Loopy Spotlight: Denise in Wisconsin

DeniseOne of the things we’re doing this year is featuring some of our Loopy Monthly Mixer participants in a blog post, so you can get to know some of our knitters and quilters. This month, I asked Denise (justquiltin on Ravelry) to answer a few questions for us and share a few of her knitting and quilting projects.

Loopy: Hi Denise! We’re glad to have you on the blog today. How long have you been a knitter/crocheter/sewer/quilter, and how did you learn?

Denise: Hi Loopy! I’ve been knitting and sewing for about 45 years.  I learned through 4-H but my mother also used to knit (many mittens to keep four kids hands warm) and she helped me along.  I sewed nearly all my own clothes until I started quilting about 30 years ago and now concentrate on all things quilty.    

Dreambird DeniseLoopy: Your poor mom probably could knit mittens in her sleep after all that! What is your favorite type of project to work on? 

Denise: Quilting – I love doing hand applique.  I also do a lot of simple pieced quilts to just show off gorgeous fabrics since the majority of my quilts these days are donated to women’s shelters – simple designs are quicker to get finished and into the hands of someone who needs it.  Also enjoy using Electric Quilt to design more quilts than I could every possibly make.

On the knitting front – there’s always socks on the needles but after discovering Amy Herzog’s CustomFit program, I’m very much into sweater knitting.  My Mixer knitting project is a CF version of the sweater Turks and Caicos, and there might be a pile of sweater pieces waiting to be seamed into three sweaters.

CowlLoopy: Isn’t Amy’s program great? It’s fun that it has turned you to sweater knitting. Do you have a stash? And if so, do you have any organizing tips for us? 

Denise: Stash – definitely have it  – both fabrics and yarn.  Organization tips?  Well I’m glad you can’t see my sewing room right now – creating things is a messy business. Thankfully there’s a door I can shut when company comes.  My favorite quilty tool organizer is a painted metal container  with divided compartments made to hold gardening tools  – it’s perfect for all the rotary cutters, scissors, pens, pencils, etc.

Deer QuiltYarn is totally unorganized in storage tubs in the closet and under the bed so I am in love with TLE Stash feature so at least I can see some of what I have bought, even if I’m not sure which tub it is in right now. My plan for one of these cold winter weekends is to dump the yarn into a heap on the living room floor and start taking photos to get all of it in my Ravelry Stash and add the storage location.

Loopy: Adding a storage location on stash photos is a great idea, for those of us who have more than one container. I like that. When it comes to mistakes, are you a “no one will notice, leave it in” person or a “I can’t stand knowing it’s there, rip it out” person?

Birds WalkingDenise: It depends on the mistake. My Mixer sweater project has a row or two of  SSK and K2tog  reversed in the lace pattern but it’s going to stay that way.  If anyone is standing that close to me and staring at the lace on my chest so that they notice it, I think I have bigger problems to worry about. 🙂

Loopy: Ha ha! True! What is your favorite finished project?

Denise: Favorite knit is my Leftie scarf. I wear it all time and love all those little leaves of color along the edge.  Favorite quilt – a Camp Loopy 2014 wallhanging called 5 Birds Walking.  I  love the Charley Harper fabrics.

spectraLoopy: I loved that quilt that you did, too. While you work on projects: Movies or audiobooks? Pets on lap or no pets? Coffee or tea? Morning or night?

Denise: Movies – old black and white.  No pets. Coffee, and lots of it.  Definitely night.

Loopy: Are there things you’d still like to learn in your knitting or quilting?

Green GalesDenise: Definitely. Learning new things are what keeps it all interesting.  Knitting –I want to try a brioche.   Also one of  the next projects I plan to start is  Jewel Dragon made up of arc segments  and the construction  looks very interesting.  Quilting – I’m always trying to improve on my machine quilting and trying out new stitch designs.  

Loopy: Wow – that Jewel Dragon. Amazing. What prompted you to join in on the Loopy Monthly Mixers and what do you like about it? 

pillowcasesDenise: I like the flexibility of no set deadlines, being able to use stash if I want, and chose projects large or small and a theme that can be interpreted in so many ways.    Time to knit and sew can be hard to find sometimes (but that day job does buy the yarn and fabric). 🙂  It may not have been wise for me  to start with a  sweater and a queen size quilt tho.

Loopy: Knowing you, I am sure you will get them both done in no time flat. I can never figure out how you get so much done, but it always inspires me. Thanks for being in the spotlight today!

Have a great weekend, everyone- and stay warm and dry if you’re on the east coast. Brrrr.

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