Camp Loopy Project 3 (for August!)

It’s that time – time for Camp Loopy Challenge Three (August) planning! Remember – this is a virtual camp with no traveling or official signups and each month stands alone in terms of earning points, so you can jump in and join us any time.

Our August Camp Project celebrates new dinosaurs that we have just recently discovered – Loopasaurus, Kniteratops, Eweadactyl, Purlasauryl, and Sewasaurus. Don’t they just sound like our kinds of  “people”? We will assign you to one of these groups for your Ravelry Chat Group for the month of August, so check your order form when your order arrives. We’re going to have you come up with their unique dino-saury features in your groups in August, so we can all get to know them better. (For example, I’ve heard that the Eweadactyl counts aloud when knitting, and the Sewasaurus only sews with red thread, but those could just be a rumors. You can all sort that out in your threads next month.) 

Here are your August Challenges:


  1. Celebrate these new creatures by choosing a pattern that is newer – published in 2015 or later. (We’ve started a thread on Ravelry for ideas. Click on the Patterns link at the top of that thread page to see what others are contemplating!)
  2. Project must use 800 yards of yarn, single knit or crocheted.
  3. Points for completing the August Project: 400


  1. Celebrate newly discovered dinosaurs by choosing a pattern that was published in 2015 or later.
  2. Project must use 4.5 or more yards of fabric. (If sewing clothes, you can make two items that go together.)
  3. Points for completing the August Project: 400

Camp Store Week: Wednesday July 12th through Thursday July 20th.

Discount during Camp Store Week: 15% discount available for one project’s worth of yarn or fabric for the August Project. You must leave us an order note indicating which yarn/fabric is for Camp. If you are also ordering for your child or grandchild, please indicate that in the order notes, too.

Kids Camp: We love having your kids and grandkids participate in Camp Loopy with us! The requirements and points earned are less for kids. For August, they earn 200 points and they need to use 400 yards of yarn or 2.5 yards of fabric for their projects.

If you successfully completed* the June project, your 100 bonus points have been awarded to your account. Remember, bonus points for July are 200, bonus points for August are 400, and if you complete all three projects, you’ll get an additional 500 bonus points. All of those points are available to use to pick your own rewards in the Loopy Rewards Store!

Camp Loopy Swag:

We have Camp Loopy tumblers with dinosaur bones printing, t-shirts with the dinosaur logo (still available: (1) S, (7) M’s, and (1) 3XL), totes with this year’s dinosaur logo, and vintage campster totes  that you can use each year, because they just say Camp Loopy!

Pick a fun pattern, pick some beautiful yarn, and get your orders placed. We’ll get them right out to you, so you’re ready to start in on your project by the August 1st start date!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew

*Successful completion means that you purchased the yarn or fabric during Camp Store Week for that project (or later in the month), you knit/crocheted/sewed your project between the first and last day of the required month, and you uploaded a photo showing the completed project to our Loopy Camp Photo Galleries by the due date. June Projects were due July 1. July Projects are due August 1. August projects are due September 1.


  1. Hi! Others may have flagged this…this blog about Project 3 for the 2017 Camp Loopy doesn’t show up on your homepage…I stumbled upon it earlier today and then had to look for it again tonight.

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