Top Ten Ways to Sneak in Knitting Time

Here in the U.S. we’re looking at a holiday weekend. Most people have Monday off, which gives us from Friday evening until Monday evening for KNITTING! Well … and family, of course. But here’s the thing about family. Sometimes they expect other things to happen in a weekend. Sometimes they expect houses to get cleaned, laundry to be done, meals to be made, outings to take place, and attention to be paid to them. (go figure) Lest you think that I am the only housecleaner, laundress, cook, and taxi service in our household, let me assure you that I am not. I have trained this family well. But I am always looking for ways to sneak in more knitting time. Thus, in anticipation of a longer-than-normal weekend, I have come up with some ways to insure more time with the knitting sticks. Do feel free to use any of these situations to your own advantage.

1. Plan for your knitting group to meet on Friday night, and announce this “unavoidable commitment” to your family ahead of time. It’s ok if you ARE the knitting group. You can find yourself a corner table at Starbucks, or the library, and knit all night long. I announced to Paul last night, “Julia and I have our knitting group here tonight.” His face was blank. “What knitting group? Where?” I replied, “Our regular knitting group. Here. From 7-10.” Then his eyes narrowed suspiciously, “Who is in the group?” I grinned, “Me and Jules.” We had a fun knitting group time.

2. Get up early on Saturday and announce that you’re going to go get donuts for everyone. They will be so delighted at the prospect, that no one will ever suspect that you sat in the car in the parking lot for a half hour, knitting away, before going in to buy the donuts.

3. Of course you will have “had too many donuts and my stomach is feeling kind of upset” by mid-morning. This is good for another half hour of knitting in the bathroom, which no one will question, given the amount of donuts you ate.

4. In the afternoon, that ol’ headache will pop up (again, easily blamed on the sugar overload from donuts) and you will “have to lie down for a few minutes to nip this in the bud”. If you have hidden your knitting under your pillow ahead of time, it’s good for almost an hour of knitting, depending on how worried your family may be about you. If they’re the insensitive types, you might get in an hour and a half before someone comes to check on you.

5. By evening, you have had such a harrowing day, that no one will begrudge you a couple of hours for knitting. In fact, if you wash all of your makeup off before showing up for dinner, they may just look at you in alarm and insist that you put your feet up and take it easy all night long. (With your knitting, of course.)

6. Everyone knows that Sunday is a day of REST. Can you think of anything more restful than knitting peacefully in the easy chair? This weekend seems like a good time to start enforcing the Sunday Family Rest Day. No chores, no errands, no cooking (well, if you can get away with that) – just rest. And knitting.

7. By mid-afternoon on Sunday, make this announcement to your family: “Hey! You know what would be fun? Let’s order a pizza and have Family Movie Night tonight!” They will assume that you’re doing it all for them and will look forward to an enjoyable evening spent together in the family room. You, will gain several hours of knitting time in the family room.

8. By Monday morning (the holiday), you won’t be able to get away with another donut run. However, it seems like a good time to announce that you have “some serious research to do” and that you need “a few hours of quiet to be able to concentrate” because you have “a project due within the next couple of weeks” and you need to just “buckle down and knock it out”. Then give them all a sad, sad look, and disappear behind the closed bedroom door, promising them that you’ll work as fast as you can and that when you’re done, you’ll all do something fun together. (Remember to put your knitting in their ahead of time. They will get suspicious if you have to come back out and find your knitting bag.)

9. Around lunch time, wander out of your knitting working room, and announce that you’re making good progress on the project, but that you will need to give it a couple more hours to finish up. Hand over some cash so that they can head out to a good movie while you finish up your knitting important work project.

10. By Monday night, you will be ready to get your mind off of the fun weekend and “start thinking about and planning for the week ahead”. Of course you do this best by getting into your knitting zone and meditating upon the week past and the week to come. Make sure that in the course of an hour of knitting, you: wrinkle your eyebrows as you think out a problem, nod and smile as the solution comes to you, say “Hmm…..” once in awhile, and then after an hour, announce, “Ok! I have the whole week planned out!”

Then you might want to suggest a game of Uno or Scrabble. After all, it’s a holiday weekend, meant to be enjoyed with your family, for pete’s sake.

Sheri hopingthatallofyouhaveasafeweekendfulloffamilyfun….andKNITTING!


  1. You are SO amazing and such an inspiration. With all that knitting time you will have this weekend, you should be able to finish ALL of your WOOPs’!!!!! WE all expect to see completed pictures of them all next week in your blog!! Well, I’m off to mow…but the grass is still a little wet, so I guess I’ll knit………..

  2. Thank you and a happy knitting weekend to you! (sounds like it’s all mapped out accordingly). Can’t wait to see the results of the FOPs (WOOPs turned into FOPs) and see who the winner is, it was fun to participate.

  3. I love those ideas. We are going camping, so I’m sure during part of the weekend, my husband will have to take the girls on a hike or something to show them stuff, and well, I’ll be exhausted. So, while they are gone, I’ll have some quality knitting time.

    Oh, and I LOVE the Fleece Artist. I’m going to have to make another trip over to see them in person.


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