Who’s the Coolest?

loopy-sunglassesSometimes we get samples from imprinting companies, hoping that we’ll place an order for something with our name on it. Last week, we got sunglasses in the mail and a few of the Loopy Elves had fun with them. They wanted to see who looked best (and who got to keep the sunglasses). It was unanimous. We all decided Loopy looks best. He gets to keep them. (Although I think Jody, Cathy and Roberta all look great in them, too.) If you’re following us in Instagram, you saw this last week when we put it up there. We try to find something new to share with you every day on Instagram. Usually just a little peek behind the scenes at Loopy Central.

What else have we been sharing on Instagram?

We showed you the gorgeous Cassidy sweater (by Chic Knits) that Deb made out of Malabrigo Rios:


And Webcam Loopy’s new springtime outfit:


A secret project we’re working on for you:


And photo evidence of Loopy’s fondness for diving into the Tootsie Roll bag (and eating them):


There’s always something fun going on around here! ┬áHave you been doing anything fun at your house this week?

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