Loopy Academy Grad School 2nd Semester

For those of you who completed 1st Semester, Congratulations!! We are working on getting all of the photos approved and will be adding in your reward points this month.

Now, it’s on to 2nd Semester assignments! But first, a recap of what this is all about.

We offered Loopy Academy for four years (and you are still welcome to work on the different semesters. Find the info here.) Now it’s time to focus on an area of interest with your knitting, so we have five different majors for you to choose from.

You do not need to have completed Loopy Academy OR Grad School 1st Semester to participate this semester. Just jump in with us!

Step One: Pick your major. Which would you like to focus on?

Step Two: Pick three assignments from your major. (We have listed five options under each major.)

Step Three: Decide on your patterns and order your yarn from us. Leave us an order note that it’s for Loopy Academy Grad School so we know you’re participating.

Step Four: Knit (or crochet) your projects and upload individual photos of each of the completed projects to our Loopy Photo Galleries.

Here are the project options for each major.

If your major is Socks, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a pair of socks using a slipped stitch pattern
* a pair of socks with unusual construction (seamed, grafted, started in the middle, etc)
* a pair of socks knee high or taller
* a pair of socks featuring a colorwork design
* a pair of socks in your own design

If your major is Shawls, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a shawl that includes beads in the body
* a shawl out of laceweight yarn
* a shawl that includes brioche or fisherman’s rib
* a shawl with a colorwork edging
* a shawl featuring your own design

If your major is Sweaters, pick three of these projects to complete this semester (two of the three can be child sweaters if you’d prefer):
* a sweater knit in pieces then seamed together
* a sweater worked top down
* a sweater for spring/summer (either in design or yarn choice)
* a sweater that includes pockets
* a sweater of your own design

If your major is Accessories, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a pair of colorwork mittens
* a cabled scarf
* a pair of felted slippers
* a cowl that starts flat and then joins in the round (like some of Hilary Smith Callis cowls)
* a hat or cowl or mitts or scarf in your own design

If your major is Home, pick three of these projects to complete this semester:
* a Log Cabin blanket
* a set of four mini stuffies (each 100 yards or less)
* a cabled pillow
* a valance that incorporates a lace pattern
* a design of your own, for use in your home

A few more details:

*Your challenge is to complete your three chosen assignments from one category (socks or shawls or sweaters or accessories or home) between January 1 and April 30, 2020.

  • Minimum yardage requirement: 300 yards per project.
  • Photos of each completed project need to be uploaded to our Grad School Photo Gallery by midnight 4/30/20.
  • To qualify for Loopy Graduate Points, the yarn for your projects for first semester needs to be purchased from The Loopy Ewe anytime 1/1/20 through 4/15/20. Points will be awarded during the month of May, 2020.
  • Your projects all need to be completed within one category in the semester. It doesn’t have to be the same category that you did for first semester.

You’ll earn Loopy Reward Points for your total yardage completed during your semester. (You’ll need to notate your yardage in each photo you upload, please.)

You’ll earn 75 points for every 300 yards. So if you complete one 300 yard project during the semester, you’ll earn 75 points. If you complete all of your projects and do a total of 900 yards between all three, you’ll earn 225 points. If you are doing higher yardage projects and use (for example) 2100 yards in your projects during the semester, you’ll earn 525 points. (Limit three Grad Projects per semester per person, because we have to do all of the figuring manually on our end!)

We look forward to watching your finished project photos roll in! Meanwhile, watch for blog posts this semester, highlighting some of the beautiful projects you all did this past semester. Beautiful work!

Please let us know if we can help in any way!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. Hi,
    I do have some questiones About the new requirements, especially the shawl major
    Does mosaic-knitting count as colorwork?
    Can you give an example for colorwork edging?

    1. Hi Mareike! Yes on the Mosaic Knitting. Here are some shawls that have colorwork (which we count as more than one color) along the edge. We are also hoping that some knitters will take one of their favorite shawl patterns and add in colorwork along the edge!






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