Fabric Going (Yarn Growing!)

Quilty Heart Love from The Loopy Ewe

Hello Friends – We have some news for you today. We have loved being a part of the fabric community for seven years. It has brought us much color, inspiration and joy! We’ve made the difficult decision that it’s time to close the fabric side of our business (and expand the yarn side of our business).  

We have been so honored to share in your creative journey as you’ve made quilts, clothes, stuffed animals, and more.  

We think about those of you who had never made a quilt before, and now it’s how you spend much of your time.  

We think about you who weren’t sure how to make what you envisioned and after some guidance, you blew us away with what you did.  

We think about you who brought us so much excitement regarding your craft and what you make.  

These stories are something we will always treasure. 

What we’ve found in the time we’ve carried fabric, is that doing justice to two different (big!) groups of products is difficult. We’d like to go back to being about one thing. We’re going back to our roots and growing our yarn shop. 

We are excited to be able to deepen our connection in the yarn industry and provide a wider variety of options for you in our yarn choices. We will be turning the fabric space into a classroom and many more rows of yarn and accessories in the next several months.

Sale details:

All fabric, Loopy Short Stacks, Loopy Mini Stacks, Precuts, books, patterns, threads, kits, and accessories are 25% off.

Minimum fabric cut is 1/2 yard, and you can take an extra 5% off if you take the whole bolt.

If you’re local, we also have lots of store samples for sale, as well as some of our fixtures.

The sale prices also apply to online orders. We’ll apply the discounts on our end when your order comes through to us. 

We are always inspired by what you create and we are so passionate about the relationships we have with each and every one of you. We love welcoming you all into the Loopy space (digital and physical) and look forward to continuing to do that for many years to come with our yarn shop. (And we still want to see your quilts as you finish them!) 

Sincerely, Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

(All sales final. Sale purchases not eligible for Loopy Reward Points or Loopy Credits.)


  1. Tis a SAD SAD DAY here in the Great North Woods! My one stop shopping days are over!
    Sheri all those wonderful Loopy Academy and Camp Loopy challenges have provided me with the opportunity to improve my skills and challenged me to use my imagination in so many ways I can’t thank you enough!
    With every challenge all the Elves were always there to provide assistance and encouragement with never ending patience!
    Thank You from the bottom of my heart for Seven GREAT years! You will be missed!

    1. Well – we’ll miss seeing your fabric orders come through, but you know we’ll still be here bigger and better for your knitting/yarn needs! 🙂

  2. so sorry to hear this, you have carried such beautiful fabric and designs. but your enthusiasm for all things handmade continues to shine, so we’ll all continue to enjoy the yarn side of TLE!

  3. You brought us much fabric inspiration – many great fabric challenges, fabric camp loopy etc in those seven years. Thank you. Of course the Loopy Ewe fabric projects will continue as I work my way through the Loopy stash amassed in those seven years! Looking forward to seeing what new yarn additions you have in store for us.

  4. Thank you for providing beautiful and fun fabric that nudged me into quilting and challenged me with camp projects. I would never have attempted my Elizabeth Hartman pillows several years ago without that encouragement. Wishing you all the best as you move into new (old!) endeavors!

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