Loopy Pet Legends!

We have been so looking forward to this shipment! (Originally slated here in March, but delayed due to Covid and only one dyer at Dream in Color for all of these months.) It was worth the wait. The colors are gorgeous!

We had hundreds and hundreds of pet submissions and they were all wonderful. How did we ever pick? We tried to pick the same number of cats and dogs, we picked some of the not-cats-and-not-dogs, and we also went for great photos (since we are making up a poster of all of these cuties to display with this beautiful yarn in our shop). We hope to do this again next year, so save your wonderful photos and enter again when the call goes out!

Meet our Class of 2020 Loopy Pet Legends
(and then click over to see their beautiful colorways)

Each of the pet owners sent us a color-inspiration photo (not based on their pets coloring, because we wanted colors outside of the black, tan, cream, orange and white range!). Veronica at Dream in Color took all of the photos and did her interpretation of those colors, turning them into beautiful skeins. These twenty five new Smooshy with Cashmere colors are all exclusive to us here at The Loopy Ewe.

Loopy Pet Legends The Loopy Ewe
Annie, Belle, Bob, Boy, Brodie, Brutus, Callie, Cricket
Draco, Fleur, Gidget, Henry, Ivan, Jakey, Lucie, Lucky, Nala
Loopy Pet Legends The Loopy Ewe
Nick, Otis, Sabrina, Simon, Sisu, Sophie-Anne, Tori, True, Watson

Click here: Loopy Pet Legends to see all of the new Pet Legends colors!

Just a reminder – $2 from each purchase price goes to animal rescue. Half to our local rescues and half to the local rescue of the pets featured. Thank you for supporting this venture and for the animals that this will benefit! 

In other update news – we also added in:

– some new Loopy Legends colors
– re-stocked all of our Cascade bases
– re-stocked those handy Katrinkles info tags to keep with your project bags.

Our last Yarn Update included:

– Magpie Swanky Sock
– Stonehedge Shepherd’s Wool and Crazy,
– Loopy Totes
Miyuki Beads
– The Fibre Company (all of our bases)

Thank you very much for your orders. We so appreciate you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. The pet photos are delightful and the yarn colours are wonderful. The last one, Watson, looks just like our Samwise – right down to the attitude on the face. However, I cannot find a matching yarn colour for Watson. What happened? Is it sold out already?

  2. Sheri, so fantastic seeing the Loopy pet legends! Every pet is a legend to those of us who love them, and the love shared by these beauties spills over into the fun things we’ll knit. This was such an inspired and wonderful idea, glad to know it will happen again next year. Now the hardest part is choosing WHICH yarn, which pet to honor! Thank you for making this happen, a purrfect combo of beloved animals and knitting, what more could anyone want?

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