Gradient Project and Camp Winners!

unnamedI had so much fun knitting this Hitchhiker out of a Canon Hand Dyes gradient. I love the colors, and the change happens so subtly in the midst of knitting, that it’s not until you look back a few inches that you realize the color has gotten much lighter/darker/different. I have an Canon Amethyst and an Emerald in my stash that I’m going to knit together into some kind of striped gradient beauty. I’m contemplating: Itineris (with the darker colors perpendicular along the bottom – what do you think?). Or Citron Grand, and I could do the main areas in one color and the unnamed-1gathering in the other? Might look really cool. Or Auri, and I could just switch colors ever other row. So many good options.

And because once I get looking at patterns I get more ideas, wouldn’t this Dromos be beautiful in two colors of KnerdString? I think I’m adding that to my list. In Hotter and Uniform or Sexytime and Uniform? I can’t decide.

We have our July and August randomly drawn winners from Camp and each one gets a $25 Loopy Gift Certificate!

July Winners: Elisabeth from Virginia, Annette from California, Joy from Montana, and Rebecca from Vermont.

August Winners: Bethany from Indiana, Leighann from Wisconsin, Cheryl from Michigan, and Carla from South Dakota.

We really enjoyed our Camp time with you all this summer, and look forward to next year again! (Theme picked, plans being made, ideas being generated. Can.Not.Wait.) I have been sharing some past Camp projects on our Loopy Instagram account (#camploopykudos) and we’ll continue to do that, as well as featuring some in blog posts throughout the year. We love sharing your beautiful work.

Have a great rest of your week, and be sure to tune into the blog tomorrow for the beautiful new fabrics going up in this week’s Fabric Update, and on Friday for a recipe for “the most delicious cupcakes ever” as voted upon by the Loopy Elves and baked by Knitting Daughter. Oh, they were so good.

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  1. Love your Htchhiker! I’ve been contemplating the Canon Hand Dyes too. I’m curious how many yards you used? If made to the pattern specs, you would need two skeins right? How did you manage it to get the gradient to flow right at the joining of the second skein?

    1. Hi Amy – I just used one skein, and I used every bit of it up. When the ball was getting smaller, I weighed it to see how much yarn I used in the 8 row repeat towards the end. That way, I knew that I had to start my last 8 row repeat when I had just over that amount of yarn left in the ball. I did end up getting 48 points on this Hitchhiker, even though the pattern calls for 42 points.

  2. I’m confused a bit…LOVE the Hitchhiker. My confusion is about the Camp Loopy Winners. Who won August’s challenge?

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