Happy Birthday, Dear Knitting Daughter!

DSC00035.JPGWant to know the best Valentine’s Day gift I ever received? It was in 1990 when Knitting Daughter was born! šŸ™‚ Can you imagine a more wonderful gift? She continues to be such a blessing to us in so many ways and I love that she has her birthday on Valentine’s Day. It’s so appropriate for this sweetheart! She hasn’t opened her gifts yet – we’ll do that at dinner. But I can tell you what her favorite gift will be. Can you keep a secret? Shhhh. She’s getting a beautiful “created in honor of Julia” colorway, called “Sweet Jules”. I think I have already shared in here that Yarn Pirate is her favorite yarn, and Georgia created this in Knitting Daughter’s favorite colors. I can’t wait for her to see it! I’ll show you a photo of the new colorway on Friday, after she has seen it. (And now I have to make sure she doesn’t read the blog until after dinner.)

DSC00538.JPGLook at the fun gift that arrived in the mail this week from my Sockret Pal. Isn’t she the best? Wonder Husband just doesn’t get the “swap” thing. “You mean you spend hours and hours knitting socks for someone you don’t even know? And you spend money buying things for them and send them packages …. and you don’t even know them?” Of course last night he got home from work and saw this fun package on the table and said, “Oh, that’s cool!” so maybe he gets it now. Maybe I’ll have to sign him up for the next exchange. šŸ™‚ Want to know something weird? I have had the Knit Picks catalog by my computer for over a week, with a sticky note on the front to order the Chart Keeper – and just haven’t done it yet. What arrived in this wonderful package? The Chart Keeper from Knit Picks. Amazing. Thank you, thank you, Sockret Pal!

A little bit of shop newsCherry Tree Hill is coming out with a DK weight in their Supersock. For those of you who like knitting with a heavier yarn – and love Cherry Tree Hill’s tight twist – I think you’ll really like this. We anticipate getting this in the first or second week of March. You’ll notice that we have also added a huge stash of Fleece Artist back in this morning. There are “old favorites” as well as new colors. I found several in that order that are going into my stash. Coming in the next couple of days, a big order of Lorna’s Laces, including the new colors and solids. (It’s here, and in the process of being photo-ed.) Brand new this week – Yarn Pirate’s amazing BFL yarn (Bluefaced Leicester) in her best-selling semi-solid colors. I ordered as much as she could spare (she’s only letting a couple of us have this line) and we will continue to get more. I know you’ll love it. There are new colorways of her merino/tencel on their way to us right now, including Sweet Jules! Watch for that up next week. I also added new Zelda bags in their new spring line of fabrics. So new, that several of them don’t even have photos to go with them – just the fabric swatch. But I have the completed, gorgeous bags here, ready to ship out to your house. Don’t you need to buy yourself a nice Valentine’s gift today? šŸ™‚ DSC00539.JPGAnd finally, more of the Crystal Palace Panda Cotton came in. (Still some on backorder, so we will continue to add to this line.) I am working on a sock with this yarn and just love how it is knitting up. I’m using the Faded Jeans colorway and this is being knit on size 1’s with 60 stitches. Since I wear a size 11 shoe, you can see that there is plenty of yarn in two skeins for a pair of socks. (I’m using Wildhorse Farm Savannah Socks pattern. It’s going to be one of my new favorites.)

On order – well, pretty much everything! More Interlacements, more Scarlet Fleece, even more Lorna’s Laces and some new fun lines as well. We aim to keep you happy and motivated in your sock knitting, so check back often. We’re always up to something around here!

Sheri andaveryHappyValentine’sDayandhugstoallofyoufromallofusatTheLoopyEwe!


  1. When you do get to read the blog finally… Happy Happy Birthday Knitting Daughter! Valentines Day is the one holiday that would be cool to have for a birthday I think. So much love floating around. :>)

  2. I agree with Michelle, what a cool birthday to have! My brother and I were both born on Mother’s Day, in different years and on different days! (Because it moves around the calendar.) I think that is really cool. She was playing badminton, trying to get me to hurry up (I was no. 5) and I guess it worked!

    Very happy birthday to knitting daughter, and no doubt she will go totally nuts when she sees her name on the YP label!

  3. Awwww! Such a sweet post. Happy birthday knitting daughter!

    Did someone say more FA?? I gotta go lock up my wallet……..and DK CTH??? Hooboy. Cannot wait.

  4. I think I know what colorway is your daughters and I love it. I cannot wait to order some. Happy 17th birthday Julia! They grow up way to fast.

  5. happy birthday julia!!!! i wish your mom let you have your presents this morning…i am excited for you to see your special colorway. maybe someday i’ll have a cool daughter like you šŸ™‚

  6. Happy 17th Birthday Julia! I can’t wait to see your new YP colorway. Hopefully your mom will post a picture of you opening this special gift. Hope the Loopy Ewe family has a great day!!

  7. Happy Birthday Knitting Daughter and Happy Valentine’s Day to the rest of the Loopy Family (including Zoe and Casey of course)! What an awesome gift – to have a colorway named after you – I can’t wait to see it! And what a great day to have a Birthday. My little brother’s birthday is on July 4th and mine is July 5th so that’s “our” holiday – Ha! Having a birthday on a holiday makes it all the more fun with even more reason to celebrate – Have a great day!

  8. Here’s wishing Knitting Daughter a Happy Birthday! What a cool mom to have a special colorway named and made especially for you!! Have a great day!!

    My own birthday is coming up soon and I’ve strongly encouraged my mom to come over here and shop for me! I hope she takes my advice! In the mean time, I might just have to do some shopping of my own…

  9. My college daughter’s birthday is New Year’s Eve!
    Having a birthday on a holiday Just makes it even more special, doesn’t it?
    Happy Birthday Julia!

  10. Happy, Happy Birthday Knitting Daughter! I finally called your mom this morning and she is a joy to talk to. You are lucky to have such wonderful parents. I love the photo on today’s post — of you and College Boy. Have fun at your birthday dinner tonight AND with your special present! I can’t wait to see the colorway.

  11. A very happy birthday to your knitting daughter and a Happy Valentine’s Day to all. I also, am very fond of the Yarn Pirate and can’t wait to see the (Sweet Jules) and other new colorways!

  12. A Very Happy Birthday to Julia….and a Happy Valentine’s Day to you Sheri and your beautiful family!

    Yeah, snow in Massachusetts today…so I got to stay home and play with all my new yarn from you!


  13. Happy Birthday Knitting Daughter and Happy Valentine’s Day to the rest of the Loopy family! My son was almost born on Valentine’s Day in 1982, but he just wouldn’t cooperate (I tried really hard to get him here on the 14th, don’t even ask how…..) but a Feb 15 birthday is almost as good…He will be 25 tomorrow, gosh, where do the years go?

    Have a wonderful birthday/Valentine’s Day celebration today!

  14. Happy Birthday Knitting Daughter and Happy Valentines Day to everyone in the Loopy Family.
    New yarns, oh no wallet watch out šŸ™‚ specially because of the new LL colors. My daughter is drooling over a few of them already. At least she only needs one hank to make socks for her little feet. šŸ™‚
    I wonder how much longer it will be before I’m teaching her to knit. She’ll be 6 here in a few weeks. šŸ™‚

  15. Happy Birthday Julia! Ah, to be 17 again…

    Fab gifts from your secret pal! And the new socks are very cute. Isn’t the Savannah pattern fun?! Can’t wait to see the new Sweet Jules colorway.

    Happy Valentine’s Day to WH, College Boy, Knitting Daughter, Zoe and Casey, and to you Sheri!

  16. What an awesome gift….Julia’s very own colorway in Yarn Pirate!!!! Lucky girl! I’m glad you’ll be getting more Interlacements in….I’ve been eyeing it for a while now and I will have to get some quick this time!

  17. Happy Birthday Knitting Daughter Julia! Wish I could get my daughter to enjoy knitting as much as I do. Can’t wait to see the new color. As for the rest of you new things…I just will not (i.e. can’t currently afford to!) look!

    Like Sarah, I too would like to know how you got your Sockret Pal. It sounds like so much fun…

  18. happy birthday knitting daughter and happy valentine’s to my favorite online business, the loopy ewe and family. look forward to seeing “sweet jules” yarn on friday. happy knitting.

  19. Happy Bday KD!!

    And what a super sweet swap pal you have *jealous* I really want that chart keeper too. Of course I want everything, we’ve been over this.

    *heart* the YP BFL… picked myself up some Celery and my first ever order of Fleece Artist… can’t wait!

  20. I was born on my grandmother’s birthday 03/03 she always told me I was the BEST Birthday present she ever had. We always celebrated our Birthday together, and although she has been gone many years I still feel like she is with me especially on our Birthday. I’m sure Knitting Daughter will be able to feel all of the Happy Birthday thoughts sent to her today.

  21. Happy birthday to the Knitting Daughter, and Happy Valentine’s Day to the whole Loopy crew!

    I’m excited about the Cherry Tree Hill DK yarn AND the BFL.

  22. Happy Valentine’s Day! I bet you can guess this is my favorite holiday of all Glad I got to celebrate by scoring that GORGEOUS pink Yarn Pirate yarn. It will be a shawl for me. Perfect Valentines day gift Sheri, You Rock!

  23. Happy Birthday knitting daughter, And Happy Valentines to you and to the rest of the family. Still haven’t tried those cookies yet but I will when we get shoveled and thawed out enough to get to the grocery. Looking forward to seeing the special yarn.

  24. happy birthday knitting daughter. wow, that makes her 17, right?

    and thanks for telling us what you’re doing with your panda sock yarn. i’ve been contemplating how to do it, since it’s a little different than regular wool sock yarn. i s uppose my other question at this point is how much negative ease do you figure in? unfortunately, the SIL wears the same size as me (7) so your size 11 measurements won’t really work, lol. but i figure the fudge factor (how appropriate for valentine’s day!) will work in there, since this IS stretchy stuff.

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