New Indie Dyer, Camp Loopy Kits, Academy Extras, and More!

First things first. Are you ready for Camp Loopy? It’s just around the corner!

This year, we have put together a cool Camp Loopy Care Package Kit and we’re taking pre-orders on it now. Click here to get yours. These kits will ship out the first week in May, so you’ll get an early fun package to get you ready for Camp. (You don’t have to participate in Camp in order to sign up for the Camp Care Package Kit. Maybe you just need a Care Package in your life at the beginning of May. We can send you one!)


Now – what’s new this week? A lot! We have added in:

New indie dyer: Black Elephant Petra dyes this beautiful yarn up in the UK and we were delighted to add it in to our shop. We’ve started with her Merino Singles. This single ply fingering weight yarn takes the color intensely and shows off your pattern wonderfully.

Returned indie dyer: Lisa from Fibernymph is back.
We have added in her popular sock blanks this time around. Each one it dyed up onto a knitted blank. You unravel it as you knit (or unravel it into a ball to knit from.) I always think sock blanks knit up into a soft, almost hand-spun look as you knit with it.

Universal Yarn Cotton Supreme
Ready to knit a cool sweater for the summer months? We have re-stocked all of the pretty solids in Cotton Supreme. This soft cotton feels like butter next to your skin. Also great for handknit washcloths. (Mother’s Day idea – handknit washcloths with 1818 Farms soaps.)

Universal Yarn Bamboo Pop
Another great yarn for summer knitting, as well as for all things baby. This cotton/bamboo combo is light and airy and comfortable to wear.

We have new designs and re-stocks in the popular Notebooks, Sticky Notes, and Pencil Sets that you will want for your project bags. (Also nice to keep a notebook in your purse or backpack, the sticky notes by your calendar or knitting library, and the pencils with your drawing supplies.)

Our last Yarn Update included:

Gherkin’s Bucket Long Stride Sock, Malabrigo Sock, Malabrigo Rasta, Malabrigo Rios, George Sichterman Swifts and Yarn Caddies, and Atenti Bags.

Thank you so much for shopping with us. We love seeing your names come across the desk, and we love sending Loopy Boxes of Fun to your home. We appreciate you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


P.S. Are you working on Loopy Academy?

Would you like to earn the extra credit this semester?* Here is your assignment!

For Yarn: Pick a yarn from one of our 30+ indie dyers to use in your extra credit project. Your project needs to use a minimum of 200 yards, and the yarn needs to be purchased any time between April 9th and the end of May when the project is due.

For Fabric: Make something that can be used as an organizer in your Sewing Room or Area. Template organizer, project bag, catch-all, etc. Your project needs to use a minimum of 2 yards, and the fabric needs to be purchased any time between April 9th and the end of May when the project is due.

*Photos of your completed extra credit project must be uploaded to our Loopy Photo Gallery by May 31, 2018. Extra Credit is for those who are completing a semester of Loopy Academy. Your completion gift will be sent along with an order, when you have successfully completed a whole year of Academy.


    1. Hi Lisa! We aren’t able to do a fabric one. It’s not as easy and economical to get a specially designed fabric for a kit, as it is to get an exclusively designed skein of yarn. But that’s not to say we would never do it. Not this year, but if we can figure out a way to do it in years to come, it’s certainly an option.

  1. Is there an easy way to determine if a company is an “indie dyer?” I know some are obvious – like the single person companies. But what about Malabrigo? Are they an indie dyer? Is Madeline Tosh? What about Blue Moon? I get confused when the company is big and well known – are they still independent?

  2. What fun! Now to decide on my projects!
    For the sewing extra credit can we make more than one–like two different sizes and shapes of “boxes” to meet the yardage requirement?

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