Designer Spotlight: Amy Christoffers

I’m happy to have Amy Christoffers (Savory Knitting) in the Spotlight today, to let you get to know her a little better! I love the textures and details that Amy adds to her designs, and I think they just look fun to knit. I hope you enjoy reading about her. (Pattern links go to Ravelry)

Acer Cardigan Amy Christoffers
Acer Cardigan © Savory Knitting

Loopy: Hi Amy – thanks for being in our Spotlight today! How long have you been a knitter and who taught you to knit?

Amy: Hi Loopy – thanks so much! My mom taught me to crochet when I was very little – maybe 5 or 6. Then my maternal grandmother tried to teach me how to knit when I was 10 but the lesson didn’t go well at all. Eventually I taught myself to knit while I was away at college using books from the library so it has been more than 20 years now.

Digby Hat
Digby Hat © Amy Christoffers

Loopy: I’m glad you didn’t give up on learning how to knit. And it’s a great hobby for a college student! What is your favorite type of item to knit? 

Amy: I love to knit colorwork – any kind of project but specially hats because they’re satisfyingly quick. 

Crows Nest  Amy Christoffers
Crows Nest Cardigan © Amy Christoffers

Loopy: Hats really are great for that. And a wonderful thing to knit for the upcoming gift season. What is the most challenging thing that you have knit to date?

Amy: Socks. They’re not hard to knit, I just can’t get into knitting them so I never end up knitting the second sock.

Gold Rush
Gold Rush Shawl © Amy Christoffers

Loopy: You know, I have Second Sock Syndrome a lot, too. I understand! When did you start designing, and what spurred that interest?

Amy: I started designing for myself from when I was learning to knit because I wasn’t finding patterns for what I wanted to wear. It took me more than 10 years before I started publishing though. 

Larch Amy Christoffers
Larch Cardigan © Savory Knitting

Loopy: I hear that a lot. Seems like so many designers have just always done their own thing with patterns, which leads them into their own design work. Do you have a favorite pattern that you’ve designed?

Amy: My favorite is always whatever I am about to knit next.

Love and Happiness
Love and Happiness © Savory Knitting

Loopy: Me too. New yarn, new pattern, hours of enjoyment! What is your favorite part of your designing? And your not-so-favorite part?

Amy: My favorite part of designing is the planning phase- See above 🙂 My not-so-favorite is the usually somewhere around the second sleeve when my mind starts wandering to what I will start next. 

Lunenburg  Amy Christoffers
Lunenburg Pullover © Amy Christoffers

Loopy: Second Sleeve Syndrome is like Second Sock Syndrome, I think. So you are consistent! Do you have other jobs outside of pattern designing?

Amy: My day job is working full time as the design director for Berroco Inc, which is really a lot less designing then it sounds and very little knitting. I develop the pattern collections for Berroco and work with other members of the design team to get those ideas from concept to samples, I run the photo shoots and then work with the Berroco tech editors and graphic designer to produce the pattern booklets. Designing as part of a team, for a brand is just so completely different then working on my own; so I am really grateful that in my ‘free’ time I can do Savory Knitting patterns which is where I can design for myself still.

Cinnamon Girl
Cinnamon Girl Cardigan © Amy Christoffers

Loopy: I bet you have gotten some great insight into the industry in your position with Berroco. I’m glad you are still motivated to do your own designs, too. Does anyone else in your family knit?

Amy: My husband recently shocked me by expressing interest in knitting himself a hat so I started a simple watch cap for him and have taught him to knit and purl but I’m not sure if the joy of knitting is sinking in for him. We have a kiddo who will be 13 later this month who has no interest in knitting but he does wear hats that I make for him.

Mary Anne Hat  Amy Christoffers
Mary Anne Hat © Savory Knitting

Loopy: I love that your husband wanted to learn. Maybe he just needs more practice to get to the point where it’s relaxing for him. Are there other hobbies that you enjoy?

Amy: Lots of hobbies – I love learning new crafts but I rarely have time/space for that right now. My current favorite is rollerskating which was something I loved as a kid then started again when I turned 40.

Moxie Pullover © Savory Knitting

Loopy: That’s a great hobby, and a great way to get outdoors! What would be your favorite way to spend a day off?

Amy: A perfect day would start with knitting and coffee, then either roller skating or a hike with my family and then more knitting and a movie.

Maxfield  Amy Christoffers
Maxfield Cardigan © Amy Christoffers

Loopy: Ok – last question set: Morning or Night person? Coffee or Tea? English or Continental? Solids or Multicolors? 🙂

Amy: Lightning round! I used to be a night person but since becoming a parent have shifted to early morning. Coffee! The stronger the better, and black or maybe with just a splash of almond milk. Solids… I do enjoy a nice speckle though.

Lazy Jacks
Lazy Jacks Hat © Savory Knitting

Loopy: Thanks for being with us today, Amy!

Amy has set up a special offer of 20% off one pattern of your choice on her Ravelry pattern page, Savory Knitting. The discount code is: Loopyewe and is valid 11/13-20, 2020.

Long Sands  Amy Christoffers
Long Sands Cardigan © Savory Knitting

Everyone has been ordering sweater quantities of yarn this week, and it has me in the mood to knit a sweater with new yarn! (Never mind that I have sweater quantities in my stash. I want new yarn.) If you’re in the same kind of mood, pop over to The Loopy Ewe and order yourself a new Box of Fun and leave us an order note to share what you’re going to knit. We always love knowing!



  1. Thank you so much, Any and Sheri! I love these Designer Spotlight interviews. So interesting and fun! These are lovely patterns.

    1. I love these Designer Spotlights too! I have great admiration for the knitters who consistently design great patterns.
      Larch Cardigan is the pattern that catches my eye!

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