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Have you heard? Marie Kondo has a new series on Netflix. (That was a joke. Has anyone NOT heard?) You can find the link on her website. This is a show that talks about the method she described in the book she wrote called The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up back in 2014. A book where she asks you to look at each item in your house and ask yourself, “Does it spark joy?”.

Marie encourages people to only have things in their home that spark joy. If something does not bring you joy, should it be taking up space in your home? (Note – I can think of a lot of things that might not spark joy, but might need to be in your home. Like the washer and dryer, the vacuum, those accounting records, etc.) But overall, I think the premise is generally a good one. It’s nice to be surrounded by things that we love and that bring us joy. Which got me thinking about my yarn stash.

How does “spark joy” affect your yarn stash?

  1. It might not affect your stash at all. It all “brings joy” and it all stays.
  2. It might affect some of your stash. The yarn you bought on sale four years ago that you no longer even like. (Truth be told, you didn’t love it when you bought it, but it was on sale…) The yarn you have frogged four times because nothing looked right. The yarn that is not your color but you loved the feel of it. The yarn you bought because your friend was buying some. The yarn you bought in colors you no longer wear very often.
  3. It might affect a great portion of your stash. You’ve switched to different yarn bases or yarn companies. You’ve decided you don’t like the color palette you used to love. You no longer like to knit with acrylic (or wool, or silk, or bamboo). You’ve switched what you like to knit and you don’t need any more socks (or shawls, or sweaters).

Should you even have a stash?

Yes. (I love my stash!) A stash is inspiring and motivational. A stash is great for the times when you need a new project but money is tight. A stash is full of possibilities. A stash definitely brings joy.

In my stash, there are some skeins that I keep on my desk because they make me want to knit. They make me happy.

There are some skeins that I keep out on a bookshelf where I can see them often. They remind me to keep moving forward on my current projects so I can get to those new skeins and new projects.

Then there are skeins that I keep in storage tubs. I love going through them. It’s like having my own yarn shop in my basement. I have weeded out some skeins over the years, because I only want yarn in there that I cannot wait to knit up into a project (and maybe my tastes have changed). I just want to keep beautiful yarn that makes me want to knit with it now!

Should you be buying more yarn?

Oh, please do. 🙂 Colors and styles change, yarn bases change, new dyers come and old dyers go. Adding new things to your stash from time to time keeps it fresh and keeps you inspired. It lets you try out new yarns and companies (your very favorite might still be undiscovered), and I know that a Loopy Box of Fun sparks joy when you open it up. I’ve decided that with some yarns, even just having a skein of it brings me joy (and I’m feeling no guilt if it takes me a year, or ten or twenty to knit it up.)

The bottom line:

Keep what brings you joy.
Use what brings you joy.
Buy what brings you joy.
Stash what brings you joy.
Knit what brings you joy.

Luckily with beautiful yarn, that’s not hard to do.

Sheri whomightneedfewershirtsbutnotfewerskeinsofyarn


  1. Sheri, this is all so so true! the yarn we anticipate knitting always sparks joy as does the finished item we wear with pride. A stash is a wonderful reminder of future joys (and having knitted virtually all of my stash, with just 3 projects in the works, 2 other skeins waiting…I know acquiring a new stash will bring ME joy!)

  2. Well, then, thanks for permission to keep all the joy in my house. Now, can you explain it to my husband? I love my yarn. I love the yarn that I just want to look at and the yarn I want to knit someday. Fiber fills me.

  3. I love the Joy! my stash brings me!

    Your curated collections spark Joy! for me because I dream about possibilities with the yarn in the shop. I can see everything so well with the photos that are carefully posted for each and every color!

    I am so very happy with all the yarn from The Loopy Ewe. Please keep bringing Joy! into my life. My next order is about ready to be released to a BOF to my house.

  4. I adore my stash! Most of it is loveliness from Loopy and I enjoy dreaming about projects I will make with it.

    I highly recommend the book A Stash of One’s Own. It’s a delight!

  5. Are y’all having your fall retreat this year? I can’t find anything about it except that the next time is Fall 2019. Any details.

    1. Not a regular Fall Fling, but we may have a smaller weekend retreat. Will keep you all posted via the blog and our newsletters!

  6. I love this post so much. Thank you, and thank you for always being willing to spark joy with the yarn you send me. 🙂

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