Knitting With Your Colors

Sometimes it’s hard to figure out what colors go together, and how to combine mixes in a two or three color project when knitting with your colors, don’t you think? We’ve just re-stocked all of our Uncommon Thread bases (Everyday Singles, Posh Fingering, Merino DK and Lush Worsted) and there are so many wonderful choices.

Colors can be sorted into the seasons: Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer. Here are some descriptions to help you categorize colors into their seasons.

Autumn Colors are muted, warm, earthy, and vibrant.

Autumn Knitting with your colors The Loopy Ewe

Winter Colors are clear, cool, jewel, vivid, and deep.

Winter Knitting with your colors The Loopy Ewe

Spring Colors are clear, warm, bright, and light.

Spring knitting with your colors The Loopy Ewe

Summer Colors are muted, cool, watercolors, and harmonious.

Summer Knitting with your colors The Loopy Ewe

In knitting/crocheting, you can mix colors within your color palette because they all go together, or you can pick two colors from your palette and then a POP color from another palette.

Like Sapphire and Cool Charcoal from Winter, with a pop of Mustard from the Autumn palette. 

Teal Blue and Sunshine Yellow from Spring, with a pop of deep Purple from Winter. 

Soft Rose and Soft Blue from Summer, with a pop of Teal from Spring. 

Pumpkin Orange and Mustard Yellow from Autumn, with a pop of hyacinth blue from Summer.

Come in and play with the colors, or pop onto the website and use the Loopy Project Planner to see what you can come up with for those colorwork sweaters, and two and three color shawls. Color combining isn’t difficult, once you start thinking of them within their seasons.

We also added in new colors of Cascade 220 Superwash, re-stocks in Kelmscott Scissors plus a new design (Cat!), more Stonehedge Crazy, and our August Camp Loopy Exclusive from Dream in Color called Pareidolia (dyed up on Smooshy with Cashmere and City, just in time for beautiful fall knitting.)

Our last Yarn Update included: new colors in Cascade 220, Cascade Pure Alpaca, Cascade Ultra Pima and Ultra Pima Paints, The Fibre Company Tundra and Road to China Light, JulieSpins Half Pints, Dream in Color’s August Pop Up, and Loopy Pocket Totes.

Don’t forget to get in our on Blog Contest from last week – we want to know about your pets! Also, take a peek at my August Camp Loopy blocking project.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew 


  1. I’m in the wrong the part of the country for fall foliage. I’d love to go spend a couple days in the bottom right Autumn photo. Not only lovely colors, but a moody and mysterious feeling as well.

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