Happy Birthday Loopy!

Happy Birthday Loopy!

August is our anniversary month and Loopy is 14 years old this month – woohoo! We are celebrating with a special anniversary color dyed up by Dream in Color, called Happy Birthday Loopy! It reminds me of buttercream frosting with sprinkles on top. (And now I’m going to need a cupcake.)
We have this new color on Smooshy with Cashmere and City. This would make such a fun sweater, but also a beautiful hat or cowl or mitts. And of course it would be great to mix in with a solid or two for one of Casapinka’s multi-skein projects.
Each skein comes with a heart-shaped wooden Loopy Ewe stitchmarker, our birthday gift to you! 

We’ve also added in:

Malabrigo RiosRastaDos Tierras, and Sock. We’re still waiting for them to get Caprino back in stock again. They had another shipment arrive this week, so we have more Rios on the way again too. Our last Yarn Update included:Uncommon Thread Lush WorstedMerino DKEveryday Singles and Posh FingeringSandnes Garn Smart and Peer Gynt, and Dream in Color’s July Sock It Club

Facebook Live

We won’t have a Facebook Live this week – I’ll be out of town. (Just heading up to visit my folks, two hours away for a couple of days.) But I’ll be back to FB Live next week and have more WIP’s to share with you (for pete’s sake). You can find our past FB Live videos by clicking here. 

Are you all working on your August Camp Loopy projects? I started mine and will share progress with you next week! 



  1. Happy, happy birthday, Loopy! I can’t believe it has been 14 years! I remember all those years ago, when I knew you as “Sheri in St. Louis,” and you told me that you had started a small sock yarn business in a corner of your basement. I’m so happy for your success — you have built such a wonderful Loopy community. xoxo

    1. Thank you Wendy! You were so helpful in spreading the Loopy word back when we started. I can never thank you enough! It is hard to believe that was 14 years ago!

  2. Happy Anniversary!! I’ve popped a skein into my cart to celebrate. Safe travels to your folks. Please be safe.

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