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DSCF2735 (rev 0)There are a lot of things that have gone undone in the past few months, because I was just having too much fun doing Loopy things, getting ready for our opening. I wish I was the kind of person who loved working in the garden, but I’m not. I plant things in May because I like the look of flowers and growing vegetables, not because I love the process. (Do you think there are any gardeners out there who would work in exchange for yarn?) This May, I was too busy ordering yarns and contacting people to do anything in the yard. Here is the sad evidence. These pots, are supposed to be filled with bright flowers and positioned on either side of my front porch. They are tucked behind the columns in shame.

DSCF2734 (rev 0)This is my vegetable garden where I usually plant tomatoes and peppers and green beans. This year, I am raising weeds. I saw a sign while out shopping today that said: “Garden of Weeden”. I really should’ve bought it and stuck it in my garden small plot of dirt and weeds.

DSCF2733 (rev 0)Despite my complete lack of effort in planting, look what popped up spontaneously in one pot out on the porch steps. It makes me smile just because it was feisty enough to survive winter in the seed-state, and grow all on its own once warm weather hit. I hope it comes back next year.

DSCF2586 (rev 0)I wish I could say this was on my porch. It is a picture I took in Colorado this summer, where the weather is cool and gorgeous all the time, and the flowers all look like this. I took about a dozen flower pictures. Maybe I could be a gardener if I lived in a different climate. At any rate, I thought a nice picture of flowers would perk this entry up a bit.

Along the lines of “so much I’d rather be doing than working outside in a garden in 100+ weather”, I started another pair of socks. Interestingly, I have come up with my own way of avoiding Second Sock Syndrome. (The one where you don’t want to do the second sock because you already know how the yarn knits up, as shown in the first sock you just finished.) I do one sock, then go on to another sock with a different yarn, and maybe even a third sock – and then I come back to the first one and knit the twin, move on to the second and do the twin, and then hit the third and knit the twin. This seems to work well for me. I still know how the yarn is going to look knit up, but I’m not so bored with using the same colors again when I’ve worked with others in between.

DSCF2755 (rev 0)I finished one sock in Cherry Tree Hill, Java (cuff done in Wildhorse Farm Designs Switchback Socks). I pulled a skein of Java out when I was unpacking all of the Cherry Tree colors, just because I thought the browns and chocolates in there were so pretty. DSCF2754 (rev 0)Now I have started a new sock in Claudia Hand Painted, Donna’s Favorite. I love this springy yarn and the colors in this skein are gorgeous. (It’s also nice to be knitting on size 3 needles, after several pairs of socks on 1’s. These will go together quickly. Maybe I can discipline myself to finish both socks in sequence this time, instead of going back to do a twin of something else. We’ll see.) Zoe wanted to be in this photo, too.

Tomorrow I am off to MN for a long weekend. I have held off officially announcing The Loopy Ewe opening until after I return, because quick shipping and great customer service is so important to us. I didn’t want anyone to order while I was gone and have to wait a few days for their package to be mailed. If you’re like me, you want it the very next day! And while we can’t promise that (unless you live here in St. Louis with me), we can promise that your order will go out within 24-48 hours, M-F. (Truthfully – 99% will go out within 24 hours, but I figured I should give us a LITTLE fudge factor, just in case.) Fudge. That’s what Cherry Tree Hill Java yarn reminds me of.

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