WOOPs to WIPs to Done!

Great guesses on the WOOPs projects. Since no one got all three answers right, I drew a name from the five people who got at least two of the three correct and Sandy, you’re the winner! Email me a couple of your favorite colors and your address, and I’ll send out a fun skein of yarn for your next pair of socks. May it quickly become a DONE project, and forever stay out of the WOOPs pile……

DSCF2805.JPGMany guessed the tiny red sock for Loopy. You are correct – but it’s even better than that. I finished both his #3 and #4 socks, so he is now completely shod. Here he is, standing on the “mailing center” in the Loopy Room, happy as can be to have warm feet. These little socks are fun to make. While I was at it, I made them up into kits for free gifts. DSCF2810.JPGIf you have ordered from us, you know that I always include something free when I send you your order. There is a “first order gift”, and a “second order gift” and gifts for orders 3, 4, and 5. Now you know that one of them will be Loopy’s Red Sock Kit. (What would you use it for? I listed several ideas on the pattern card for you.) After your first five orders with us, you’ll continue to get the yarn samples that we include with all orders, as well as our undying love! (And don’t forget that you are always getting Frequent Buyer credits. We’ve already had people earn those, even in our first month of business!) Here is the little red sock on its own. I actually knit this one up just for photographing for the kit, because I had already stretched out the other two new ones by putting them on Loopy’s fat feet. So – I actually completed three red socks this week. But I digress….

DSCF2814.JPGMost of you also guessed that I finished the Baby hat. You are correct – but it’s even better than that. I also finished the cute pair of booties that went with it. (I stuffed them with tissue paper for the photo – they look a little misshapen, don’t they? They’re cuter in person.) Love the way this self-patterning yarn knits up, and the fun circle of color on the top of the hat. This yarn is great for babies as it is a combination of superwash wool, cotton, and nylon for stretch. The pattern for these came from Not Just Socks. Lots of ideas in that book, and it’s twin, Not Just More Socks. These knit up much quicker than the baby blanket that is still on my WOOPs list. I have a feeling that I’ll be doing more of these cute hats/booties for baby gifts and no more baby blankets will have to re-think the baby blanket thing.

DSCF2793.JPGThe last of the three WOOPs that I completed was the green Booga Bag (which only Bev guessed. Several of you thought that I finished one of the two drawstring bags, so maybe those will have to be next on my list). I photographed it before felting and put a dollar bill in the photo so that you could get an idea of how much felting shrinks it. Isn’t felting fun? Although I admit, I may have overly felted it just a bit because I walked off and got involved reading email I was just testing an important felting theory. Or something. Or other. DSCF2804.JPGIf you want to see some great looking felted bags where the knitter did not wander off in the middle of the felting cycle and some cute llama pictures, check out Janice (of the comments section here!) and her blog. Such cute stuff!

Tonight – I’m baking Monster Cookies for College Boy and his friends. It might be a little early for a care package already, but he gave me the go-ahead, so I’m guessing that he’s looking forward to it. Also tonight – more knitting. I’m starting the sock in the mystery purple yarn. Doesn’t anyone have a guess as to which new yarn company this came from? (Minh – you can’t guess!) You’ll love this stuff when we get it in. Keep checking the website, as there is always something fun being added week to week. If you stick with reading the blog, you’ll get the heads-up first.

So did you knit this weekend? And what did you work on?

Sheri tryingnottotasteonecookiefromeachbatchoutoftheoven……


  1. Congratulations to Sandy!
    The wee red socks look great, as do the baby hat and booties, love that yarn! The felted bag is fabulous, love the colours, very nice job there! I also knit up a Market bag, and have felted it, it’s still huge but it’s nice and thick and sturdy, knit a hat out of the bag yarn, and worked on socks. Also started a pair of the fingerless gloves, Fetching, from Knitty, talk about nice and easy to do, they just might be a favourite new gift to make for friends, (I didn’t post a photo of those on recent post but will next post)
    mmmmm, monster cookies???

  2. oooh! i can’t wait to see the “mystery” purple socks!! of course, i already know they’re going to look great 😉

    i looove your mailing room. how cool! i wish i had a room like that. i’d just sit in there all the time.

  3. Wow Sheri,
    How do you get the time to achieve so much in so little time. I am in awe of your business and your blog. It seems that sock knitters have all the luck, so many lovely yarns and patterns. Almost you convince me to try one. I do love the red sock. Do you sell the kit separately?

  4. Okay, you do realize that by mentioning Monster Cookies, you’ve therefore commited yourself to sharing the recipe, right? 😉 Congrats on the finishing, too! The booga bag looks great!

  5. Don’t worry, I won’t spill the beans about the mystery purple yarn 😉

    Loopy is *so* cute, I want one too! By the way, why does Loopy not have eyes? he is sleeping?

  6. Yes, I definitely need to get googly eyes for Loopy. I thought about that a couple of weeks ago and just have not done it. We’ll just say that yes, he is sleeping, for now……

  7. Sheri,

    I received the sock yarn in the mail today and I LOVE the colors you chose for me. Thank you so much! I can’t wait to knit up the socks and send you a photo. Blessings!

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