Camp Loopy: Choose Your Own Adventure!

It’s Camp Loopy time again! This year we’re all heading to Cowboy Camp, so git yer boots and bandana and get ready for some fun!

We’ve changed things up this year, and we hope you love the new flexibility! But first things first:

What is Camp Loopy? It’s a virtual camp (that means anyone can participate from all over the world) with challenges and rewards, new friends and finished projects, contests and cool extras. Join us for any month that works in your schedule (or all three months for extra reward points).

Camp Loopy 2018 The Loopy EweNew this year:

  • Pick your yardage each month!
  • Camp Groups on Ravelry stay the same all summer (although you can move from one to the other if you like)
  • Camp Photo Galleries will be based on yardage and will be added to all summer long.

Pick your own yardage: Previously we have had you do 400 yards the first month, 600 yards the second, and 800 yards the third. But we know that our teacher friends have a hard time doing 800 yards in August when they are getting ready to go back into the classroom. They’d prefer the 800 yard project be assigned in June or July. (Although others are on vacation those months and don’t want the extra yardage then.) So we decided to make every month open to your own customizing, as long as you use a minimum of 400 yards in each project (fabric participant info below). And you don’t have to do 600 or 800 yard projects if you don’t want to. You can choose to do three different 400 yard projects for each of the three months! (I suspect some of you will opt for that, and others will choose the 1000+ category each month. Choose your own adventure!) You can also choose to participate for just one or two months – whatever works best for you.

Camp Groups on Ravelry: will be based on yardage groups. So we’ll have Campfire 400, Campfire 600, Campfire 800, and Campfire 1000+. Join whichever group corresponds to the yardage category for your first project. If you do a different yardage for the next month’s project, you can switch to the new Campfire group, or stay in the same one. Totally up to you. (Fabric Campers have their own group – Campfire SAQ – Sewists and Quilters.)

Camp Photo Galleries: will be divided into yardage categories. Camp 400, Camp 600, Camp 800, Camp 1000+, and Camp SAQ. How handy will it be to look up new ideas by yardage category in the future?

As with last year, your finished projects earn you extra points in our Loopy Rewards Store. (We have lots of cool things that you can trade your points in for.) Here is how the point system works (based on following the Camp requirements, listed further below):

Camp Loopy 2018 The Loopy EweFor Knitters/Crocheters each month:

400 yard projects = will earn 100 pts.
600 yard projects =will earn 200 pts.
800 yard projects =will earn 400 pts.
1000+ yard projects =will earn 500 pts.

If you complete a different Camp project in all three months, following the Camp requirements, you’ll also get end-of-the-summer bonus points for being a Triple Challenge Cowboy(girl)!

Triple 400 yd. projects = 300 additional bonus pts.
Triple 600 yd. projects = 450 additional bonus pts.
Triple 800 yd. projects = 600 additional bonus pts.
Triple 1000+ yd. projects = 750 additional bonus pts.

Note – you can also do a combination of different yardage categories in each of the three months. (Like 800 one month, 400 another month, 1000+ another month) – we have a graph to figure out your bonus points for mixed months.

Yarn Challenge for the month of June:

Celebrate your “brand”. Don’t worry – we’re not going to get the irons out to brand anyone…. Pick a project from your favorite designer OR pick a yarn from your favorite yarn company. Minimum yardage requirement: 400 yards, single knit/crochet. (Single knit/crochet meaning not a 200 yard project held double to use up 400 yards.)

Kids Camp – We love it when you involve your kids, grandkids, nieces and nephews in Camp Loopy! Kids can participate with half the yardage requirements (and half the bonus points), in yarn or fabric. Of course they can go all out and do the full requirements for more points, if they wish! If you are ordering for kids on your order, please leave us detailed info in your order notes so we can track their supplies and project completions aside from your own.

Camp Loopy 2018 The Loopy EweFor Sewists/Quilters each month:

2 yard projects = 100 pts.
3.5 yard projects = 200 pts.
5 yard projects = 400 pts.
More than 5 yard projects = 500 pts.

If you complete a different Camp project in all three months, following the Camp requirements, you’ll also get end-of-the-summer bonus points for being a Triple Challenge Cowboy(girl)!

Triple 2 yd. projects = 240 additional bonus pts.
Triple 3.5 yd. projects = 360 additional bonus pts.
Triple 5 yd. projects = 480 additional bonus pts.
Triple over 5 yd. projects = 600 additional bonus pts.

Fabric Challenge for the month of June:

Celebrate your “brand”. Pick a project from your favorite designer OR pick fabrics from your favorite fabric company. Minimum yardage requirement: 2 yards.

Camp Loopy 2018 The Loopy EweFor all Campers – follow the Camp Loopy Rules or the Sheriff might throw you in the Pokey (aka – you won’t earn your points):

Supplies for Camp Loopy must be purchased from The Loopy Ewe during Camp Store Week or later for each month’s project. (These are also the dates when the blog post will go up to reveal the next month’s challenge.)
* May 9th or later for your June project.
* June 11 or later for your July project.
* July 10 or later for your August project.

You can take a 15% discount on the supplies for one Camp project during Camp Store Week dates. (You must leave us an order note telling us which yarn or fabric you’re using for your project, so we know which to take the discount on.) Camp Store Week starts about three weeks before the start date for that next month’s project. Here are the dates for this summer:
* For the June project, Camp Store Week is May 9-16.
* For the July project, Camp Store Week is June 11-18
* For the August project, Camp Store Week is July 10-17
Of course you can still purchase project supplies after these dates, but the discount won’t apply.

Your first project needs to be done between June 1 and June 30. Don’t start early, don’t finish late!

A photo showing the fully completed project needs to be uploaded to our Camp Loopy Photo Gallery by the end of the first day of the following month.
* June’s project photo is due 7/1
* July’s project photo is due 8/1
* August’s project photo is due 9/1.

When you upload your photo, you must leave us a note telling us what pattern you used and what yardage category you worked in. (400, 600, 800, or 1000+ yards for yarn, 2, 3.5, 5, or more than 5 yards for fabric.) If we don’t have that information from you, we’ll default to the 400 yard category (2 yard category for fabric).

Reward points will apply to one project per month (or one yarn plus one fabric project per month, if you do both.) You can complete as many Camp projects as you’d like each month, but the points will just apply to your first one.

Camp Loopy Swag!

As usual, we have Camp T-shirts, Camp Mugs, Campster Project Totes and an awesome Camp colorway (Not My First Rodeo) dyed up by Veronica at Dream in Color. Get them while we have them in stock, as quantities are limited!

We have a Camp Loopy 2018 thread on our Loopy Groupie board, for those pondering different patterns and ideas. That is a great place to ask questions, get clarifications, ask opinions on patterns or yarn, etc. About a week before Camp starts up, we’ll put up the Campfire Groups so you can join whichever one fits with your first project.

We’ll get your Camp orders out as soon as possible. We can’t promise our regular “order by 2 pm Mountain and most ship that same day” motto, but we’ve got extra Elves coming in and will work towards that!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Cowgirls (um, Crew)


  1. If we don’t have a single favorite yarn company, can we do “one of our favorites”? I tend to have different favorites for different types of projects…

    1. You can pick a favorite yarn company OR a favorite designer. (I’d have a hard time picking one favorite yarn brand, too!)

  2. I’ve been on a project diet, waiting for this event specifically! Great theme, too.
    Thanks for all your hard work behind the scenes. I know there’s a lot of planning that goes on to pull if off so nicely.

  3. Love the new format! Questions: Will we be able to earn a free/special color yarn at the end of camp – for those that participate each month? Not sure if they Camp Rewards replace that incentive. Also, do we need to order our monthly yarn for projects from Loopy (during specified times)? Will there be a discount on yarn purchased for Camp projects?

    1. The Loopy Reward Store Points take the place of the free skein of yarn. We figured this way you could choose something fun from the Loopy Reward Store, for all of your hard work! On the monthly projects – you do need to order during the Camp Store Week for each project, monthly. And there is a 15% discount on one project during each of those specified dates (given above in the blog post).

  4. I just ordered yarn for my first project but I see something in the comments about a camp loopy care package. What is that? I don’t see s place to sign up. I’m sure it is here but I’m just not seeing it.

    1. Hi Debbie – The Loopy Camp Care Package was a special we offered for signups in April (and they just shipped on Monday). Those spots are all gone. I’m glad you’re doing Camp with us!

  5. May we use stash yarn purchased st TLE for fun but no credit? I understand if this is not available this summer. Thanks!

  6. This is an exciting new idea! Thank you, Sheri, for all the hard work you put into making our lives so much fun!!! Now I need to decide what my June Camp Loopy project will be!!!

  7. I can’t seem to recall, can we do multiples of an item and count it as one project? Eg, a stack of dishtowels, or a baby sweater with matching hat? Etc? Or all one item?

    1. Also, can you get the bonus points for doing a mix of yarn and fabric? Ex:

      June – yarn
      July – fabric
      August – yarn

      Or does it need to be all yarn or all fabric to get the bonus points?

      1. You can do a mix of things for the monthly points. In order to get the bonus points at the very end (for participating in all 3 months), it would need to be done in the same category – all yarn projects, or all fabric projects.

    2. For knitting, the yardage does need to be all in one item. For fabric, since it’s harder to use 5 yards in one project (outside of a quilt), we do allow multiples – like multiple matching bags, or a top and skirt/pants, etc.

  8. I’m going to do the fabric, and I have it in my cart, but I don’t know if I have to sign up somewhere first. I don’t see any links to sign up. Thank you.

    1. We always have a different challenge each month during camp. Last year they did have to do with patterns. But we mix it up from year to year! This year, the June challenge is to pick your favorite brand – of yarn, or pattern designer. For July we’ll have a different challenge and will list that in the blog then.

  9. For the fabric option, would making two pieces for an outfit count as one project? I’m thinking of doing Luna pants and a Gemma tank by Made by Rae, which would be in the 5 yd range for both pieces combined.

  10. Okay…so I order 2-5 yards of fabric. Do I have to use all of the fabric or can it be a wall hanging? or even something else I have sewn?

    1. You can make anything you’d like, within the “favorite fabric or favorite designer” category! If you order 2 yards and your finished project used the two yards, then you’d get points for the 2 yard category. If you order 5 yards and your finished project used five yards, then you get points for the 5 yard category. You do need to order and use all of the yardage to get the reward points.

    1. No official signup. Be sure to leave us an order note letting us know which yarn is for your Camp project. That way we know what to discount and also that you’re participating in Camp with us.

  11. Hello Fellow Campers! I have gone with a past favorite yarn from Spud & Chloe (sweater) to make the Eria Vest by Julliana Lund. It’s been in my queue on Ravelry for too long! Happy Knitting ahead! Get the Cowboy Coffee ready…

  12. I am glad we can choose our own adventure! I am a slow knitter. Now I participate for the whole summer. Thanks Loopy! 😀

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  14. I have a fabric question.. I know that it has been said before, but I want to make sure that a set of quilted placemats (4 or 6) qualify as one project. And, the fabric count includes the backing as well as the top of each placemat…? I know that I need to place my order today and probably will anyway, but I just want to make sure…

  15. Joining Camp Loopy
    Using Julie spins (Night Wrangler) for Racing Raindrops Scarf
    then using
    Dream in color Jilly Lace w/Cashmere for Sketch Shawl (Gilt)

  16. I ordered a Camp Loopy care kit in April and received it in May. I was planning to use the yarn in it for one of my projects, but reading the yarn purchase requirements, I’m not sure it would qualify. Could you please advise/ confirm?

  17. Where is the photo gallery we are supposed to use to post the photo of our completed projects? I’m trying to get my ducks in a row for when I complete my project.

    1. Hi Laura – I’m glad you’re camping with us! You can add in your photos on your Loopy Account Summary page (where is says “My Photos” in the middle column.) We don’t usually put up the Camp Galleries until about mid-month, but you can add a photo any time and just add a note that it’s for June Camp (or whatever) and we will add it to the proper gallery.

      1. Thanks so much for getting back to me so quickly! This is my first Camp Loopy so I want to be sure I am doing everything correctly. Another question, I am doing a shawl that yardage is under 1000 yards, but I ordered 2 skeins of the yarn from you guys and plan to go over the 1000 yards for the Campfire group. Is it okay if I am making the shawl bigger than the pattern to still qualify under the 1000+ challenge?

        1. Yes, that’s fine. When you upload the photo, just leave us a note that you made it bigger than the pattern called for and used 1000+ yards so we know that you adapted it.

  18. quick question: i purchased 1/2 yards of Ombre confetti. Can i use this yardage for multiple projects? For instance, use 2 yards for a quilt, 2 yards for a bag, etc…as long as it adds up to all the 1/2 yard cuts?

    1. For Camp, the yardage needs to be used in one project (or a set that goes together – like a set of placemats, or a top and pants, etc.) Isn’t that Ombre Confetti gorgeous? I had to get all of the colors myself. 🙂

  19. Camp Loopy REWARD POINT:
    Are Reward Points earned for both the “purchase” of Camp yarn AND for the completion of projects? (That would be unexpected, but very generous of Loopy.)

    When are the reward points earned during Camp Loopy applied? When photo is submitted/approved? At the end of each month? At the end of Camp?

    There was mention of a graph to determine the “End of the Summer Bonus Points” that can be earned for completing all 3 Camp Loopy monthly projects. Has that been published yet or will we see it after Camp Loopy is done for the year?

    1. Hi Jodi – Reward Points are earned on all product purchases at Loopy. With Camp, you also have a chance to earn points for project completion (following all dates, challenges, etc.) We will reward all points at the end of Camp, when we’ve been able to approve all photos (so probably mid September). The chart is just for us internally to refer to when rewarding people who have done projects all three months but in different yardage categories.

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