Favorite Knitting Place and a CONTEST!

DSC00060.JPGIn my last post I mentioned that Knitting Daughter and I would be spending the day knitting and watching movies on Friday. It was a great day! We packed some Loopy orders, then headed to Starbucks for my favorite Pumpkin Spice latte (how much longer is Pumpkin Spice available?). Finally, we settled in for some knitting. It got me to wondering about all of YOU. Who is your favorite knitting partner? And where is your favorite place to sit and knit? Here’s my favorite place – this comfortable recliner in our family room. Since we have two, Knitting Daughter gets to sit in the other one. Frequently, the cat is perched on the back of my chair, watching the birds at the birdfeeder outside this window. (In another post I’ll have to tell you about the squirrels at the birdfeeder…..)

DSC00059.JPGKnitting Daughter has been working on these great purple socks out of Jigsaw. It’s a fun self-striping yarn and purple is her favorite color. She is almost done with the twin to this, except for a bit of frogging that she decided she needed to do last night. Heels are her most unfavorite part of socks. Other than that, she’s a sock addict and already has several other balls of yarn picked out for future socks.

DSC00057.JPGI worked on a few things. I knitted these fingerless gloves (the pattern – Fetching – is on Knitty.com) out of Schaefer Lola. I used Lola for my Sock Wars socks and totally fell in love with it. Knits up fast and I love the feel and texture. Of course the gloves don’t take much yarn, so I’m using the rest of the ball to make a pretty lacey scarf. (Yes, I too, thought I was done making scarves. But I will like having one to match my gloves and the lacey bit of pattern makes it more interesting. I also knitted up a new yarn that I love. DSC00058.JPGThis one is called Loopy Blooms from Yarntini! (Do sheep eat flowers? Jessie – from Yarntini – and I decided that at least my Loopy eats flowers – thus, Loopy Blooms was born, our signature colorway from Yarntini. Also patterned after colors on the homepage, but I like the concept of Loopy’s favorite snack even more!) Our Yarntini order will be in the first or second week of December and will include Loopy Blooms. I must say, I haven’t been a big fan of self-striping yarns. It’s fun to watch the colors appear in order, but the variegated yarns always catch my eye first. I may have just changed my own mind. I had so much fun knitting with this Yarntini yarn. I think because the colors are not machine-dyed stripes, but have the beautiful look (color saturation, clarity) of hand-dyed yarns. I have decided that I now like hand-dyed self striping yarns. 🙂 I have more on my list from Yarntini that I want to do. I also worked on another pair of socks this weekend, but it’s from one of our new indie-dyers that I haven’t told you about yet, so I can’t show you that. Her order is not due in until the first week or two of January. No sense getting you excited yet. But you’ll love that line as well! (shhh – and I have a couple more indie-dyer lines to debut in January for you!)

It’s time for my November contest, and this one is so easy. Simply leave a comment telling us 1) where you like to knit, and 2) who you like to knit with. A week from today – next Monday – I will put all entries into a hat and pull one out for a wonderful Loopy Care Package, from me to you! (I’ll email the winner to find out color preferences. Since I love putting together gifts, you know it will be a good one.)

Sheri it’sanotherrainydayhereinSt.LouisIoughttobeknitting


  1. I have a chair that my MIL gifted me when my other one gave out. It’s the only one comfortable enough for me to knit. No one else in my immediate family knits, so I’m left alone to do my thing.

  2. Ooh, new indie dyers! Can’t wait!

    My favorite place to knit is in bed, and my favorite knitting buddy is my cat, Maia. She’s a great helper, holding the yarn for me as I knit. She’s only bitten through the yarn once since she started assisting me!

  3. My favorite places to knit in day time is to sit on the floor and at night in the bed. Usually I had to fight with my cat who try to chew on yarn so while I knit, I need to move the yarn around so he wouldn’t get to it. I guess the best knitting buddy is TV, it makes knitting not so repetitious and knitting makes watch TV bearable.

  4. Favorite place to knit is in the backyard (still trying to figure out how to do it in the hammock!) or in the big red chair. Favorite knitting buddies include my husband, Janelle, and the Knitwits!

  5. My favorite place to knit is on the love seat in my bedroom. I can look out at the evergreen trees (and lots of rain, today), listen to a book on tape, or sometimes turn on the tv. My dog, Buddy, is oftentimes at my feet and sometimes another family member keeps me company if a good show or movie is on.

    I just discovered your website and can’t wait to try some of that gorgeous sock yarn!

  6. My favourite place to knit, is on our comfy green couch here in the living room. It is beside our bay window overlooking the comings and goings of our neighbourhood. Usually my knitting companion is my cat Maggie, she usually creeps up and snoozes on the back of the couch, and occasionally lets me know that she is there by chewing my hair!! If she notices a lot of needle action, she will jump down from the couch, and start to chew on the yarn!! My mom taught me how to knit many years ago, but unfortunately have never had the wonderful experience of being able to knit with her, as she passed away from cancer last year, the same year I took it up again. Ensure that you treat your knitting time with your companion as important, wonderful and irreplacable, as that is what it truly is. Happy Knitting Everyone!! Kirsty.

  7. Good heavens, what a ton of comments! 😀 Well, my favorite place to knit is my own personal knitting corner, courtesy of my beloved husband. Last Christmas, when I really began to look serious about knitting, he gave me the most beautiful comfy chair, very 1930s styling, for the corner of our bedroom. He also gave me a really good lamp, and helped me set it up to be a yarn-infested happy place for me. I’ve got my books, my yarn, baskets of notions & such, and a little place for my drink, and life is just good there. My favorite knitting companion, truthfully, is my much-adored kitty, Tipsy. She keeps my lap warm, never tells me that something won’t fit, and kills errant yarn ends that threaten my life. She’s a good girl.

    Congrats, Sheri, on the good day Friday! Sometimes a really good day makes all the other icky ones totally bearable. 🙂

  8. My favorite place to knit is at a local coffee shop here in town. No kids, no husband, just me, my yarn, a few friends, some good comfy chairs and a great drink!

    My favorite knitting buddy is my friend Landis! Although we were friends before we started knitting, learning together has really drawn us closer. We started knitting about a year ago and quickly found that we knit for very different reasons. For me, knitting is all about THE YARN! I just fall in love with the colors and the textures. For Landis, it’s all about learning something new. She is constantly picking out patterns that feature something new for her to try! I am so thankful for our friendship and to have somebody else that “gets it”!

  9. wow, corner of my couch, with all my stuff there.
    companions, are my 2 pups, who are my constant companions, and just sit and love me even when I am cursing and frogging!!

  10. My favourite place to knit is in my hubby’s comfy recliner, but my favourite knitting companions are my group of knitting ladies I meet with every two weeks. We alway have so much fun visiting, knitting, and helping each other.

  11. We have 5 children, so I usually have to hide to find a quiet place to knit. Therefore…we bought a BIG motorhome. We bought it to see the United States, but it’s awesome for knitting. It’s usually parked in the driveway. It’s got two nice leather chairs with footstools. I put the coffee on, and some good music, (usually Hillsong or Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir) and the babysitter tells the kids I’m gone. I call my two best friends and we knit, drink coffee, and laugh a lot!

  12. My favorite place to knit is the left side of the couch–much better than the right side!

    I have one knitting friend that I get together with about once a month; otherwise I go it alone.

  13. Hi Sheri,
    I haven’t forgotten you, my Sockret Pal! I’ll be mailing you a little care package soon! The Pumpkin Spice Latte is my favorite Starbucks drink, too. Imagine how excited I was when a friend gave me a $50 Starbucks Gift Card for my 50th birhday a few weeks ago! My favorite knitting pal is also my DD (when she is home – sigh) and we love watching old movies together. I have a Lazy Boy recliner I like to knit in and I do something which most of my friends think is bizarre…….I knit a couple rows, do a chore, iron a shirt…..repeating this sequence until all my chores are done!

  14. What a great question….

    My fav place to knit is on my family room sofa while watching tv….Sunday afternoons I take a day off and knit while watching football…Go Patriots!

    My fav knitting companion is my Cairn Terrier – Keeper (my son is a socceer goalie – hence the name)….he loves to perch himself on the top cushion right above and snuggle against my back…..my dog is a “yarn snob” he never touches my yarn….but lately his has decided that my expensive wool cakes make a great toy….he howver, DOES not do Acrylic. (had to make 20 scarves in school colors for a local HS field hockey team with my friend….hence the acrylic……That’s my story and I’m stickin to it!


  15. My favorite place to knit is in my living room with my favorite knitting companions. My 7 year old daughter Gwennie, my Dog Desdemona, and my 3 cats, Felix, Loki, and Cuddles. My daughter began knitting about 2 years ago, and she is my favorite knitting companion (but don’t tell the dog and cats! ). She and I love to talk about her latest projects and who they are for, as well as what’s going on in school for her. It’s the most wonderful bonding time for us and I wouldn’t trade it for all the wool in the world!
    I remember hearing the old wives tale about a master knitter placing needles in an infants hands and they would grow up to be great knitters. By no means am I a master knitter, but I placed the needles in her hands as an infant at any rate. She expressed her desire to knit at 5 and has loved it ever since. I am so blessed!

  16. My all time favorite spot to knit is in our second floor family room.I sit on a chocolate -colored ,soft leather chair-and-a-half with matching footstool .My OTT lite is over my shoulder and my little knitting accessories are on the end table.My chair faces an overly large flat screen on the wall (sport nut DH’s)and a floor to ceiling window overlooking our horse pastures.
    My favorite companion is the only loyal family memeber who will sit with me when I knit, no matter what else more interesting things are going on elsewhere in the house ,anytime of day or night,my Burmese cat .He is also chocolate brown so he blends in well with the furniture.
    I like to say he is a trained knitters cat.You can put almost any yarn (not mohair!)in his open mouth and he won’t bite down on it.Troed it with mohair once and he ran off with it.
    I never ,ever seem to win random drawings,so have my fingers crossed knowing how great a Loopy goodie will be!
    Happy knitting to all,

  17. 1) where you like to knit: my favorite place to knit is on my chaise. I like to have my legs stretched out so my knee caps do not lock. I like to keep all my reference books on a little stool next to my chaise, the top of the stool comes out so I can store my project in there to keep the little hands off my knitting.

    2) who you like to knit with: When I can, I like to knit with other friends, but usually I am alone with my kiddos. It is nice when my hubby is around and we can chat while I knit.

  18. I read through your old entries, and I seem to remember that Knitting Daughter wasn’t a sock knitter. I guess you converted her–muahahaha! =)

    I mostly knit in a pink armchair (directly across from the TV), next to which I have parked a brand new Ott Light (Lite?). I don’t have cable or satellite, but I do rent a lot of movies and buy TV shows on DVD to watch (or more like listen to) while I knit. Unfortunately I don’t knit with anyone, although usually my boyfriend will be watching things with me. During the summer/winter breaks when my crafting college friends are home, sometimes we’ll have informal SnBs at Borders or bowling alleys between frames. Hehe.

  19. Hi Everybody!!

    My favorite place to knit is EVERYWHERE. I haven’t found a place yet that I couldn’t count as a favorite(even in the dark during the poweroutages with my little necklace flashlight thingy-very cool). I like to knit by myself, with my students, with strangers(especially if I can get them excited and interested if nothing else in knitting). I always have a pair of socks I am carrying around with me. I knit at my regular job when I can and love all of the people I am with-usually. Once in awhile someone says something incredibly ignorant and I smile, dismiss it and keep on knitting. I took my knitting to get my perm today and she was ready to take out the rods and I told her she had to wait until I finished my round!!! My hair is REALLY curly!!! And, aside from my LYS the Loopy Ewe is my favorite place to buy my sock yarn!

    Must knit now,


  20. I knit at night when the kids are asleep and my fiance is watching boring tv downstairs. My quiet time. I sit by the computer and put my feet up, with podcasts (like cast-on, lime&violet) or audio books (currently Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix) as companions. I would love to have a comfy chair in here, but there’s no space for it.
    I don’t have any knitting buddies, I seem to live in a very non-crafty town.

  21. Hello Sheri!

    My favorite knitting place in the spring, summer and fall here in New England is my balcony. I listen to Brenda Dayne and just knit until my husband has finished preparing dinner. In the winter, it’s on my couch.

    My favorite knitting partner, much like many of the knitters above, is my tiny cat. Although she can be very “helpful”, she will often just sit purr while I knit. It’s very comforting.

  22. My favourite knitting place is in my bed, while watching a movie in my computer. The couch is more comfortable, but the lighting in the living room is not enough for knitting!

    My favourite knitting companion? Well, when I’m at my mother’s, I like knitting near her. She taught me knitting and it is reassuring to knit near her. When I’m not there, I like knitting near loved ones (boyfriend, close friends, family) and also love knitting near cats!

  23. Hey Sherri,

    My favorite place to knit is my chair and I mean MY chair. No one else may sit in my chair if I want to sit in it. They may, if I’m feeling generous, sit in it while I am otherwise occupied.

    Companion you ask? I would have to say Beau, my 4-yr old mixed breed pup, as he is always making me laugh.

    Oh, and sheep eat flowers. Go on, ask me how I know. lol


  24. I love to knit just about anywhere…but you can usually find me in MY chair in our family room. And my favorite knitting partner is my friend, Diane. But since we only knit together occasionally, my most consistent knitting partner is my little maltese, Benjy. He loves to follow me around the house from room to room. So HIS favorite knitting spot is on his cushion…right near to my chair. He curls up and goes to sleep while my fingers are busily knitting away. You know, I should probably knit him a sweater for this winter to say thanks for keeping me company.

  25. The recliner in the living room is my spot while my daughter (when she is home from college) sits on the sofa. We usually put something wonderful on the TV (thank the Lord for TIVO!). It is definitely one of the best times of my life!


  26. My favorite knitting partner is my Mom. She started me out with crochet at age 4, and I have many great memories of being together in the living room and playing or working on my projects while she worked on hers. To this day, my favorite knitting spot is my own living room. I love to knit anywhere I can, as much as I possibly can. But when I really want to snuggle down with my knitting it’s the living room for me; I choose the couch (when the kids are sleeping!) or my husband’s desk, which has the most comfortable chair in the house.

  27. My usual place to knit is in my recliner in front of the TV – it’s comfortable (I often snooze there) and during the few daylight hours I get to sit there I enjoy looking out the big window. But usually it’s evening and quiet and that means the day is over and I’m enjoying a little yarn therapy. Hopefully an offspring is nearby but often it’s just me. Maddy the Lab is asleep under the table and Pumpkin the Cat is trying to curl up in my lap. Bliss!

  28. I enjoy knitting in the living room, where I have a lovely chintz loveseat that I’ve kitted out with my favorite pillows, sunlight bulb light, velvety lap throw (until I finish the darned quilted lap throw that I started last summer) with the view to the the mountain range across the city below. It’s the tail end of fall here in Idaho and when I get home after a 10 hour day at work ,I pop a DVD into the player (no TV), ask Agatha politely to join me and commence to making the socks that I will *NEED* for the winter to come.

    Oh, Agatha, she’s a blond. Short legs, no tail, soft as a bunny and has a butt to match. The lovely Pembroke Welsh Corgi who tells me every day I’m the center of her world. I think it’s because I have thumbs and can get into the cookie jar for her.

    DH is usually in his corner on the computer saving the world, Taffy is usually on the dog bed next to me, snoring gently, although occassionally her Pembroke butt can be found next to me as well, if her highness has determined that I deserve her company.

    In this world, knitting and watching some mindless entertainment with my family, two foot and four foot is about as good as it gets.

    Anna M
    Idaho Falls, Idaho

  29. Happiness is a comfortable seat on the couch, a warm breeze coming in the window, and a stack of Netflix DVDs. Sadly, those warm breezes are few and far between this time of year! I cherish my solo time, so I actually like it better when I’m alone.

  30. My favourite place to knit is EVERYWHERE! I love knitting everywhere I go, and I love the conversations that are started with a curious passerby when I’m knitting in public.

    My favourite knitting partner is my mom. Knitting has brought us closer together, and we’re both thankful for being able to share an interest!

  31. I like to knit in the living room while watching tv. Who with? Oh, just about anyone. Knitters, friends, strangers, and alone while watching tv. It can be a bit difficult to knit and talk on my cell phone at the same time, given the angle my head is slanted at. Time to move to a bluetooth headset, I think!

  32. Hi Sheri,
    My farvorite place to knit is, of course …in the paddock with my sheep. For a whole year they grown the fibers I knit with. Whites, natural colors, and whites I have dyed, fill my needles with the most beautiful fibers anyone can knit with. It is a peaceful place…until my goat Romeo tries to steal my needles or drink my Earl Grey tea. I have learned not to bring cookies into the paddock anymore, but instead, I bring a soft voice and sometimes a song for them…they have worked hard to give me a gift of fleece and noone could appreciate it more.

  33. My favorite knitting spot is in the garden at my parents house on Cape Cod. We have a beautiful deck that looks out on my mom’s rock garden. There is water garden that bubbles nearby. I also like to knit when I take my girls to sailing regatta’s. I get a lot of comments from the other Opti moms and tips on where the best yarn shop are in the neighbor hood.

    I love to knit with my knitting buddies on Thursday nights at a local sandwich shop. It’s fun to see the project they are working on.

    Wayzata, MN

  34. My favorite place to knit is sitting on the love seat in our family room. There I can knit and be with my husband while we watch TV. I have all my knitting in my Green Mountain Knitting Bag (I have 5 of them and they’re all filled with projects). I also love to knit in my sewing/knitting room and with my knitting group at our LYS…it’s great to see what everyone is working on. My favorite people to knit with….my 3 cats Indy, Caroline and Harry-o. They’ve all learned they can sit by me while I knit, but don’t bite the yarn! 🙂 Actually, I love to knit everywhere…you meet lots of people when you bring out your knitting. Kristi

    Newark, Ohio

  35. Wow 85 comments here before mine!! I’ve missed reading blogs lately so am glad I caught this one and your contest, Sheri. I like to knit most anywhere, I really enjoyed it at the hospital last week, I think my grandma would have liked to know I was knitting while I was sitting with her. My most favorite knitting spot is in our living room which is adjacent to our great room where all the computers and TV are, so I can keep an eye on the kids. I like the living room because it tends to be warmer, and the chairs are more comfortable. I now have a recliner and a rocker from grandma. So far the recliner is the most comfortable, and if I get sleepy, well I can just put my feet up, push it back and nap for awhile. I love it when my knitting group comes over, I think they are the best to knit with!! We are 5 moms who homeschool, share book ideas, and just a bit of gossip with our tea, coffee and snacks.

  36. Lately my favorite knitting spot is in bed. I don’t usually knit in bed, but I just started a lace shawl that is too complex to work while visiting with friends or watching TV, so I curl up in bed and work a repeat before I go to sleep. This has the added advantage of motivating me to get to bed — I’m such a night-owl! If my kitty Danielle is snuggled up with me, all the better.

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