Malabrigo KAL Yarn Sets

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It’s fun to see many of you joining in on the Malabrigo KAL that starts on April 1! We put together some Yarn Sets for you to consider, if you don’t want to pull your own colors.

Here is a picture of the sets. Click here to order.

Malabrigo KAL The Loopy Ewe

(Note – the pattern – Temperance Shawl – is free on Ravelry, and you’ll need to download that on your own.)

And if you’d like to pull together your own yarn trios, check out all of the colors we have! I pulled just a few together for pictures here.

If you play tic tac toe, you’ll find a few more fun color combos within the grids below!

Malabrigo KAL The Loopy Ewe
Malabrigo KAL The Loopy Ewe
Malabrigo KAL The Loopy Ewe

We have a major snowstorm coming our way this weekend, so if we can’t get in to the shop on Saturday, we’ll be here Monday to ship all of your orders out!

Snow The Loopy Ewe

Have a great weekend –


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  1. love the snow pic. It’s how we all think when the forecasters issue those dire warnings! what would we DO if we ran out of yarn?

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