A Three Things Post

Well, I have done a Four Things post before, so this is a three things post. 🙂

Three questions I have been hearing from you:

1. Are you going to have the new Opal Rainforest Collection? YES! I happened to be on the computer when the email came through that Rainforest was ready for ordering, and I responded in about 2 seconds. We will have it up as soon as we get it in.

2. Are you going to carry Apple Laine yarns? YES! A couple of you have been after me for awhile on this line, and then after Wonderful Wendy blogged about it last week, even more of you emailed about it. Our order is on its way from Canada and we will get it up as soon as it comes in.

DSC00489.JPG3. Who is your next new indie-dyer going to be? YES! (oh, wait. I am getting carried away.) Our newest indie dyer is …. still a secret. But I am completely nuts over her yarn. I have my first sock almost done and I am even going to finish the second sock pretty quickly because I love it so much! Does anyone want to guess who it is? Her colors are vibrant and amazing, and I love the yarn base. Plus – her skeins all come with a Swarovski crystal stitch marker to match the yarn. We anticipate this in the end of February!

Three new yarn lines arriving in the next week or two:1. J-Knits 2. Scarlet Fleece 3. Apple Laine

DSC00514.JPGThree of my favorite new things this week:

1. This adorable bunny named “Em” who arrived from Julie in the UK. Julie knits these and sells them here, but you have to be lucky enough to be there when she puts them up. (You can ask to be on her email list. I’m just warning you, I want a monkey next, so don’t beat me out of that one!!)

2. The new Bees Knees patterns that arrived yesterday. Adorable childrens’ sweaters that are knit out of self-patterning sock yarns and solids. (Try Jigsaw, Regia, Online Euro, and Opal self-striping yarns for these!)

3. The new shipping label system that Wonder Husband found online and College Boy/Web Guy set up on the website. It cuts my “printing mailing labels” time by about 75% and that means I can fill more orders for you more quickly! 🙂 (Well maybe it just means I can start getting to bed earlier and not be up printing labels so late.)

Three MORE yarn orders arriving in the next week or two:

1. Crystal Palace Panda Cotton (contains no wool – you have been asking for this!)
2. Yarn Pirate solid colors in a wonderful BFL yarn base
3. All Things Heather in her regular sock base (solids and mixed)

Three things I’m currently knitting:

1. My Frank socks. Sock #1 is done, sock #2 is 1/2 done. (But remember – the Loopy Q1 Challenge runs through the end of March. I have time.) Then I was waylaid this weekend by ….
2. That new yarn pictured above. I HAD to knit it up. Sock #1 is almost done. Pictures later. (And as Loopy friend Josiane points out, “Who says your Frank socks have to match?” Good point. Maybe I’ll wear one of each.)
3. My log cabin blanket. I’m finding the long strips are not nearly as much fun to knit as the short ones were.

Three big re-stock orders arriving in February:

1. Lornas Laces (regular colorways, brand new colorways, and lots of great new solids)
2. Fleece Artist (her regular yarn base, plus some fun kits)
3. Sweet Georgia (the “chefs surprise orders begin – watch for unique colorways!)

Three of your favorite things back in stock as of today:

1. Sock Blocker Keychains by the awesome Debbie
2. Loopy, Louise and Bart Stitchmarkers by the incredible Katie
3. StitchKeepers by the wonderful Rollie

Three animal facts for the day:
1. Zoe’s favorite daytime napping place is in a suitcase in the basement.
2. My UPS man brings Casey a dog treat every time he delivers a package. Casey can hear the truck coming a mile away.
3. Last fall I was so ticked off at the squirrels who kept eating off of the birdfeeders that I banged the window to scare them off and …. um …. broke it. How did I break the news to WH? “Honey? The good news is that I scared the squirrels away.”

Now – what three things would you like to tell me today? 🙂

Sheri justfinishedaPeppermintMocha,lestyouthinkIhadforgottenaboutthose


  1. No three things to tell……but three questions:

    1. How crazy would it make me to place three orders in two weeks?

    2. How crazy would it make me to place more than that, since if I gotta wait and place one order when they’re all in stock, others will have snatched them up?

    3. How come I buy all this stuff when I KNOW I don’t knit five pairs of socks every week?? How come you keep stocking all this stuff knowing the same thing?? You’re no fair.

    Oh, and about that indie dyer (and I KNOW I know who it is, and I can’t place it….too much yarn in the world!)……END OF FEBRUARY??? You’re gonna torture us with the not-knowing until the END of FEBRUARY???? Wicked, wicked yarn lady!

  2. My three things:

    I HAVE placed three orders in one week, followed by two orders the next week, then two orders the following week…

    I shop at The Loopy Ewe using the following guideline: get it now, or you don’t get it. Miss out on one yarn you really want and, well, see above.

    My Frank socks are finished.

  3. here are 3 things:

    1. i am getting a huge box of merino/tencel yarn today. it’s from a new source. it’s a true fingering weight, and i am one of two people who will be selling it in this country! (the one i was using before was closer to a dk weight)

    2. we have forced air heat that comes out of vents in the wall along the floor. the cat has recently discovered this and spends most of the day on his side with his belly smooshed up against the vent. i kind of wish i could do it too.

    3. I’m dyeing up the BFL for The Loopy Ewe later this afternoon! It will be in the mail soon 🙂

  4. I have started a Flickr group for Loopies. There needs to more time in the day to knit. And MDS&W will be here in a few months!!!!

  5. Alyson, there is nothing wrong with placing multiple orders in a short time. Nothing at all. Others might have an issue but they can get over it.

    Georgia, the kitty sounds smart. And I will patiently wait for the new yarns.. Yummy, new yarns……

  6. oooohhh I KNOW who the new indie dyer is! I’m not sure if you want it spoiled for everyone, so I won’t say. 😉

    Three things for you

    1. I am cranky, cranky, cranky today, but the prospect of going home and working on some socks in my Yarn Pirate I ordered from you is keeping me from being TOO cranky!

    2. SO EXCITED about the Panda Cotton! And the Apple Laine! ANNNNND the Scarlet Fleece! WHEEEEE!

    3. I finished some socks in Sweet Georgia Fondant and I’ll post pics to the Loopy Ewe gallery soon.

  7. My three things:

    1. I am a handbag ho.
    2. I bought a totally outrageous new handbag today.
    3. L-B thinks I am completely off my rocker for buying the totally outrageous new handbag and is starting to question the foundations of our friendship. (As in: “Remind me: how is it possible that we are friends?”)

  8. 3 things?

    Well, I’m knitting several different pairs of socks, mostly for myself & daughters, but also friends … and knitting for friends, while gratifying, isn’t nearly as much fun for me as knitting whacky new socks for myself & daughters.

    I have two large cedar chests full of nothing but sock yarn and am trying to make a dent in it … so why do all these new great yarns keep being offered to me that I MUST HAVE?!!

    In the eight months since I learned to knit socks, I’ve completed 23 pairs, mostly as Christmas gifts. How many pair can I actually complete in one year?

  9. I think I know who the new indie dyer is, too!

    1. I’m stuck here at work until 7 pm tonight.

    2. I forgot to bring my knitting with me this morning.

    3. I am not a happy camper.

  10. My three things:
    1. Wendy is a total handbag ho.
    2. Wendy bought a totally outrageous (in many respects) new handbag today.
    3. I AM questioning the foundations of our friendship. Oh, yeah. We have knitting in common. 🙂

  11. 3 things hmm….

    1. YAY! I bought my first purchase from Looopy Ewe! I ordered Zen String in Purple Eater. I cant wait because I LOVE purple!

    2. I hope that I can grab up some of the new dyer’s yarn with that wonderful matching stitch marker. I can’t wait until Feb!

    3. I am almost done with my first sock, ever. I have never tried to knit socks so I am trying Wendy’s (from wendy Knits!) generic toe-up sock pattern. When I get the hang of it I will make socks with the Zen string and post some pictures.

    I can say that The Loopy Ewe is going to get me into trouble! Is is normal for my husband to not understand why I want, no need, to buy more yarn?

    Have a great day everyone!

  12. My Three Things….

    1. I can’t wait for the Panda Cotton to arrive….

    2. I can’t wait for the new indie dyer and the swarowski stitch marker

    3. I can’t wait to get home and knit with my Schaefer Lola Apple Pie….this yarn is the “bomb”


  13. Three Things:

    1. I just received my first Apple Pie yarn in a sock of the month kit and LOVE it! I’m so excited that you’re going to be stocking it.

    2. I never heard of Scarlet Fleece until just now, and I’m zipping off to Google it.

    3. I’m finished with one and a half of my Martha socks, and, frankly, I can’t wait to get back to my usual Frank socks. Martha’s are boring.

  14. Hmmmmm…..three things:

    1. My toy poodle Zeus (yeah I know, it’s a big name for a little dog….he needs it) goes completely crazy when my husband pulls into the driveway. He runs around in circles whining till hubby walks through the door.

    2. If the dogs don’t come when I call them, my cat Skitz will bite them on the hind quarters to get them moving. Isn’t she so helpful. : )

    3. Can’t wait for my order to get here with my CTH, Schaefer Anne, and Loopy, Louise and Bart stitchmarkers.

  15. My three things:

    1. Rock and Gem show comes to St Louis Feb 16-18th (has excellent jewelry)
    2. I’m going to Maryland Sheep and Wool with my best friend this year!
    3. Got that raise I was hoping for today. Now where’s that sock yarn…

  16. Three things:

    1.Now both the children want cashmere!

    2.Hubby wants cashmere for his hmm… manly feet!

    3.I can’t wait to join the three orders in a week club!

    It’s 25F but feels like 6F and the three of them are playing outside. I guess they do need cashmere!

  17. 1. I’m sleepy.
    2. I would love to buy some of the new yarn coming in, if I didn’t have to pay the bills…=( I console myself only by reminding myself that I have enough yarn for 30 pairs of socks when I only plan to knit 12 this year.
    3. I make my own version of a peppermint mocha at work. Coffee, hot chocolate mix, a little cream, and a “thank you” mint. =D

  18. 1. I’ve started a sock in my CTH Foxy Lady colorway I got from you a couple of weeks ago
    2. My husband is very busy at work this time of year and never remembers Valentine’s Day. But that’s good for me as I usually place an order and say “thank you” when it arrives.
    3. This year my Valentine’s will be more sock yarn:) Just need to decide what I really need. 🙂

  19. My three things:
    1. I can’t believe you are going to make us wait until the end of February to find out the name of the yarn dyer! Thank goodness February is the shortest month of the year!!!!!
    2. I am looking forward to my latest order arriving from you…that yummy red and dark brown yarn.
    3. Apple Laine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have looked at it on-line for several months but haven’t bought any. I will now. Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. 1. i love you and your website.
    2. i love all the different yarns you have and that you specialize in sock yarn.
    3. i did a sneak peek of the crystal palace panda cotton yarn and will have to have some just as soon as i see it here. i absolutely love pandas too. oops, that was a fourth thing. ( :

  21. My three things:
    1. I’m praying for a snow day tomorrow (Snow in Mississippi? The weatherpeople say it may happen)
    2. I’m addicted to White Peppermint Mochas from Starbucks (Sweety Starbucks goodness yummmmm…)
    3. I’m racing my sister to see which of us can knit the most pairs of socks in January and Febuary (the loser has to knit the winner a pair of socks).

  22. My three things;
    1. I filed my income taxes. I should get my return direct deposited in about 2 weeks. Yeah, me!

    2. I’m cranky because my new yarn swift arrived broken and had to be sent back.

    3. I know who the new Indie dyer is!

  23. 1. I started knitting 14 months ago and my first project was a pair of socks on DPNs.

    2. Since then, I’ve knit 22 pairs of socks, 3 sweaters, two Fair Isle hats and half of a scarf. The scarf is my least favorite thing so far.

    3. Considering the amount of sock yarn I have and the rate at which I am accumulating more, there is NO WAY I will ever knit it all.

  24. 1. I’m in the middle of my busy season at work and this year its even busier as I am also covering for a co-worker who is out on short term disability. Its making me tired and cutting into my knitting time…

    2. I’m excited to see the loopy stitch markers are back in stock…must order a set…

    3. Must learn to knit faster to keep up with all the sock yarn I’m going to be purchasing in the coming weeks…but February is my birthday month, so I see many presents to myself in the near future…Apple Laine, All Things Heather, Fleece Artist, Sweet Georgia, not to mention more Claudia – MUST HAVE IT!!!

  25. I broke our window when I was mad at our dogs for barking at the neighbors the same way. It has a lovely crack in it now. Thank goodness I didn’t hit hard enough to break it!

  26. 1. What an awesome postman!

    2. I’m really excited about the Fleece Artist “fun kits.” If those are what I think they, thank you so much, Sheri. 🙂 You just made my day.

    3. I just love Julie’s bunnies. So, so sweet.

  27. 1. Have to learn to get my chores done faster so I can knit all day. I am supposed to be retired but moved to a farm. Now i work harder than ever but am happier than ever.

    2. Have to take sometime and spin the pounds and pounds of fiber I have all over the place.Just can’t stop knitting those socks.

    3. Have to spend some time knitting baby blankets for my friends twin grandchildren who are on the way. Need to knit them socks too. But I knit all my socks on 2 round needs and knit both socks at the same time. I actually hate using double pointed needles. They slow me down.

  28. 1. I went to the post office to pick up my new sock yarn and–suprise!–my aunt in Alaska had sent me a birthday present of more sock yarn! It’s lovely wool & soy fiber handdyed yarn from rabbit ridge designs (never heard of it till now but I’ll let you know how it knits up!) I have it by my desk now and am petting it now and then because it’s so soft and pretty. 🙂

    2. My mom just complained to me that it’s cold in Oregon and she’s taken to wearing the socks I knitted her every day, with less-warm socks inside so they don’t get dirty. Obviously, I need to knit my mom some more socks (I sent her another pair a couple days ago, but that’s still just two pairs).

    3. I just can’t take Martha socks. I tried! But they’re so boring! My fiance’s enormous-plain-charcoal-grey socks just about killed me, and the Lorna’s Laces sandridge? It’s pretty, but….somehow I just keep starting new Frank socks instead of knitting the second one of the pair. (I’m going to try telling myself they’re for my mother and it’s my daughterly duty to knit the second one.)

  29. I read your blog last every day because the next stop I make is Loopy Ewe to see what’s new and whine to myself to knit faster so I can buy more yarn!

    I’m addicted to anything colorful, just like a magpie but shiny works too which is why I hope you get in some more Celtic Swan DPNs in Bronze please.

    I know who your next indie dyer is because I have two of the stitch markers, hence, two skeins of her yarn in my stash


  30. 1. My family is getting tired of having rice and beans three times a week to support my
    yarn habit….. (Sheri, do you have any rice and bean recipes?)

    2. I have been to Starbucks twice today for a Peppermint Mocha because it is COLD here
    in Texas (o’kay, they eat rice and beans to support my Starbucks habit too……)

    3. I am considering requesting a limit increase on my credit card in anticipation of the
    new yarns coming in February…..;-)

  31. 1, I started knitting again after reading Stephanie’s books and blog, she makes me laugh, I am also worried that mistakes are contagious after her mitt disaster i too managed one.
    2. I work weird hours, 11-11 as a Nurse Practitioner in the emergency room, now you know why I got into the sock club.
    3. My newest posh yarn arrived, should have ordered more!

  32. 1. I missed Black Bart again. DANG!
    2. I am sooo paycheck-to-paycheck right now and still wondering how I can swing a yarn order. Thinking I may need YA (Yarn Anonymous).
    3. I love my kitties Jake and BooBoo beyond reason. Jake sleeps with me at night and I can’t sleep good if he’s not there. He’s a Sphynx (hairless) and loves being under the covers right up against mommy in the crook of my arm.

  33. 1. I am home sick…more time to knit after going to the doctor this morning. But logged on to see what is new this morning. My cat Caroline (long i, she’s a tortoise cat and has a peach line running down the center of her face.) loves it when I log on the computer….I’ll have to put Zoe as my screen saver.
    2. I just placed an order and will be in the Loopy Groupie Club 🙂
    3. I am addicted to Sheri’s blog and The Loopy Ewe! Such great service and friendship, that I keep placing orders. (Now if I’d just start knitting everything, I could order more). I can’t wait for the new yarns coming in February. I collect Swarovski Crystals…so I know I’ll be placing another order.

  34. 1. Working on my Jaywalker in Fondant
    2. Can’t wait to see who the new dyer is!
    3. What is the Loopy Groupie Club???? Perhaps I need to be a member!

    : )

  35. 1. I finished my first fleece artist sock in the Midnight Colorway. I’m trying so hard not to buy more yarn until I finish the second one.

    2. The problem with the above goal is that i’m THRILLED you’re re-stocking fleece artist yarn, because i am drawn like a moth to a woolen flame to all of her colorways.

    3. It’s very likely that I will cave.

  36. Question for any of you making the Log Cabin blanket out of sock yarns. I am making one out of leftovers but so far have only Sport weight in it. Trouble is I have lots more fingering weight leftovers. Seeking advice from any who have been down this road. Should I…
    1. Make a Sport weight blankie AND a separet fingering weight one?
    2. Mix fingering weight in with Sport using a single strand of each like normal? Will it look all wacko and stretch oddly?
    3. Mix fingering weight in and double strand it? (Not my fav option but it may have to be.)

    Thanks for any advice.

  37. First: I don’t know what’s next: a sweater? Socks? Hot water bottle cozy?
    second: I HAVE to finish two quilts first!
    Third: I wish I could win the lotto to buy more yarn!!! hahahahaha

  38. 1. I know who the new dyer is.

    2. I just got my order of sock yarn from Loopy ewe in the mail last night and I can’t wait to knit it up.

    3. It’s my birthday in three days and I am going to treat myself to a truck load of new yarns, a cup of cocoa, and a whole day to sit and knit in front of the tv without anyone bothering me. I can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday.

  39. I know, I know, I know who is the new Indie Dyer. You gave it away when you mentioned the Swarovski crystal stitch marker. I have ordered some of her wonderful sock yarn before. I love these Indie Dyer ladies and had searched them out on my own before you came along and brought them into my life. Great catch!
    I also looooove Apple Laine yarns.

    Gosh, I didn’t realize I had until the end of March for Frank’s and Martha’s. I guess I don’t have an exuse, so I must go to my stash and select something to knit.

    Ummmm, let me think…three things:

    1. I love it when my cat, Jake comes up on my lap and wants to be held in my arms like a baby.

    2. I love the smell and aura of a bookstore. I literally can set or roam the aisles for hours upon end.

    3. I love the color, feel, aura, the everything of a yarn shop. Now in a yarn shop I could live. However, to have the yarn around me and to feel it working through my fingers creating something that has beautiful color. I think this is the reason I have such a stash or should I say collection of colors.

    Animal Facts For The Day:

    1. When I get up every morning Jake (my cat) leads me out to the kitchen.

    2. He moved his water bowl off his food mat twice today. (why..?)

    3. After he’s done with throwing his mouse in the air and then going after it, he thinks it needs a bath and then takes it and drops it into his water bowl.


  40. Let’s see, three things…
    1. There are no Starbucks in Italy. Sad but true.
    2. I don’t have a cat (my husband is allergic to them) but we do have a very sweet—though huge—Newfoundland dog. Who purrs.
    3. I’m see I’m not the only one placing get-it-before-it’s-gone-even-if-it’s-your-third-this-month orders—but it’s so much fun ordering from the Loopy Ewe, how can you resist?

  41. I too have broken a window by smacking it – in my case the dog was driving me nuts. He has a little separation anxiety. I found out the hard way that my house’s doors still have “real” glass and not safety glass. I was lucky not to cut my arm off.

    Interestingly, 5 years or so later (just last month as it happens) I came home and the window was broken (cracked but no holes). I didn’t do it. Luckily they replaced it with safety glass.

    Notice this long boring post has prevented me from ordering more yarn. 2008 will be here soon!

  42. Three things…hmmm.
    1) WH won an international/national award at work.
    2) I can eat an entire medium pizza and drink have a bottle of wine and still frog a gansey.
    and 3.) I am running outta room for my sock yarn….teacups are full and the neighbors laugh if I use yarn in the dead air space between the windows.
    Now excuse me while I finish my order….LOL!

  43. 1. I got my prize yesterday.

    2. I am in AWE. this is a prize? i’ve had worse secret pal packages! and lantern moon needles? everybody at my S&B threatened to steal them!

    3. I posted it on my blog. you seriously rock, woman!

  44. 1. I think I might become a Martha after I finish this Sweet Georgia Yarn Coffee Bean pair of socks. They are gorgeous so far can’t wait to wear them.

    2. None of my kids are born in the same state.

    3. I can’t seem to let myself order any Posh Yarn for some reason but I keep looking at the Cherry Tree Hill.

  45. 1) I finished two pairs of Cascade Fixation socks this week. One pair was started last Thursday and finished on Tuesday. The other pair was started at least two years ago, then I lost the pattern. I found the pattern on the internet on Monday, then I finished the pair on Tuesday (one was done, and the other was done down to the gusset…I could have finished them years ago, but I couldn’t deconstruct the lace pattern to finish!).

    2) I have ordered WAY too much yarn from Sheri and from two other indie-sock-yarn sellers recently. A skein of Cherry Tree Hill yarn that’s been aging in my stash for at least four years leapt out and guilted me into starting socks with it before I dive into any of the shiny new yarns I’ve bought recently. I’m knitting that skein in a lace pattern just to make it feel loved.

    3) I was going to order the Loopy markers and am sad that they’re all gone. I wonder if Sheri would be willing to set up a waiting list for them. I love the idea of sheepy stitch markers so much that I may pull out the Fimo collection this weekend and try to make some! I have a gorgeous lampworked glass sheepy bead on a necklace that can watch over me while I try to make them.

    Sheri, the speed with which you get orders out and to customers is mind-boggling! I get yarny happiness on my doorstep in three days! [I my awesome mailman, too. Nicest guy.] Love what you carry, love the care that goes into the packing. Love all my new yarns.

  46. Three things:

    #1: Can you ever have enough money to buy all the yarns that you want? I am thinking no because…

    #2: I have recently been on a drooling and making a list binge and have LOTS that I want. I have been really good for a long time now (I think I last purchased in November)

    #3: I think that absolutely beautiful yarn that you are pimping there is from Perchance to knit and if so, I REALLY want that colourway. Even if not, I will still buy that colourway

  47. My three things:
    I#1. want the Loopy, Sister Louise and Bart stitchmarkers but missed them. If you set up a waiting list add me to it.

    #2. I have placed three orders in about a weeks time.

    #3. I still have yet to knit my first complete pair of socks but am addicted to the yummy sock yarns.

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