Fantastic Dyetastic (& other things!)

Happy Monday! It’s sunny and in the 70’s here this week. (Remember the snow we had just a week and a half ago? And later this week we’ll be in the 80’s. I love Coloradoa!)

We have lots in the update for you today. Just added in:

Dyetastic Perfectly Sock – You might remember that the last time we had this in, I bought three skeins for myself. (Three. I try not to do that!) It looks like there are three more that I will need (“need”) from this batch, too. Such gorgeous color combos. Sometimes I don’t know what I’m going to do with a yarn (Ok, who am I kidding? MOST of the time I’m not sure), but I just want that beautiful skein in my possession and my stash. I knit this up in a Trillian when I was testing it out. You could also use it for WolkigKnit NightSlipstream CowlSlipstream HatHitchhiker BeyondReynaCharade, and Scylla. Dyetastic has brilliant colors and fun combinations.

Dyetastic The Loopy Ewe

Cascade – we’ve re-stocked all of the things that we could. Cascade is backordered on things for a bit, due to the virus and shutdowns. We’ll get more as soon as we are able.

Needles – same with needles. We re-stocked as many sizes/quantities as our distributor had and will continue to try to get more as they become available. 

Our last Yarn Update included: JulieSpins Cashmere SilkSandnes Garn Peer Gynt and Smart, and Loopy Totes and Project Bags.

Thank you again for your orders, your sweet notes and emails, and your concern for all things Loopy! We continue to be well, love packing up your orders, and appreciate you all so much. Aren’t we lucky to have knitting during this time? Making beautiful things just calms the soul. 

Take care and stay healthy,


P.S. Need some organizing tips for your crafting space? Check out this blog post.

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  1. I believe two skeins of Dyetastic somehow made it to my house last time you had some. I am just now working on the second pair of socks. The yarn is wonderful. However I don’t need any more sock yarn. I said, I don’t need any more…oh who am I kidding. You are wonderful terrible enablers, you are!

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