2016: New Rewards, New Programs, Lots of Fun!

Galaxy Loopy RewardsHappy New Year to you! We are excited about all of the things that we have planned for you in 2016. New Yarn, Fabric, Challenges, Exclusives, Camp Loopy, Loopy Academy, Encouragement, Ideas and Motivation – you’ll find all of that here at The Loopy Ewe this year.

Stay connected to us through the blog, newsletters, Ravelry, Facebook ,Instagram, Periscope, or wherever it is that you like to get your Loopy News. We’ll keep the fun coming in 2016!

Here’s what we have going on for you this month:

NEW Loopy Rewards for 2016: We’re traveling into the galaxy during Loopy Rewards this year! We hope you’ll be visiting Pluto (Yay Pluto! We like Pluto), Neptune, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Venus and that SUN-shiney place – Loopy Gold this year. We have new and unique gifts for you at each level, as well as $25 Loopy Credits along the way.

We know that you have many options for yarn and fabric purchases, and our Loopy Rewards Program is one of the ways that we enjoy showing our appreciation for your business, on every product purchase, every single day of the year. You’re important to us, we like having you here, and we hope our Loopy Rewards Program adds a little extra to your purchases throughout the year.


Loopy Monthly Mixer ImageNEW for 2016: The Loopy Monthly Mixer  We know not everyone does our Academy or Camp (although we haven’t figured out why, because they are so cool!), so we are introducing The Loopy Monthly Mixer. Each month we’ll give you a chance to mix things up with a new project challenge and then we’ll start a group on our Ravelry Board to meet new friends and share ideas, motivation, and progress along the way. We’ll also add a Monthly Mixer photo gallery here at The Loopy Ewe to upload and share your completed project photos, because we always love seeing what you’re doing. You can do the projects with us every month, or participate every other month, or once a quarter, or whatever frequency you’d like. Minimal rules, maximum enjoyment!

P is for PlutoThe January Monthly Mixer Project Assignment – For your project this month, pick a pattern or yarn base or yarn colorway or fabric line that begins with a P (Yay, Pluto!). You can make anything you’d like out of any weight of yarn or any size of fabric. There are no deadlines. You can use stash yarn/fabric (carried here at The Loopy Ewe) or pop over to the website and buy yourself something new. If you purchase yarn or fabric for the project, leave us an order note. We’ll be drawing a name for one person to win their project yarn or fabric for free! I decided on a skein of Western Sky Knits Poppyseed, and am making socks – pattern not yet picked out. What are you going to make?

We’re also starting a Knitter’s Spotlight (and Quilter’s Spotlight) on the blog this year. We’ll ask one of your Monthly Mixers to join us sometime over there. 🙂


NEW for 2016: Monthly Colorway Exclusives from Blue Moon  When Tina (dyer extraordinaire and owner at Blue Moon) was here to visit us this summer, we cooked up an idea for all of you and I’m so excited that the time has come to share it. Each month during 2016, we will have an exclusive colorway from Blue Moon on their Socks that Rock base.

Frosty Ridge ImageworksFC.comTina is designing the colorways after some of my favorite photos from my professional photographer husband. His photos are beautiful, unique, and fun, and each skein of yarn will reflect that. We’ll be including a notecard of the original photograph with each skein, so you can see where the inspiration came from for that skein. Paul’s beautiful photography plus Tina’s beautiful dyework = yarn not to be missed. We’ll have the first installment (which used this Frosty Ridge photo for the inspiration) soon.


Ready to pick out your January Monthly Mixer Project? You might have a Loopy Credit! We always prorate any points you had towards your next Store Credit at the end of each year. For example if you had accumulated $205 in orders by the end of 2015, we’ve added a $20.50 credit to your Loopy account. (These special, year-end, prorated credits will expire April 1st if they are unused. All other regular credits and gift certificates still remain in your account forever.) Hop over to your Loopy account to see your new balance.

We have more ready for 2016, but this post is already filled with enough information to get you headed into the new year in a colorful way! We’ll share more in the coming weeks and months. We have a lot planned, and look forward to being on this 2016 fiber and fabric journey with you!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew



  1. Happy New Year Sheri! I just read the post and it made me so happy. I am so looking forward to this coming year’s Loopy Adventures. I really like that y’all are being stash friendly – especially with the new monthly mixers, because that includes more people in the fun.

    Wishing you and everyone at TLE and their families much health, happiness and prosperity in the year ahead!!!


    1. Thanks MK! Happy New Year to you as well. Looking forward to seeing all of the new projects you work on and share with us in 2016!

  2. Wow! TLE is the most creative and active yarn store that I know of, and I love that you do all this for your customers! I can’t wait for the Frosty Ridge yarn, and I’m off now to pick out my Pluto Monthly Mixer yarn and project. Thanks so much, and I hope 2016 is a wonderful year for everyone at TLE!

  3. Happy New Year, Sheri! I love all the fresh ideas you have! This is why I love shopping at The Loopy Ewe so much! You really know how to make knitting fun!

    1. Thanks Christine! We have fun thinking of new ways to justify all kinds of knitting for ourselves – and then of course we want you all to come along and knit with us. 🙂

  4. Happy New Year! Looking forward to those special yarns coming from hubby’s photos. Do we need to sign up for that!

  5. Really looking forward to the Blue Moon Fiber Arts special skeins for TLE. And I will start out the year knitting something with my P yarn (I just love Pluto too) just purchased with my credit from last year–thanks TLE. Also thanks for revving up my knitting mojo, I have been in a funk for a month and know feel like knitting once again (have to wash the dishes and sort our weekly pills first!). Thank you, thank you, thank you TLE.

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