Four Indie Dyer Re-stocks and New Colors

We missed an Update last week, but we’re back! I traveled to California for Stitches West, to see what fun things I needed to pick up for the shop and all of us. (Of course I found some things we will be adding in, including a new indie dyer. Will keep you posted.)

In the meantime, today we have re-stocks and new colors from several of our indie dyer lines. As you know, a great selection of indie dyers is one of the things we have always specialized in, and we sure love the group of amazing dyers that we carry here at The Loopy Ewe. Today, we’ve re-stocked and added in new colors from four of them for you.

Whimsical Wood – A small but beautiful new batch of Walking Dead colors from Samantha. (And even though I don’t watch Walking Dead, I am taken with these new colors!) Dyed up on her Pixie Toe Socks base.

Leading Men Fiber Arts – Steve and Andy are two of the nicest guys you will meet (and I was so happy to meet them in person at Stitches West a couple of weekends ago). They’ve sent a new batch of Show Stopper for us and it’s gorgeous.

Round Mountain Fibers – Monica dyes her colors after birds and insects, and the inspiration she finds in nature is never-ending! We have some new colors, as well as the very popular Hubbard’s Caterpillar and Black Rosy Finch colors re-stocked.

The Uncommon Thread – Ce has sent another batch to re-stock our numbers in Posh Fingering, Merino DK, Lush Worsted and Everyday Singles. This whole line continues to be a favorite of ours!

Dream in Color March Dream Club – now in stock. We also have all four of the Dream in Color Spring MKAL kits. The first clue comes out 3/15 (pattern available on Ravelry). Of course they also make great kits for other three color patterns, too.

Swedish Dishcloths We sent these out in one of our Warm Woolies Club Kits last year (to go along with our Swedish Hygge theme) and have some extras to share. What are they? Invented by a Swedish engineer in 1949, these cloths are made from 70% wood cellulose and 30% cotton. They are perfect for cleaning all household surfaces, they can be washed in the washing machine or dishwasher over 200 times, they last 9-12 months and are biodegradable. One Swedish dishcloth replaces 17 rolls of paper towels, and absorbs 15x its weight. More hygienic than a sponge and air dries quickly so it doesn’t breed bacteria. We have Red Mittens (hiding little chickadees), Red Foxes, Black Birds and Berries, and Cardinals and Robins.


Our last Yarn Update included: Townhouse Yarns (indie dyer Jenny, dyed in Dublin, Ireland), Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere and City, Cascade re-stocks and new colors, Appalachian Baby kits and yarn, and of course needle and notion re-stocks.

New pattern ideas that caught our eyes this week: Ashburn (I’m making mine with two solids and a speckled yarn in the middle, like Loopy Elf Kristine did), Drea’s Shawl (another fun one that uses a multi plus a solid), Icing, Father Goose Cowl, Leonardo Shawl (I love that teal and red combo), Carbeth Cardigan (I want one out of Uncommon DK), Cozumel, and Elwood.

Thank you so much for your orders. We love shipping you Loopy Boxes of Fun and always appreciate your business.

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


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