New Casapinka Kits & Pattern!

A huge thank you to Bronwyn for offering us another free pattern with purchase opportunity! This new pattern is called Hug Shot and it celebrates National Hug Your Pet Day. Bronwyn designed this new shawl as a companion piece to Breathe and Hope, which many of you received last month.

We have added in 20 new kits for Hug Shot. The kits will also work for Breathe and Hope, or any shawl that uses a multicolor skein and a solid skein of fingering weight yarn. Purchase your kits now, and you’ll receive the free pattern code next week. You can also pick out your own two (400 yard each) fingering weight skeins to qualify – just make sure to leave us an order note that you’d like the free pattern code.


– We’re offering this free pattern code for kits (or two 400 yd fingering weight skeins of your choice) purchased from us between May 28th and 5 pm Mountain time on Sunday, June 7th.

– Your pattern code is personalized and can only be used once.

– Your code will not work until June 5th, and will expire at midnight on June 7th. After June 7th, the Hug Shot pattern will be available for purchase on Ravelry at the regular pattern price.

– We will send out codes for qualifying orders through 5 pm Mountain Time, Sunday June 7th. Online orders that arrive to us after 5 pm Mountain Time on Sunday the 7th will not be eligible for a code. 

– We will email you THURSDAY, June 4th with your code. We will also add your code to the order notes in your order. If you don’t receive our email, log into your Loopy account and click on the order number that contains your kit. Check the order notes there for your code.

– If you have any problems with your code, please email us, not Casapinka. Out of all the codes we sent out the last time we did this, only one was truly wonky. 99.9% of them should work without any issues. But let us know if you have any problems with it.

Show us your finishes!

We always have fun putting these kits together, and we received new orders from Dream in Color and Leading Men just in time for using them in these new kits! (The rest of the yarn from these two companies will go up in the Monday Update next week.) As always, we’d love to see pictures of your finished projects with these kits, and we hope you have fun knitting them up.

Thank you so much for your orders and support. We appreciate you!

Take care –

Sheri and the Elves


  1. I bought yarn ( Miss Babs kit) for the Sharon Show. It’s gorgeous. When I printed out the pattern it was about 40 PAGES. I can’t figure it out. Are there TWO ( one beginner, one intermediate). One seems to have 20 pages. One has 5 ( beginner?). I’m frustrated & confused. What is the secret? I am an intermediate knitter. Afraid to start this project.
    Please send HELP.

    1. Hi Ann – I haven’t made the Sharon Show (this blog post was for her pattern Hug Shot), so I haven’t looked at the pattern. You might try contacting Casapinka with your question, or perhaps the team at Miss Babs, since they did kits for it and would have more familiarity with the pattern.

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