She loved it!!

sweetjuleswebWell, as you might imagine, Knitting Daughter absolutely loved her custom-dyed colorway. It was so fun to see her read the tag and realize it was all hers! She is in the middle of a pair of socks in Yarn Pirate’s Hydrangea, but says as soon as she’s done with those, she’s casting on her Sweet Jules. I can’t wait to see them knit up. Here is the photo of the colorway. Do you like it? I ordered it in the Merino/Tencel, which is coming in an order from Yarn Pirate and will be up next week. Knitting Daughter gets to keep it for herself in the BFL, which was special for her. (That BFL? You all loved that right out of here in about a day. We’ll get more of that when Miss Yarn Pirate gets more of that yarn in. She was so wonderful to share those skeins with me.) Knitting Daughter also thought it was so fun that you all left wonderful birthday wishes for her on Wednesday!

I’m heading out for the day and won’t be back until tonight …. but I will be packing your orders up from today, when I get home. I promise! Remember, there is no mail on Monday, so although the orders will go out tomorrow, you won’t get them until Tuesday. Hard to wait an extra day, I know. Next week I expect to be putting more yarn up from: Yarn Pirate, Zen String, Lorna’s Laces, Cherry Tree Hill, and Claudia Hand Painted, as well as some new accessories. Keep checking in with us. And hey – have you checked the photo galleries lately? We have LOTS of Socks on Trees up there! (Have you also seen how the photos pop up under that product when you’re shopping on the website? Web Guy is so great.) Please keep adding your photos to the galleries. You can do that easily from your Loopy Ewe account. It won’t appear right away – it comes to me first for verification and approval – but it will be up as soon as I click the ok. I am working on getting the Loopy Ewe Quarterly Challenge gallery up, because I already have Frank and Martha photos from some of you to go in there. You all are so great about sharing and encouraging and inspiring each other! No wonder I think you’re wonderful. And speaking of wonderful, do you ever read our Testimonials section? You’ve have been so good about sending those in regularly, too, and I love having them up there. I know that sometimes people stumble upon our website and wonder if we’re ok to do business with. Those really help. Like I said – you’re just plain wonderful. šŸ™‚

Today’s recipe is the best pork roast I have had in a long time! Diane in Massachusetts sent me this, and it was SO easy that we tried it right away. It turns out incredibly tender and delicious. The whole family liked it. (Do remember that I’m not a food stylist and while it may not look absolutely wonderful in the photo – trust me. It is.)

DSC00525.JPGCrock Pot Pork Roast

1 Boneless Pork roast
1 envelope dried onion soup
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 cup DR. PEPPER…….

Throw it all in and do the crock pot thing…….8-10 hrs on low. SO GOOD. And of course crockpotting buys you more knitting time. That’s the end goal in all of this. Diane – thank you again for sharing this wonderful recipe with all of us! Next week’s recipe will be Cherry Pecan Cookies because someone (and I told her she’s my new best friend) sent me a whole batch of them in the mail yesterday. YUM! You will definitely want to make them. I need to get a photo before they are all gone.

DSC00544.JPGSheri IcaughtZoeontheheatventtoday



  1. The Yarn Pirate colorway is beautiful! I am so glad that your daughter liked it! The pork looks delicious! Have a wonderful weekend! Who can blame Zoe? It must be pretty warm on top of that heat vent. I could use one right now! It is supposed be down to the 40’s here in Fort Lauderdale this weekend! Yesterday, it was in the mid eighties! I guess the incredibly cold weather around the country has finally hit south Florida.

  2. Sweet Jules is beautiful! Purple, by itself, is not one of my fav colors but with the pinks, mauves and maroons, Sweet Jules sings. Can I be a daughter? šŸ™‚

    I do a similar recipe with chuck roast but I’ve never tried the Dr. Pepper. Sunday will be a good day for a yummy crock pot dinner.

  3. Wow, 40’s in Ft Lauderdale? I am in Merritt Island near Kennedy Space Center and its going to be cooold!! When I moved to Florida I thought I would stay warm :-).

    I love the Sweet Jules!! Purple is my fav color! Will you be getting in more of her colorway in the store? I just can’t believe how fast things sell out. I need to keep on top of the new additions so I can grab them while they are still there.

    That pork looks yummy. I will by trying that recipe tomorrow. I like to use the crock pot on cold weekend days.. It just makes the house so cozy.

    Thanks for all you do for us Sherri! Have a Great Day!*

  4. You heard correct, 40’s in Fort Lauderdale (at night). News has said that we haven’t seen weather that cold in 2 years. In other areas of Florida, much colder (like the area that you are in) and frost bite warnings for the weekend and early next week! I have lived in South Florida for 24 years. Anything colder than 50 degrees and I am under the blankets with hot cocoa and not leaving my bed!

  5. Ha! I love that face – “It’s not what it looks like, cozycushion! I swear! I still love you baby…..sometimes a kitty just has needs, you know??”

    (Orlando dipped into the 30s! Yay, I get to break out the rather-pointless-most-of-the-time cashmere neckwarmer!!)

  6. That is the only problem I have with living in South Florida, if it wasn’t for the air conditioned office, I would not be able to wear any of my knit wear! Except for this weekend! I have on my elbow length cape with pointed collar and one button in front, knit in Bernat Galaxy (wool, nylon, mohair). Very nice! Got the pattern from a Creative Knitting magazine in 2004. It took forever to make (2 months), which compared to knitting socks is a lot of time. I love cashmere! I bet that neckwarmer is incredibly soft!

  7. I can’t wait I can’t wait I can’t wait!!! I was so tempted by the YP BFL in celery, but I held off due to the desire to not piss off my DH. But if you get in some of that pink/brown that I saw on the YP blog, I won’t be able to contain myself.

    The SweetJules yarn is lovely, too. Does her love of purple have anything to do with having the Amethyst as her birth stone?

  8. That colorway is gorgeous!!!
    I’m definitely going to try that pork roast recipe! and I made “Julia’s Sugar Cookies” last weekend and they turned out great….very yummy!

  9. Love the Jules color…….She deserves her own special yarn (don’t we all)…I hope EVERYONE enjoys the pork recipe…I will be making it on Sunday – College Boy is home for a long weekend!

    Oooooooo…I fell like such a CELEBRITY TODAY!


  10. just had to stop by for my “sheri fix”. ( : julie’s yarn is very pretty. think i’m grasping the fact that her favorite color is purple? that is mine too and i’ll enjoy seeing her knitting in the gallery photos. the pork recipe looks really good and super easy. i know we will be trying that out too. love simple crock pot recipes. i absolutely love your zoe. if she ever thinks of leaving home, send her to me! my lily and she could have a grand time. (( ; hugs to all.

  11. Oh, I agree…Julie’s yarn is beautiful! Am I just an idiot…why don’t I know what BFL means???? Have been knitting up a storm lately (no…not another ice storm ;)) so have to cast on a few new pairs soon!

    Does anyone know where to get the little plastic tubes to keep dpn’s in???

  12. ooooh Sweet Jules is yummy – what a fab mum you are! I bet that one will fly out of the shop too, lol. If I was a cat I’d be on that heat vent too, lol!

  13. That pop up that appears with the yarn is what convinced me to buy a certain colorway. What a wonderful idea to see what the colors look like knitted up! I can’t wait to see what will appear next week!

  14. Dr. Jackie- BFL was new to me too! I believe it stands for Blue Faced Leicester which is a breed of sheep. See and click on “Show Results” to see some photos of prize winners from this breed.

    I like the Sweet Jules too! Can’t wait for it to come in!
    Have a good weekend everybody!

  15. I came home and found my little thermal leech sleeping on his Cozy Cushion today, but he needed to be peeled off the vent yesterday.

    I’ll be starting my first pair of socks with your yarn very soon, can’t wait! Sweet Georgia in Slayer, so glad I snagged it when I did!

  16. I gave my mom the socks that I made with the Posh yarn, she developed a sore on her foot due to her brace and I am trying to heal it. It is already better and she keeps saying how she loves these socks, so despite the fact that I just finished a pair for her, I just wound the other skein that I had of the Posh, to make her another pair. She may have dementia, but cashmere speaks for her. All of the patients at where she goes to physical therapy are jealous of her!! I can’t wait to try this pork recipe, my family loves pork and this looks so easy to make. And it really is cold here in Florida, supposed to be freezing here in Titusville by the am. Despite this fact both of my crazy golden retrievers went swiming today!

  17. I think Kirstin and I will each need a skein of Julia’s special colorway!!!! I have the pork in the crockpot as I type…. I know if it has passed your taste test that we will LOVE it as well!!! Our cat growing up used to love to sit on top of the TV (I think it was warm)….. I’d always tell my friends that my cat was on TV …. they were so impressed šŸ™‚

  18. It’s so pretty! I was given a custom colorway by my Coffeeswap partner and it’s still one of my favorite yarns ever!

    Thanks for volunteering a prize for the next swap. I’ll be sure to be in touch!

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