Malabrigo! (And future Merry Monday …)

I hope you had a wonderful weekend and a blessed Thanksgiving, if you’re in the US. I can hardly believe that tomorrow is December 1st already. (What a weird year.) So our last Monday Update in November, includes one of our favorites (Malabrigo) and more:

1. Malabrigo – lots of Arroyo (a beautiful sport weight superwash, perfect for sweaters), plus a few re-stocks in SockDos TierrasSusurro, and Caprino.

Malabrigo Arroyo The Loopy Ewe

2. We added in Dream in Color Kits on Black Friday and still have a few left. You can pick from Owls or Bunnies, while supplies last!

Dream in Color Bunny Kit The Loopy Ewe

3. Our Mystery Grab Bag Pattern Packs are still available, although we’ve sent lots and lots of them out to you all already! Each pack comes with patterns worth $50+ (and a couple of extra goodies) and we are selling them for just $10 each. We have them grouped in Socks, Wool Applique, Sewing/Quilting, and Wool Applique+Sewing/Quilting. (Misc Knit Packs are sold out) 

Grab a grab bag!

Loopy Grab Bags

4. Merry Monday (to come) – I wanted to let you know that we ordered so many boxes of special Wollmeise yarn to have for you for our Black Friday weekend special this year. Ordered in September. And …. the boxes haven’t checked in anywhere since Frankfurt, weeks ago. So we have no idea where they are at the moment. I know they will eventually arrive, but they did not arrive in time for Black Friday. Once we get them here, we will be hosting a Merry Monday Sale for you! We will have Pure, Lace, DK and Blend, all at special prices. Maybe in December, maybe in January, maybe in February – who knows. But as soon as we get them and photo everything, we will let you know and will add them on their own special Merry Monday Udpate!

Post Office Hostage Note :-(

Our last Yarn Update included: Atenti Bags in OvernightBonnie, and Tall CaddyCascade re-stocks, and George Sichterman Yarn Caddies and Swifts.

Atenti Bags The Loopy Ewe

Thank you so much for your business – we really appreciate you all. Stay safe and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

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