Hump Day Inspiration: Delicious Recipes

We have one of our Loopy Elf Dessert Nights tonight, so we’re all thinking about food today. Here are some great recipes that we’ve shared in the past. All these recipes and more delicious ones can be found in our gallery here.

Food Inspiration - The Loopy Ewe

  1. Cake Batter Truffles
  2. Fruit Sugar Cookies
  3. BLT in a Bowl
  4. Creamy Low-Fat Potato Soup
  5. Cinnamon Breakfast Puffs
  6. Mint Sugar Cookies
  7. Crockpot Cranberry Pork Roast
  8. Pasta Poppyseed Salad
  9. Pizza Casserole

Are you tempted to try any of these? What good recipes have you found or tried lately? Any we need to try?

~Sheri and the Loopy Elves


  1. I want to try them all! I think we’ll be having pizza casserole tomorrow night, the pasta salad with hamburgers on the grill on Friday, I’ll make some of the cookies on Saturday, and the potato soup on Sunday when it’s supposed to snow. Thanks so much to you and the elves for sharing these delicious recipes; I like new things to cook almost as much as new yarn!

    My favorite recent recipe (absolutely delicious!):

  2. Right now, doc has me on a no wheat, sugar, beef, or pork diet, so it doesn’t look like I can eat any of these.

  3. Your recipe posts are my absolute favorites. The recipe that has become a staple for us is the Lasagne Soup. That’s one my sophomore son has made for his buddies in college, in the dinky dorm kitchen, and they thought he was a chef!

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