Everything is Loopy Around Here

Welcome to my Loopy Life! (Loopy as in making lots of loops via knitting – not meaning craziness. But come to think of it, that probably fits some days as well….) It has been a lot of fun putting this business together. We started with the idea way back in January, and did a lot of research and praying about it. Should we do it? Should we not? Aren’t our lives busy enough? 🙂 But our love of knitting and our entrepreneurial spirits won out and here you have it – The Loopy Ewe. We’re excited about it and hope you grow to love it as much as we do.

familychristmas.jpgHere we are – that’s my graphic designer husband Paul on the end – he was in charge of coming up with our Loopy logo (the ewe with the red socks) and he has been putting in double time, photographing the yarns and inventory. (He also gets SO much credit for attending the needlework market with me in June, so that he could get a real feel for this new business of ours. He says once in attendance was enough for him. All that fiber, you know.) Danny is next – our college son who did the whole website design, construction, etc. (And my own personal emergency computer-aid person.) He is amazing. I don’t know how he does it. I’m next, wearing the green scarf with yarn from Austria that my daughter finished knitting the day before. I have been in charge of the researching, planning, projecting, ordering, communicating, organizing, and writing. Last in line is our daughter Julia, who is in high school. She is my favorite knitting companion, and has done all kinds of things to help with getting our business up and running. She is the “go to” girl, for sure and she always says “sure!” when we ask for help. Such a sweetheart. So, you can see that this really is a family business, and a labor of love.

Not everyone knows what a ewe is. Isn’t that weird? I called to get phone and fax lines installed in May. I told the gal the business name at the beginning of the call, and spelled “Ewe” out to her. (Because even my daughter thought we were naming it “The Loopy YOU” until she saw it on paper.) At the end of the 10 minute call, the phone gal said, “Ok – to recap – we have a phone line and a fax line going in for you under the name The Loopy ooo-ee.” OOO-EE? Sigh. Obviously not a knitter. I didn’t even bother correcting her. If you’re reading this, you probably totally get the name. Come back often, as I’ll be sharing my loopy life via the blog, and we’ll be adding new yarns, products, tips, and other fun stuff every single week. Our priority is top customer service and inspiring you to find a little extra time in your day for your knitting. Let us know how we do.

Don’t forget to enter our Grand Opening Contest! Send me an email (sheri at theloopyewe.com) with the answers to our six quick questions, and you’ll be entered to win a $75 gift certificate to The Loopy Ewe. We’ll do the drawing on August 15th and will notify YOU if you win! Tell your friends, so that they can enter, too. (Check out our “tell a friend” deal. From now until the end of the year, if you refer a friend to The Loopy Ewe and they place an order with your name as their referral, you will get a $5 Loopy Credit as our thank you!)

Sheri itwasalsofunexplainingthenametomyaccountantandlawyer.notknitterseither.obviously.


  1. Hey Mom, it looks marvelous. If I couldn’t go look at the yarns myself, this would definitely give me the ability to see what the yarns are like!

  2. You rock girl! I have FINALLY found someone who is as crazy about socks as I am. I TOLD my husband that I wasn’t alone. Maybe he’ll now accept it!

    How about some solid colors. I’m a business woman and although I love, and wear my multicolored socks on a regular basis, I NEED (aka-want) some solids to wear to work. I’m also getting a bit burned out with the multicolors. Give me a warm espresso, a charcoal grey, a merlot, a dark chocolate (get the feeling that I’m thinking food and wine here?)

    Now what I’d really like is more time!

    Thanks for all your efforts and great products and for being my muse!


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