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Did you hear about our Camp Loopy 2020 theme yet? We’re all headed to Science Camp this summer!

Loopy donned his lab coat and goggles, has warmed up the Bunsen burners and lined up the test tubes. He is ready to see what knitting concoctions you can come up with for your June Project. Remember – this is a virtual knitting camp, and it’s our tenth year of hosting it. Perfect for staying in, but also for staying connected with knitters all over the world.

We will be sharing monthly challenges for June, July, and August.

Click on this blog post, which gives all of the details. 
You’re welcome to join in for one month, two months, or all three months!

Ideas for the June Challenge

The June challenge includes combining elements to make something new. What does that look like?

You can combine two (or more) different colors together. Here are some ideas –
From The Loopy Ewe website: Edith CowlVictoria HatHouse of Faberge CowlMerida MittensOranssi CowlAlbuquerque SunsetMagical Thinking, and Quindici.
From Ravelry: Jupiter CropRock It TeeThe ShiftOdyssey Shawl, and Breathe and Hope.

Or you can combine two different yarn materials together. (Combine different weights, or combine different bases. Or add a different material like beads to your yarn project, etc.). Here are some ideas – 
From Ravelry: Ashbury Park ShawlImagine When (beads on points), Lily of the Valley ShawlMorningstarCalan Mai (combining two weights plus beads!), Charmayne, and Musicality (with beads).

Or you can combine two different patterns together to make something unique. Like taking the neckline from one sweater and adding it to another. Or the stitch pattern from one thing, and combining it with another pattern. Or the edging from one shawl to add to another. There are so many options with this one!

New Rewards this year

We have a fun new reward for Campers this year, and of course we have a Kids Camp version as well. 

Pop over to this blog post: It’s Camp Loopy Time! There are more details on the challenges, finishes, and dates that you will need to know.
 The Camp Store Week discount ends Tuesday at midnight (but of course you can order Camp supplies any time after that without the discount).

Camp Loopy Summer Chatter

Join in on the Camp Loopy chatter
 via our Facebook Loopy Ewe Knitting Circle or our Ravelry Loopy Groupie group. It has been fun to see what everyone else is going to be working on, starting June 1. You can also watch our Facebook Live videos once or twice a week, where I’ll be sharing my Camp progress.

Get a cute Camp Button in your Camp order

Be sure to leave us an order note indicating which yarn in your order is for Camp. 
We’ll send along one of these cute little Camp pins to add to your project bag.

More Camp Loopy Swag

You might also want to order a Science Camp Bag Tag to help identify the bag as a Camp Loopy project. And if you need a new project bag just for Camp, our Vintage Camp Loopy Bag is pretty cool.

We have lots of fun plans for Camp Loopy this summer. I hope you’ll join us!

Take care –


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