Favorite Knitting Place and a CONTEST!

DSC00060.JPGIn my last post I mentioned that Knitting Daughter and I would be spending the day knitting and watching movies on Friday. It was a great day! We packed some Loopy orders, then headed to Starbucks for my favorite Pumpkin Spice latte (how much longer is Pumpkin Spice available?). Finally, we settled in for some knitting. It got me to wondering about all of YOU. Who is your favorite knitting partner? And where is your favorite place to sit and knit? Here’s my favorite place – this comfortable recliner in our family room. Since we have two, Knitting Daughter gets to sit in the other one. Frequently, the cat is perched on the back of my chair, watching the birds at the birdfeeder outside this window. (In another post I’ll have to tell you about the squirrels at the birdfeeder…..)

DSC00059.JPGKnitting Daughter has been working on these great purple socks out of Jigsaw. It’s a fun self-striping yarn and purple is her favorite color. She is almost done with the twin to this, except for a bit of frogging that she decided she needed to do last night. Heels are her most unfavorite part of socks. Other than that, she’s a sock addict and already has several other balls of yarn picked out for future socks.

DSC00057.JPGI worked on a few things. I knitted these fingerless gloves (the pattern – Fetching – is on Knitty.com) out of Schaefer Lola. I used Lola for my Sock Wars socks and totally fell in love with it. Knits up fast and I love the feel and texture. Of course the gloves don’t take much yarn, so I’m using the rest of the ball to make a pretty lacey scarf. (Yes, I too, thought I was done making scarves. But I will like having one to match my gloves and the lacey bit of pattern makes it more interesting. I also knitted up a new yarn that I love. DSC00058.JPGThis one is called Loopy Blooms from Yarntini! (Do sheep eat flowers? Jessie – from Yarntini – and I decided that at least my Loopy eats flowers – thus, Loopy Blooms was born, our signature colorway from Yarntini. Also patterned after colors on the homepage, but I like the concept of Loopy’s favorite snack even more!) Our Yarntini order will be in the first or second week of December and will include Loopy Blooms. I must say, I haven’t been a big fan of self-striping yarns. It’s fun to watch the colors appear in order, but the variegated yarns always catch my eye first. I may have just changed my own mind. I had so much fun knitting with this Yarntini yarn. I think because the colors are not machine-dyed stripes, but have the beautiful look (color saturation, clarity) of hand-dyed yarns. I have decided that I now like hand-dyed self striping yarns. 🙂 I have more on my list from Yarntini that I want to do. I also worked on another pair of socks this weekend, but it’s from one of our new indie-dyers that I haven’t told you about yet, so I can’t show you that. Her order is not due in until the first week or two of January. No sense getting you excited yet. But you’ll love that line as well! (shhh – and I have a couple more indie-dyer lines to debut in January for you!)

It’s time for my November contest, and this one is so easy. Simply leave a comment telling us 1) where you like to knit, and 2) who you like to knit with. A week from today – next Monday – I will put all entries into a hat and pull one out for a wonderful Loopy Care Package, from me to you! (I’ll email the winner to find out color preferences. Since I love putting together gifts, you know it will be a good one.)

Sheri it’sanotherrainydayhereinSt.LouisIoughttobeknitting


  1. I love to knit in my new knitting room on the wonderful comfy couch my husband bought for me. I can sit and look out the windows and watch the leaves turn (although now they are all naked), I can’t wait for it to snow and I can watch the flakes fall while I knit. I have waited all my life for a room just to myself, it feels like such an indulgence, 50 years wasn’t to long to wait.

    My favorite knitting companion is my mother, (no matter how old I get when we sit and knit I am back in Scotland, an 8 year old sitting with my mum and gran and learning how it knit), but since she lives in another country and we only get to knit together a few times a year we both take full advantage of it. She and my dad are coming for Thanksgiving and I am so looking forward to be in the knitting room with her. Knitting, gabbing, tea drinking – makes my cry at this moment to think of it. Mum and dad are not in the best of health, and she asked to come down – she said she needed a break – we will be celebrating Christmas when they are here (I know a month early – but we won’t be going to Canada until after Christmas).
    I am planning on putting a pair of knitted socks on their pillows the first night they are here, along with their complimentary mint.

    When my mum is not here to knit with me my favorite knitting companion is my shih tzu Scotia, we adopted her from a resuce, she had been a puppy mill breeder and even though she was only 3 she was no longer any use to them. We brought her home and it took some for her to trust us, but once she did she and I were inseperable. She loves to lie beside me on couch and nuzzle my wool every now and then to let me know she is there.

    Sheri – thank you for doing this, I didn’t know I would get so emotional writing this, knitting is tied to so many wonderful life memories I have – it brings back smiles and tears.

  2. Isobel’s comment is so touching!

    I usually knit sitting cross-legged on the couch in my living room, surrounded by my two kitties. I love to knit with my knitting group buddies, even though I don’t love the coffeeshop where we meet . It’s a little dingy, and there’s not enough lighting. If you lose a DPN in the couch, the retrieval process is awfully scary. Who knew what digusting mysteries lurked within the coffeeshop sofa?

  3. My favorite knitting spot is on the sofa in the living room, with my yarn snipping, needle biting, project stealing kitties. They are very…er…helpful to the process. My husband always asks lots of questions about stitches, patterns, fibers, etc. He won’t knit though.

    I don’t have knitting buddies (although I do have lots of golfing buddies, ladies who lunch buddies, and one hard core yarn shopping buddy) and had never knit with anyone else until I recently took a class with Brandon Mably.

  4. I love to sit in my easy chair in our family room. It’s right next to a bay window that looks out on our backyard. We have a bird feeder near the window so I can glance up and watch all the birds that feast there. Jacqueline (my cat and favorite knitting companion) loves to watch the birds too!

  5. My favorite place to knit is in my rocking chair in the family room. Currently, I don’t have any knitting buddies, although one of these days I plan to go to the knitting hour at one of the nearby LYS’s.

  6. Sheri,

    If I could have the one place in the world to knit, it would be on the couch in the house that I am housesitting right now. It is perfect sized for two and, though soft and squishy, I dont sink into it. The couch faces the window and looks right over the ocean to the southeast. I see the sun rise in the mornings (about 8am here) and the colours fading in the evenings. My knitting partner is my fiance, Jamie. He sits at the other end of the couch and reads while I knit or we talk about our day. It is nice to have someone who you can just sit with and enjoy their company without talking all the time. When he wants more attention, he finds that this arrangement is also perfect for putting his cold feet on me to warn them up! Not so nice but highly effective.

  7. My absolute favorite place to knit is on the sofa at my lys. Second best is the cushy chairs at Panera Bread. I have a bunch of knitting buddies: Karen, Terri, Margaret, Rosemary, Marji and Shelly are the ones I knit with most. I love the social aspect of knitting with friends. In fact, I didn’t know a single one of these ladies until I started knitting a few years ago.

  8. Sheri,
    I can knit anywhere! I think my favorite place is at the kitchen table. I look out on a yard that the deer think belongs to them. I also have a butterfly bush that attracts not only the butterflies but the hummingbirds. I take a knitting class once a month with my Mother. It is the most fun because our group has been together for three years. With a class of 20 and ranging in age from 17 to 84, there is always lots to discuss. On our Saturday mornings we all can solve the troubles in the world, discuss the new novels, and then there is religion and politics!!! We watch peoples kids graduate, get married, have babies, etc. I have made many knew friends through knitting.

  9. During the winter I like to knit in my recliner in the living room. For the summer time, I love being outside on my covered patio with my laptop playing an old DVD and the breezes blowing. My most attentive knitting companion is my Shih tzu, Lily. She loves to sit with me any time, any where!

  10. Well, my very favorite place to knit is on a comfy couch in a condo in Keystone, Colorado!!! With my dear friend and our two knitting daughters. (Actually, ANYWHERE that the 4 of us can curl up and knit is my VERY FAVORITE location!!!)

  11. My favorite place to knit is in front of the fire at my parents’ house in Michigan. But that’s not usually possible. So I settle for my very comfy lazyboy in a hideous brown corduroy. It’s comfy though!

    And my kitties, Eva and Milo, always want to be my knitting buddies. Most of the time that doesn’t really work though!

    Lately my favorite knitting companion has been the Cast On! or Lime-n-Violet podcasts. They are hilarious and very good at putting me in the mood to stitch.

  12. I usually knit in the family room (and sometimes the kitchen or dining room and the car while waiting for my son to finish at football practice). I do have a room upstairs that’s just for me. Nice recliner (with massager), tv, and all of my sock yarn stash! I love to knit there.

    I don’t have any human knitting buddies, so I usually knit while watching tv or while listening to an audio book. My dog, Pearl, (she’s a pug) will sometimes sit with me when I knit. She likes to chew on yarn, so I have to watch her. The one day, I left my knitting out when I took one of the kids somewhere for some school related event. It occurred to me after we left home what I’d done. I thought she’d chew on the yarn or chew on one of my needles but, when I returned I found Pearl lying next to my knitting, guarding it.

  13. My favorite place to knit is Sunday mornings at Kimball Farm with my local knitting gals. http://www.kimballfarm.com/
    You can’t beat a fabulous group of ladies for company. Second of course is right at home in my recliner with my knitting basket on one side, a table and lamp on the other and a cat in my lap.

  14. I would say either my comfy chair and ottoman, and watching TV with a cup of tea by my side. I usually knit with my boyfriend sitting nearby on the couch. And whenever I get frustrated with my knitting he reminds me that this is supposed to be a fun hobby. Unfortunately, I don’t have any knitting buddies, but my mom knits and we sometimes do it goether. We’re taking a toe-up sock class next week so that wll be fun!

  15. I usually knit at home watching TV with my husband. However, this summer my mother was sick and I often knit at the hospital and it was a great way to ease my nerves.

  16. My favorite knitting spot at home is in my recliner/rocking chair or my glider chair. But, I also knit at work during breaks and in the car, if I’m not driving!! My best buddie while knitting is my cat, Lily. She quite enjoys all the beautiful yarns I have gotten for socks.

  17. My favorite knitting spot is at home with a large Diet Dr. Pepper. I’m not really picky about the place though 🙂 anywhere seems to work fine. I like to knit around my family, but the SitnStitch girls are my favorites to stitch *with*

  18. I love sitting on the leather chair in our living room to knit. My kitty Lily is my knitting buddy and she sits on the top of the chair back keeping an eye on the Golden Retrievers. My other good knitting buddy is my co-worker Billie who I attend a knitting group with twice a month.

  19. My favorite place to knit, for the moment anyway, is in bed, in front of the TV set. I love to watch my Tivoed soaps and work on knitting something soft and beauiful. We’re in the process, though, of turning the extra bedroom into a craft room for me. I’ve got my eye on an extra plush papasan chair that a friend of ours is giving away; I think it would be the PERFECTplace to curl up in a ball and design patterns as well as knit. I can’t wait to find the pefect spot where sun comes in.
    My favorite person to craft with so far has been Andrea (our old live in nanny) but she didn’t knit, she’d crochet along side my knitting; I also taught her little sister to knit, but she never really stuck around long enough to knit with me for any length of time. I’m pretty much a solo knitter, and I do like that, but I think I’d like it even more if I had a group to knit with, unfortunately, the closest knitting group I’ve been able to find is almost 40 minutes each way. Enough, I’m totally babbling now…LOL

  20. I knit anywhere, anytime….but my most favorite is at home, on the couch, with a cat nearby. I’m happy knitting all alone, but love the company of either of my grown daughters, both knitters.

  21. I must confess that my favorite person to knit with is me, myself and I. I find it so relaxing to just sit in my comfy chair and a half, with my favorite mug( a bright cheerful pottery mug with pears and cherries painted on it) of coffee and peace and quiet. I like to knit with my weekly knitting group, but to relax..knitting solo is the way for me.

    But today? I could have been spotted crouched over in my three year old’s Thomas the Train tent knitting away on socks while he played with trains:)

  22. My favourite place to knit is on the futon in the living room, feet on the coffee table and a cat curled up next to me purring merrily. Either that or the Borders Cafe in Brentwood with some friends once a month.

    And to knit with? That would be Rox, my best friend, who I taught how to knit and to spin, who moved to Maryland a few months ago. I miss her terribly, so I’ll be starting another pair of socks for her next month.

  23. Hello! I like to knit while my dear boyfriend plays his video games. I can kibbitz, tickle his feet with an empty sock needle, and laugh at what’s on the screen. We sit together in front of the fireplace in our living room, and when we have a fire going, oh! it’s lovely.

  24. My favorite spot to knit in is my hubby’s red Dodge pick-up. When we travel I can knit and not worry about all the other things I should be doing, like I do when at home. I haven’t had anyone to knit with in over 15 years, but, 15 years ago my favorite knitting partner was my Grandma. She could knit circles around me. She’s lost alot of her sight to age (she was 91 in August) but still likes to hear what I’ve made. We’re 1000 miles apart now but I would still say she was my all time fav. knitting bud, and, well, my only knitting bud.
    Sheri in GA

  25. I love to knit on my “side” of the couch in the living room, with my fiance next to me, and our dog between us. They are the perfect knitting partners, my dog likes to snuggle and keep my feet warm and my fiance loves watching me knit, it fascinates him.

  26. How fun!

    I knit in my leather chair with a footrest and my knitting bag at my feet. My puppies always knit with me, if I put my feet on the floor they will sleep on them, snoring all the while.

  27. I love to knit sitting on my bed watching tv. My favorite knitting partner is my darling daugther. I just taught her how to knit. So sometimes she’ll grab her knitting and join me. We sit, knit and watch movies together. I love the m other daughter time that it gives us.

  28. My favorite spot is on my couch in the family room. I love knitting in the car too, it makes traveling go so much faster. I usually knit alone or while watching tv with my hubby. I love to knit with my girlfriends though, and we try to get together about once a week during school season.

  29. My favorite place to knit is in my bedroom in a big comfy armchair with feet propped up on the matching ottoman. Next to the chair is a bookcase with my knitting books, on the ottoman are my tools and gadgets, and across the room is the shelving unit with the clear plastic bins that house my stash. My husband refers to this corner-situated chair as “the knitting shrine.”

    I have knitting buddies and we meet in cafes. I also knit at my daughters’ swim practices and have trained one sock knitter there. But like Meg above, I find knitting alone most relaxing. I love to listen to books on tape while I knit. And I really love to knit socks and pet my growing stash of sock yarn…

    Karen in MD

  30. My favorite knitting place is my couch. (I can’t knit very well in our recliner because of the arms. Also, I’m short and it’s too big for me to touch the floor). Anyway, cross-legged on the couch is how I usually knit.

    My favorite knitting buddy is my miniature long-hair dachshund, Digory. I am cultivating a new knitting buddy, though, by dragging my friend Becky to yarn stores and showing her treasures from my stash. She’s now knitting dish cloths :o) I have also been talking to some of my friends about starting a knitting group. Since I’m the only knitter, though, I have a bit of teaching to do.

  31. Hi Sheri – thanks for the fun contest! I’ll have to agree with Sheri from GA … my favourite place to knit is in my van. Not because it’s the most comfy but because; with hubby driving and both kids occupied by games or dvds – I know I will have uninterrupted time to concentrate on a couple of rows of my latest project. I don’t really have a knitting partner but I’m usually surrounded by my family so that’s just as good =)

  32. Oh, I just love me a contest.

    So here goes.

    My knitting spot is in the living room on the sofa. I knit with my dog snuggled against my leg and my son on the other side. The dog is affectionately called “Knit dog.” If I’m knitting you can bet he is there:D My son, has been dubbed ‘Click Boy”. He has been trained to “click” my row counter upon my request.

    Teenagers are nice to have around.

  33. I agree with many who have said so above; I love to knit in the car with my husband driving (I don’t). It’s “our” time these days and we have great conversations about life, what we’re up to, what we’re reading or working on or just plain thinking about. We also talk about our passions (yarn, books; his are photography and aviation) and just have fun without many of the stresses of home. (We live in a small NYC apartment).

    I don’t have a knitting partner at the moment (and never have), but being near one I love is what I need.

  34. Just found your shop and blog – so many yummy sock yarns!
    I like to knit wherever I can. Mostly that is the couch or the spinning chair or the train. I can knit complicated stuff on the train cos few people interrupt me. Outdoors is really nice on a mild, sunny day.
    Once a week I get together with some crafty buddies and some of us herbert about sock yarn whilst the others look on in amazement. LOL My usual knitting companion is my husband or the computer – simple knittign goes well with blogreading.

  35. My favorite place to knit is in the car. With all of the traffic in a big metroplex like ours, it isn’t hard to spend hours at a time in the car and so be able to complete many projects. My favorite knitting partners are my daughters. We all love to knit together, laugh at our mistakes, fix each other’s knitting problems and just have fun. We are all knitting obsessed and take our projects everywhere!

  36. I sit in my leather recliner, sometimes with a cat on my lap. Or at the computer, listening to a podcast (like Cast-On). I’m a bit envious of those of you with daughters who knit — I haven’t managed to get mine interested, and now she’s off at college. I do belong to a guild that meets roughly once a month, so I get to knit with other people occasionally.

  37. I can’t really say I have a favorite spot, but I do have a favorite room for knitting. The living room. If I’m watching a dvd, I knit while sitting on my boyfriend’s la-z-boy recliner. If I’m in front of my laptop, I’m on the couch. The lighting is better in that room than it is in the rest of my apartment.

    My knitting buddy’s name is Rachel. Unfortunately, we live about 150 miles apart from one another. She lives in Folsom; I live in San Jose. But we do meet up about three to four times a year to knit together and to go yarn shopping.

  38. My favorite spot is on one end of the sofa, while my DH is in the recliner watching TV or working on Sudoku puzzles, with our chocolate lab stretched out at my feet (usually on them). I don’t have any knitting buddies, but occasionally my 9 year old son curls up next to me and likes to watch me work. He’ll even knit a few stitches once in a while. My daughter hasn’t shown any interest in learning to knit, but maybe my son will!

  39. I like to knit just about anywhere, but my favorite spot is on my couch, with laptop fired up and a good dvd playing. My favorite knit-bud is L-B!!

  40. I’ll knit anywhere (home, car, the occasional work meeting) but I love knitting most with good company, wherever that is. It might be at my monthly knitting group, or at my own home (with a live knitting companion or Cast-On or Bravo television), or elsewhere. My favorite co-knitters are my most obsessive knitting friends, who understand me. 🙂 K Boston & S Austin, you know who you are!

  41. It’s known as the Queen’s Own in our home and it’s an easy chair recliner, where all knitting is accomplished in this home. (I, being the Queen, the only knitter)
    My favourite knitting partner is Ms. Knitingale, but alas, we live very far away from each other, we do quite a bit of knitting together in spirit and *always* have the best of times.

  42. My favorite place to knit is at one of our local coffee shops in San Diego, Rebecca’s. They have a bunch of big chairs and couches to hang out in. The best part is – you can be there ALL day 🙂 I love knitting with my Rebecca’s girls as well as my blogmates (who I don’t get a chance to knit with as much as I’d like).

    Thanks for a great contest!

  43. My favorite place to knit is the big comfy couch with the huge pillows for the back. It is in the living room in front of the TV. Also the coffee table is in front of it, which usually becomes my foot rest. I have my Ott lite beside me and my yarn/pattern on the couch. Under my feet is my sheltie, Buddy, who is my knitting buddy. He really loves to lay on the yarn so I have to be careful that it doesn’t fall on the floor or he will quickly lay on it.

    Since the move, I have found any knitting friends. Back in California, I had a Stitching group that met on Saturdays and Tuesday’s so I could always knit with them. Currently I try to knit everywhere in public, hoping to find some knitting friends. I haven’t given up the search. I know that I’m not the only knitter in this town of 12,000 because they have alot of yarn at Walmart and it always has some of it missing from the shelves. This gives me an idea. I don’t drink coffee but we have a new coffee shop in town. I think I may need to go get some tea and knit.

  44. My favorite spot is my living room couch. I can spread out with everything I need and get very comfy. I have several knitting friends, but also like to knit while watching tv with my boys and they tell me about their day.

  45. Favorite place to knit is the chaise in the bedroom. It’s long enough for me to spread out tools, books/patterns, set up magnetic board for charts and so on. There’s a nice bright light next to it. And I can look out the window across the road to the reservoir when my eyes need a break.

    I find I like to knit alone because I talk too much and lose track of where I am, unless it’s just plain ol’ stockinette or garter stitch.


  46. My favorite place to knit is in a theatre (matinee for extra indulgence) with unsuspecting movie-goers.

    My favorite knitting campanion is my friend heather, especially when we are on her couch with Lucky the dog and Bracket the cat.

  47. I love gardens and trees, birds and bees so my favorite knitting spot is the sofa in the back room of the house that looks into my backyard. I have a wonderful view through the wall of windows and can see a wide arc of grown trees in several yards. Sitting on the sofa with my big DayLite lamp next to me I see climbing rose, Purple Sky Flower, pink Hibiscus, lavendar, mint, basil, rosemary, ferns and peppers. Plus lemon, tangelo and mesquite trees in my own yard, and dozens of others nearby where the birds flit back and forth. It’s like my own personal park. Kitties curl up in front of the big windows, TV tuned to something good on AMC usually and I am set for the night. Arizona has some of the most beautiful sunsets too so dusk is particularly wonderful experience in the knitting room when it fairly glows pink, orange or some days purple. Talk about inspiration with that light and surrounded by my favorite yarns!

    My favorite knitting buddy is Barb. She is bubbly, creative and funny plus is a wonderful quilter so the crafty talk is never ending. Not to mention she is a nice person too. I haven’t known her all that long but I think we are destined to be fast friends. We will commiserate about a stupid pattern and me picking up a dang triangle wrong 3 times, the teensy weensy sized swatch I reeled off thinking I was being so smart, her boss, my work. Then we we talk about the lucious things we want to buy from this place or that, what we could make, when oh WHEN will we fit in our knitting time with the holidays. She doesn’t mind that I call her at 8:00 am and I don’t mind that she calls me at 7:15. Yep, Barb is a keeper. :>)

  48. Love the socks and the new colorways! Yay!
    My favorite place to knit is in my big comfy chair with my best bud Brian watching a movie on his big comfy couch. But please don’t tell my Monday night knitting group! They are the knitters I love to knit with!

  49. I like to sit at my kitchen table while my SO is either puttering in the kitchen (he’s a great cook) or sitting with me. It’s nice to have one glass of wine. I’ve learned the hard way not to have more wine and knit. I frog it the next day:-)

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