Designer Spotlight: OGE Knitwear Designs

I was looking for some fun handknit baby patterns and came across Vera’s beautiful work with OGE Knitwear Designs. I have decided that these designs are so beautiful and classic, they will be my new go-to whenever I need baby gifts. In fact, I don’t need any baby gifts at the moment and I’m STILL wanting to knit several of these up! I could only share a few of her photos today, but click over on the link below to see all of the beautiful handknit baby patterns she has available. I knew you all would want to know about her, and I’m glad that she agreed to be in today’s Designer Spotlight.

Loopy: Hi Vera! Thank you for being in the spotlight today. Your handknit baby patterns are just so beautiful. How long have you been a knitter, and who taught you to knit?

Vera: Hi Loopy! Self taught, when I found out I was going to be an Aunt for the very first time, waaaaaay back. I was determined to knit my niece or nephew something special.

P167 OGE Knitwear Designs Handknit Baby Patterns
Auberon Sweater P167 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: You sound like a very very good Aunt with a very lucky niece or nephew! What is your favorite type of item to knit?

Vera: Baby and children’s knitwear, and blankets, however the later does take way too long and I am not a terribly patient person.

Loopy: True – blankets take some time. What is the most challenging thing that you have knit to date?

Vera: Hmmm, possibly the very first baby jacket I knitted for my nephew. Took me almost 3 months to complete, and it wasn’t complicated just a huge learning curve for me. How to hold needles, how to cast on, how to cast off, the list goes on and on, and there was no Internet or YouTube video to watch!

P170 OGE Knitwear Designs
Billiberry Blanket P170 – © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: Back then you just had to rely on how-to-knit books. It seems so much easier nowadays! When did you start designing and what spurred that interest?

Vera: I started designing seriously in 2012, prior to that I just dabbled. I would have to say I was spurred along by my daughters and hubby.

P169 OGE Knitwear Designs Handknit Baby Patterns
Winter Rose Cardigan P169 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: It’s so nice to have that family support in what you do. Do you have a favorite pattern that you’ve designed?

Vera: My all time favourite pattern is the first blanket I designed, “Baby Blanket – sure to become an Heirloom, P010”. I was thrilled with the outcome. It has been used as a christening blanket, and this is one blanket that will be passed on through generations to come.

P168 OGE Knitwear Designs
Spruce Cardigan P168 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: Wow. That is so beautiful. It looks like a lot of time put into it, and I’m glad to know that your family will pass it on for generations. What is your favorite part of your designing? And your not-so-favorite part?

Vera: Favourite part is putting together the visuals I have, and seeing them come to fruition, sometimes better than others. I have many designs and sketches that I want to work on, and certainly a mind full of ideas. My most not-so-favourite part is actually typing up the pattern and working on the maths. (I am mathematically challenged). Fortunately there are many tech editors that are proficient in grading.

P158 OGE Knitwear Designs Handknit Baby Patterns
Juniper Sweater P158 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: Yes, thank goodness for those tech editors who actually like math! (I don’t either). Do you have other jobs outside of pattern designing? And do you do this business full time or part time?

Vera: Not anymore. It started out as a hobby on the side, however it has certainly grown into a full time business. I love to keep busy, and keep the mind active. I am passionate about what I do, so I guess when you really enjoy your work, craft, or hobby, it’s not hard work. Also very rewarding, especially when you know you have helped a first time knitter to complete a garment for their own baby or for a gift, and see photos of their beautiful completed work. That to me is the biggest reward any designer could have.

P156 OGE Knitwear Designs
Baby Blanket & Jacket P156 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: That does sound very rewarding. Lots of sweet babies enjoying handknits from loved ones. Does anyone else in your family knit?

Vera: Unfortunately not. My two daughters are incredibly talented artists, one working on fabric designing, a Graphic Designer, and an accomplished artist, mainly acrylics. The other an Interior Designer and also does beautiful fine art pastel portraits. My hubby does fantastic sketches of Australian huts, and my sister is also an accomplished artist.

P144/142 OGE Knitwear Designs Handknit Baby Patterns
Gumnut Set P144/142 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: So much creativity and talent in your family – that’s wonderful! Besides knitting, are there any other hobbies that you enjoy?

Vera: Couldn’t fit any more in (lol)! In my previous life, before designing, I dabbled in decoupage, quilting, ceramics, pottery, macramé … basically anything crafty. These days I seriously don’t have much time for anything as designing, working with test knitters, tech editors, etc etc the list goes on, takes up a lot of my day. I am lucky to have a daughter who helps out with desktopping my patterns, Instagram, and uploading of patterns. She is a little gem. I also have some fantastic test knitters who have a wealth of knowledge and are always happy to help.

P112 OGE Knitwear Designs
Lil’ Rosebud Seamless Dress P112 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: It takes so many people to have a successful business, doesn’t it? I know you are thankful for all of them! What would be your favorite way to spend a day off?

Vera: Taking a scenic drive, stopping for a nice lunch, and going for long walks in the countryside, enjoying nature.

Loopy: That sounds like a wonderful day. Last set of questions: Morning or night person? Coffee or tea? English or Continental? Solids or multicolors?

Vera: Definitely a morning person, I drink both tea and coffee, also like a nice red!! No preference for solids or multicolours, love all yarn, well almost!

P111 OGE Knitwear Designs Handknit Baby Patterns
Aida Top Down Cardigan P111 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Loopy: Anything else you’d like to add?

Vera: For the young designers and knitters coming through, I think the most important thing is to believe in yourself and your craft. If you are passionate about what you are doing, you will succeed. Be prepared for some hiccups along the way and try not to take criticism too personally, you can’t please everyone.

Loopy: Very good advice!

P010 OGE Knitwear Designs
Baby Blanket Heirloom P010 © OGE Knitwear Designs

Vera is offering 20% off of any of the handknit baby patterns pictured here in today’s blog. You can get the discount off of one, or more than one. The code is: OGE082020 and is valid August 21 – 28, 2020. (O as in Olive. Then the rest are zeroes.) So pick something fun, and then pick some new yarn from Loopy to go with it!

Have a great weekend –



  1. I’m loving these and a friend just had a baby girl who of course will need lots o hand knits! Just gorgeous designs.

  2. Thank you so much for this lovely interview and beautiful patterns! I got several to make and put away for the future!!

    1. Hi there – please use the link at the bottom of the blog post, which will take you directly to the designer’s pattern site so you can purchase that!

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