rain, here in mid-Michigan. Ugh! It’s too late in April for this nonsense. We were supposed to have a Michigan version of a Nor’easter, but that apparently did not materialize, thank goodness!

    I have to share this with you all, but I hope you’ve had your morning coffee already. Way to go, Google! This is a real mapping result, sadly. Go to Type in New York City, NY to Paris, France. When it comes up with your trip directions, check out step 23!!! :-O Oops! Actually, credit for finding this little anamoly goes to one of my youngest son’s high school band friends, I believe. This has been known for at least a couple of days. Google’s mapping software has a glitch in it that might take a while to solve? 😀

  8. Your husband does do great photos indeed! The color of those tulips is stunning. Kinda like the color of the Cherry Tree Hill (solid) Mulberry I just ordered. Hehe

    Thanks for packing up my box too. I would love to be there helping you. Heck, I’d even make the run to Starbucks! Anyway glad to hear business is so good. You have great selections and wonderful customer service so it was bound to happen.

    I really do feel for everyone who is feeling winter backlash this late. Mother Nature usually does what she needs to though. Northern Minnesota friends say it is actually good they are getting late spring snow after the ground started thawing. They were lacking water last summer and crops were damaged. The winter snows mostly ran off during snowmelt cause the ground was frozen so this latest snow is being absobed in the soil. Sooooo… have a coffee today, enjoy the wooly knitting cool air a bit longer. You will be wearing sandals before long! 🙂

  9. loved the update. I’m brokety broke broke for the near future, although I’m trying to work out my budget so I can place an order with you every two months (how sad is that that this is an actual *goal* of my budget?)

    I made a baby hat for the contest, now what? I’ll be making some gloves too, I’m gonna make Broadstreet from They’re the convertible ones, so you can tuck your fingers into the mitts when you don’t need use of your fingers.

    Off to oogle some more yarn ::sigh:: I wish I could use some of the Sea Wool

  10. Your purple tulips look like mine should if they ever bloom. Do your’s have the short stems? Mine seem to have shorter than normal stems for tulips.

    And you are so tempting me. I am trying to be good right now. Sheep and Wool is right around the corner.

  11. Those flowers are so lovely! You sound a bit over worked, Miss Sheri. I hope that Peppermint Mocha is super refreshing….just like those beautiful pictures. Great job!

  12. Beautiful flowers!! You have me checking a few times a day LOL! Not that there is anything wrong with that! 😉 I do like the sneak ups though, makes it very interesting! :

  13. Wonder Husband is a great photographer—but we already knew that from the excellent yarn photos. I’m so sorry about the chilly weather you all have been suffering. We had ours a few weeks ago, just in time to kill the blossoms on our fruit trees—no cherries this year. Now it’s too warm for mid-April. Can’t win. Take it easy (between sneak updates, of course)!

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