Merry Monday Sale!

It’s Merry Monday! That means all of our boxes of Wolmeise Nodbody’s Perfect skeins have arrived, so we’re having a re-do of Black Friday. (Merry Monday sounds more fun, doesn’t it?). We just added in:

Wollmeise Nobody Is Perfect in Blend, DK, Pure and Lace

These Nobody Is Perfect skeins are priced 25-30% off regular Wollmeise pricing. The color might differ slightly from the regular colorway of that name, or you could find a knot or two in your skein. Some of the skeins are also overweight (so you are getting even more yardage). All in all – a very good deal! Please note – we also have regularly priced Wollmeise available. If you’re going for the special pricing and special skeins, be sure you’re in the Nobody Is Perfect category!

You’ll notice in the Lace colors, we received new pastel colors in these Nobody is Perfect Lace skeins, and they are beautiful! Soft and subtle, perfect for Spring knitting.

Due to the special pricing on Nobody Is Perfect skeins, Loopy Reward discount coupons aren’t eligible for use on any of this special yarn. 

Wollmeise Blend The Loopy Ewe
Wollmeise DK The Loopy Ewe
Wollmeise Pure The Loopy Ewe
Wollmeise Lace The Loopy Ewe

Uschitita Merino Sock and Merino Singles

We also received a big batch of beautiful yarn from Juergen and Steff at Uschitita! We have it in Merino Sock and Merino Singles. (I bought a Vintage Rug, and it’s all I can do to ignore the Stroopwafel. I want it just because of the name.)

Make sure you check out last Friday’s Designer Spotlight blog, where we interviewed Kelly McClure of Bohoknits. She is the designer of the Sockhead Hat and Cowl, which are great for one skein multicolors, like this beautiul Uschitita, and all of the Wollmeise Pure. And her Pioneer Mitts have been on my to-knit list forever. I know you’ll enjoy reading more about her.

Need some pattern ideas? I showed a lot of Shop Samples and ideas for multi-colored skeins in last week’s Shopping with Sheri Facebook Live video. You can watch the replay if you want to shop virtually and get some ideas!

Uschitita Merino Sock The Loopy Ewe
Uschitita Merino Singles The Loopy Ewe

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

We won’t have an official Monday Update next week, but if we get anything else in, we’ll pop it up online for you.

We will be closed in-store December 24, 25, 26 and January 1. But of course you can shop online any time. We’ll get your orders shipped out as soon as we get back in!

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, with lots of time in there for family fun and knitting, too.

Sheri and The Loopy Elves

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