The Loopy Ewe Day Camp – August AND Mini Retreat Success!

I think I say something to this effect every time I write something, but I cannot believe we are already mid way through the month. Time sure flies. Today’s post announces The Loopy Ewe Day Camp August twist and talks about our first Loopy Mini Retreat.

It is already time to start thinking about August Day Camp, folks! August will be a 3-skein project. Starting now your purchases are eligible for August camp! The twist this month is summer travel – send a note as to how your summer travel inspires your project and I’ll pop in a cute luggage bag tag! Details on The Loopy Ewe Day Camp can be found from our May 10th Blog post.

The Loopy Ewe Day Camp - tent in the woods with tall evergreens and a fire pit.

As a reminder, Day Camp is a sort of Camp Loopy Lite – you will need to use 3 skeins but there is no yardage requirement.. Busy month? Three skeins of Rasta are fine! Uber ambitious? Three skeins of fingering! Find something travel-inspired and go with it. I can’t wait to hear and see what you all come up with!

One big bummer I realized this past month is that that when folks post to Instagram (even with the all the right tags), if their account is set to private, I will never see it. So. If you posted and I did not ‘like’ your post yet, please send an email to to let me know you’ve completed your project. I am going to ask that people email me their finished projects going forward. I’ll still be checking Instagram just in case, but the sure way to be recognized is an email to

I also just have to share what a treat it was to have Debbie O’Neill teach at our Mini Retreat this past weekend. We are DEFINITELY going to do that again. It was so fun. She taught us all how to design and knit our own color work hats. She shared so many nifty tips and tricks to make each step easier! By the end, everyone had a great start on their hats, and Dawn even finished hers!!!

It was such an amazing opportunity to take time to learn, knit and relax! Food arrived when we were hungry, and Debbie provided plenty of fun stories to keep everyone engaged. I had the joy of getting to know several people I had never met, and learning more about some folks I’ve known for awhile. Thank you to all the participants for being so amazing – and a HUGE thanks to Debbie for her willingness to share her time and knowledge! Finally, thanks to Bob and Luca for food delivery. It was so nice to not have to go out!

I am already looking forward to the next Loopy Ewe Mini-Retreat! Do you have ideas for mini-retreat classes you’d like to attend? Let me know! I’d love to hear your ideas, and maybe use them in an upcoming event.

Kristine and The Loopy Team

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