Sending Loopy Love and a CONTEST!

trailingheartsHappy Loopy Friday to you! It’s cold here this morning – 5 degrees right now. Although next weekend looks like it will be colder. We get some of our very coldest temperatures in December around here. Good thing we all have plenty of handknits and quilts to wrap up in!

We often get emails from customers who have received their order from Loopy, telling us that it was just the pick-me-up they needed during a tough/long/sad/frustrating/busy week. We love knowing that the mail brought you a Box of Fun from us that made you smile! And that gave us an idea for some Random Acts of Kindness that we could do this month.

Do you know of someone who could really use a spot of cheer this month, but might not be able to afford a Box of Fun from Loopy on his/her own? Or someone who does so much for other people, and really deserves a special something coming their way? We would like to send out a few Boxes of Fun full of Loopy Love to people like that this month.

Your part – we need your help in identifying someone who might deserve and love something like this. You can nominate someone by emailing us ( and telling us why you think they would be a good person to get a Box of Fun. We’ll then pick a few and will email you for the shipping details if we pick your nomination. We’ll send the box with a note that someone thought they deserved a box of Loopy Love. We’ll let you decide if you want to tell them it was you, or keep it anonymous.

Our part – we’re covering the cost of the boxes and contents. It won’t cost you a penny.

Please limit your nomination to one or two people. We know there are a LOT of very deserving people out there, but we need to be able to get through all of the emails you send! 🙂 Nominations close a week from today – on Friday the 16th.

small heartTHANK YOU for helping us with our RAK this year! We’d also like to share a box of Loopy Love with one of you for our December blog contest. Leave a comment on this post to be entered. You can tell us how cold (or warm) it is in your town today, or tell us of a RAK you did this week, or tell us what you are knitting or quilting right now, or tell us your favorite holiday treat! We’ll use the randomizer to pick a winner next week and will send you a box of something fun, too!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. It’s 65 today in mid-Dec. Hot. Always hot in Columbia, SC. And give up on snow. When I retire, I’m moving to cold! (so I can wear all my handknit woolens)

  2. What a lovely idea you are doing for people! I love the fact that you individualize each package you send it – that makes the packages even more special. It has been chilly and rainy here – but cannot complain when I see the weather everywhere else, Right now at 6:20 PM it is 46 degrees outside.

  3. Knitting: afghan for husband, table runner for mom, and trying to learn how to knit with DPNs! That last one isn’t going too swell…

    It was in the high 30s today, but Thursday will be 19F high!

  4. It is a grey 82F here today, My RAK of the week was just earlier today when I paid for someone else’s fuel :0) So nice to spread Christmas joy and I’m knitting a Baa-ble hat atm and my favorite holiday treat is Turkey on Christmas day with my family

  5. We had a ton of snow yesterday, so I’m looking out at wintry scenery. So happy to be wearing woollies again! RAK this week was sending a little surprise package of goodies to a friend having a hard time right now.

  6. It’s cold in Michigan but my new Grandson waited until after the storm to make his appearance early this morning December 13 at 1 am!!! I’m officially a NANA!! Had lots of knitting among for the 7 hour wait thanks to TLE for keeping my supply of yarn up to date!

  7. It’s 14 degrees here right now. BRRR.

    I’m working on knitting a cowl for my sister, using a design I made in a class at a knitting retreat last month.

  8. Residing in Canada. It’s kinda really cold and there’s that powdery white stuff everywhere. BUT the pesky bugs are gone. So I’m okay with this. Time to wrap myself up in a bundle of warmness and crochet my little fingers off! 😀

  9. It is currently 31 degrees but feels like 23 degrees.I just finished making two baby blankets for a relative who is expecting their first child. I also made a scarf for a friend’s daughter as a surprise. I just finished a Hitchhiker Scarf (Martina Behm) for myself with beautiful Cascade yarn from TLE and immediately started a scarf by Martina using her Easy Pattern with Crazy Zauberball that was gifted to me. I recently found out about Knitted Knockers and hope to cast them on by the weekend. I just purchased Bamboo Pop Yarn from TLE to try and make them.

  10. I work part time at an animal rescue
    as an adoptions counselor. I had an older woman come in with her friend,who was urging her to adopt a dog,as she had recently lost both her dog and her husband. She said she preferred males, but the first dog I brought in was a female.As soon as she held her, you could see her relax. She had to wait for the dog to be spayed, and pick her up in a few days. Her kids called during that time, and paid her adoption donation as a Christmas gift, which was a surprise we got to tell her when she picked up. Tears all around, and it made my heart so happy.

  11. We finally got snow today and our husky is one happy puppy!! I also finished my class today. Last “big” event before Christmas is hubby’s surgery tomorrow. Wish me luck!!

  12. I nominate my Facebook Friend and fellow crocheter Kaelynne Marie Figueroa! I’m desperately trying to finish a queen sized agfhan for Christmas!

  13. it is 12° on it’s way to -1° tonight. hate to even think of the windchill factor – brr!!! just completed crocheting a reusable beaded wine gift bag. pondering design ideas for a baby afghan using my stash…

  14. I am knitting all the hats. We all need hats after going from 80 degrees to 20 in a week . After hats, I need mittens, preferably thrummed.

  15. When I woke up today, it was -7 with a windchill of -24. I went to a holiday craft fair in a town near where I live. On my way out of town, I stopped at a little antique store. A couple came into the store asking directions to a craft fair for a charter school. The couple had never been out in that area before and the directions and cell phone service was spotty. I told them, “I know how to get there. Follow me.” So I led the way and got them to the craft fair, and then gave them directions to find their way home.

  16. I would love to receive a box of Loopy Love. It was 10 degrees when I left for work this morning – BRRR!! I am currently working on Bonnie Hunter’s En Provence mystery quilt (yes, there are many more things that I am working on as well – don’t we all….)

  17. Thanks for this amazing contest! I have two people in mind who would be very deserving of a Box of Love from Loopy!

    Today, it’s below freezing and I’m working on a pair of Christmas socks for my grandmother-in-law and a toilet paper cover to match the new bathroom curtain.

  18. I nominate Barbara Roth. She has had many ups and downs in her life. The last few years have been a littke rough. I’m sure that she would absolutely love a box of Loopy Love. Her knitting is what has helped her through the good times and the bad.

  19. It’s 14 F with a wind chill of 4 F!!

    My last RAK was a box of hand knits to the Pine Ridge Reservation….and I have a small box of hand knits going to a school in Northern Ohio, in a very poor region.

    I’m hoping these will keep some well deserving people warm! Thanks for the chance…..

  20. I certainly have someone in mind and she does need some Holiday Cheer this year. My friend Linda Svitko is a wonderful friend who has had a really tough year both personally and professionally. She started her own business selling dog clothes after being let go from her job from Chicago. It has had its ups and downs, plus she recently learned her Mom is very ill and she herself has mad health issues. And most recently she lost one her cats. She is such an animal lover so this hit her very hard and at the most sensitive time. Please consider sending her a box that is filled with love and support and cheerfulness as she is so deserving and in great need of this!

  21. I received a box of love yesterday. It was sent to me anonymously. What a way to make my day!
    Knitting has helped me so much going through my cancer treatments. And, now this gorgeous yarn…..what shall I make……

    I thank you for this RAK. And- the wonderful person who nominated me. ❤❤❤

  22. Today I am working on RAKs for our senior saints at church. Every Christmas my hubby & I give our single senior citizens a handmade gift of love, just because they are special. This year we made them the Hot Pad Bowls that you can set a bowl in & then put in the microwave, this way they don’t have to touch the hot bowl when taking it out. In past years we have done topper dishtowels, hot pads, & washcloths. We don’t limit it to the 12 seniors who are members, we always bring enough to cover any visiting seniors, also.

    I would also like to thank whoever nominated me for a Box of Love. It means so much to think someone thought of me in that way. I love the choices the elves made & will make something very special with the yarns chosen. I had a double blessing, as someone I nominated was also chosen. My Christmas cup is simply overflowing & you all played a large part in it. Thank you & may you have a blessed Christmas and New Year.

  23. I was blest, surprised and delighted to receive one of your boxes of fun. It arrived just in time for Christmas . Thank you for brightening my day with such beautiful and fun stuff.
    Happy New Year!

  24. My friend Sandy had her house burn down 20 months ago and she lost all her knitting projects, needles, yarn, etc. Then nine months ago her husband died of cancer, and last week, her grown son (he lived with her) died in a car accident.
    She does so much for others–volunteer work and her own random acts of kindness. I would love for her to receive your box–it would be a delightful surprise in a dismal time. I

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