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What’s in your knitting queue for the fall? Here are some of the things that I have on my “knit soon” list:

Colourful Geometry (I’m thinking Uncommon Thread Posh Fingering)
In the Stacks (Malabrigo Arroyo)
Squish (Malabrigo Rios)
Sea Swell Shawl (Wollmeise Pure and/or Twin)

Although I still have to finish my Goldfish Memory (DC Smooshy Cashmere) that matches my favorite tea cup.

Goldfish Memory The Loopy Ewe

And since I cannot wait for the weather to get colder so I can wear my Weekender (Uncommon Lush Worsted) again, it seems like I should make another one of those. You can only wear it so many times in one week ….

The Weekender Lush Worsted The Loopy Ewe

We have a contest winner from last week! Thanks so much for sharing your favorite notions with us. We are sending this fun package to Jennifer in Delaware who said her favorite notions are tape measures, so we included two of them in her prize package. (Jennifer, please email us to confirm your address, and we’ll get this right out to you.)

Blog Contest Prize - The Loopy Ewe

Another Anniversary Contest for you! Share a comment below and tell us what your favorite childhood book was? (Anything you loved up until, let’s say, age 14. So it can be picture books, young kid books, or early teenage books.) We’ll use the random generator to pick a winner next Friday, and we’ll be sending the winner three beautiful knitting books (not kid books!).

I majored in Education and minored in Reading, and taught middle school Remedial Reading in my former life. My favorite class was Kiddie Lit, where we had to read children’s books from different genres. I remembered a favorite book I had growing up, but could not remember the name of it. It was about a doll and a teddy bear that had adventures together. I was so happy when I came across it: The Lonely Doll. So I’ll say that was my favorite book. (Although there were so many others, too.) So what was yours?

The Lonely Doll

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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  1. Fall knitting will be scarves & fingerless gloves sets for Xmas gifts.

    My favorite book as a kid was Betsy, Tacy and Tib by Maud Hart Lovelace. I loved all the Betsy-Tacy books but this was my favorite because the 2 best friends opened their hearts to allow another to join in.

  2. I loved The Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew, The Secret Garden. But probably favorites were Little Women, Little Men and Jo’s Boys. The highlight of a trip to Massachsetts was a visit to Louisa May Alcott’s home

  3. I liked to read all of Laura Ingall Wilder books when I was younger.

    When I saw your picture of The Lonely Doll book I went searching and found my Holiday for Edith and the Bears book!

  4. My favorite was the Secret Garden. Our library had a copy with the loveliest illustrations, and I checked it out so many times. I finally found my own copy of that version in a used book store many years later.

  5. I was an avid reader as a child and devoured books. Favorites are Little Women (I still cry when Beth dies), the Little House Series, Misty of Chincoteague….

  6. My very favorite earliest book was The Littlest Angel – followed by the Bobbsey Twins and the Nancy Drews – and then the Wizard of Oz series!

    1. I read all of the Wizard of Oz books, too! So many people only know the movie. My school library had the complete set. I went to a really good primary school.

  7. My favorite book as a child was “The Playful Little Dog.” It’s a story about the trials of two dogs – a Boston Terrier and a Great Dane. I finally found a copy of an original on Ebay a few years ago.

  8. It was the Beatrix Potter series. I could read those over and over again. All about the animals and how they came to life. I couldn’t get enough.

  9. Hmn, I actually spent a good chunk of my childhood reading mythology books, and the Greek/Roman Pantheon was probably my favorite to read about (followed shortly by Xi You Ji, or “Journey to the West,” and any other stories about Monkey I could get my hands on). I know I read lots of other books, but I don’t remember them nearly as well!

  10. I loved Beverly Cleary’s work – Henry Huggins, Romana, Beezus and Romana, Otis Spofford, Henry and Ribsy, Fifteen… I read whatever our library had available! I loved Fifteen, even though I was probably about 12 when I was reading it! I still dream of one day having a TR3, like the boy did in Fifteen! I loved that Henry Huggins lived in Klickatat Street, because our town used to play Klickatat when my brothers were in High School, so I kind of knew where that name came from. I also really liked Honestly Katie John! Fun reading!

  11. Oh my gosh! “The Lonely Doll”!! Haven’t seen that in forever. My favorite book was Edward Eager’s “Half Magic”. Actually, anything by Edward Eager

  12. The Lonely Doll. Wow, that brings back far far off memories! I read so much. I went back and back to White Horse Summer. King of the Wind, and Sendak’s Nutshell Library.

  13. The Pokey Little Puppy when I was very young. Then The Bobbsey Twins when I learned to read on my own.

  14. It’s almost impossible to pick one favorite book because I love books more than anything! However, if pressured to pick just one it would be “Jane Eyre”. It really touched my heart and I have read it many times and watched all of the PBS versions. My mom gave me her copy and I treasure it.

  15. I loved the Little House books. I grew up in a large city in the east and for the last 35 years I have lived in a log home on 400 acres in the big woods of northern WI. Who knew I would end up living a few hours from Pepin!

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