Celebrating Nine Loopy Years and a CONTEST!

Today we’re celebrating our Ninth Loopy-versary! We can hardly believe that it has been nine years. In August of 2006 we put the website online with a handful of yarn companies represented, and crossed our fingers and said a prayer that it would work.

It sure has been fun to share yarn, fabric, projects, ideas and inspiration with you over the past nine years. YOU ALL are our favorite part of The Loopy Ewe and we love being with you on this adventure. We look forward to many more years of sharing beautiful yarn, fabrics and ideas with you. There are always new things to see, do and share!

For today’s Monday Yarn Update, we have two new Loopy things to share, in celebration of our Loopy-versary.

1. Loopy’s Paintbox Sets – We know you love our Loopy Cake Sets, because we have a hard time keeping them in stock! We took the summer off from winding Loopy Cake Sets in order to focus on Loopy’s Paintbox Sets (available just for our anniversary, while supplies last). These sets come with 9 mini-balls of yarn. Each ball is approx. 50 yards (1/4 of a skein from our Loopy Solid Series yarn), so they are smaller than the balls you get in Loopy Cakes.

We have two different patterns that were designed with these sets in mind, and we’ll email you a copy of both patterns with purchase. The sets come in Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer colors. Shown below: Loopy’s Paintbox Scarf out of 1 1/2 sets of Autumn (shown as scarf, or kitchener the short ends to make an infinity cowl as shown in the last photo). You can also make the Paintbox Scarf/Cowl out of one set – I was just needing to hit the 600 yard mark for my July Camp project, so made it wider! And our SoundWave scarf by Debbie O’Neill, shown below in Winter and Summer colors. Each SoundWave scarf uses one set of Loopy’s Paintbox.

Loopy's Paintbox Scarf The Loopy EweAutumn Paintbox The Loopy Ewe

Summer The Loopy EweSummer Paintbox The Loopy Ewe

Winter The Loopy EweWinter Painbox The Loopy Ewe

Loopy's Paintbox Cowl The Loopy EweSpring Paintbox The Loopy Ewe

2. Loopy Pattern by Susan B. Anderson – Susan is the best toy-designer we know, and we’ve been working with her for a long time to design a special Loopy toy, just for you! We think it’s her cutest design ever (although we may be a little biased) and we’re excited to share it with you. We have the patterns available for sale now, and we will have kits available soon. The pattern takes one skein each of red and tan and 2 skeins of white in our Loopy Solids Series. We have been waiting on an order of white for oh-so-long, but expect it within the next couple of weeks. Please email us (support@theloopyewe.com) if you’d like us to save you a set of these three skeins to make Loopy. ($48 for just the yarn, or $53 for yarn plus pattern. The pattern is also available on its own.) We are all planning our own little Loopy knitting for the fall. We hope you have fun with him, too!

Loopy2 Susan BLoopy1 Susan B




Loopy-versary Contest: We’re giving away NINE $25 Loopy Ewe Gift Certificates to celebrate our NINE years of being Loopy. (Well, some of us have been loopy a little longer than that, but we don’t count that part.) Leave a comment below and tell us what is the first project you remember knitting, crocheting, quilting or sewing, and we’ll draw the winners next week. The first thing I remember knitting was an ugly yellow sweater when I was in grade school or junior high. I just knit on the front and the back – I don’t remember sleeves, although I think it was supposed to have them ….

Sheri whostillhastroublemakingitallthewaythroughawholesweater


  1. That would have been a long time ago! I probably just made a bunch of granny squares of various sizes at first but I also remember a vest pretty early on and doing a lot of freestyle crochet like a picnic/tea set.

  2. I first learned when I was six from my Grandma! I knit a acrylic pink baby blanket for my baby doll. It had holes of dropped stitches like Swiss Cheese!

  3. my first sewing project was peach and blue pillow covers for a Fibers and Fabrics class in high school. I was hooked and received a sewing machine as a graduation present!

  4. I knit a baby hat and wrapped knit stitches wrong- so it was twisted, but I didn’t even realize it until my knitting instructor pointed it out.

  5. I knitted a garter stitch scarf for my toddler using fuzzy, fleecy yarn. I couldn’t see the stitches in that yarn so the rows kept increasing and decreasing in stitch count.

  6. Wow congrats on nine years! My grandmother taught me to knit when I was 8 years old; my first project was a stocking cap in brown, deep orange, and butterscotch yellow. Well, it was fashionable at the time lol.

  7. Sooo many years ago! I don’t remember my first knitting project, but my first sewing project was a skirt for my doll. My mom still has my notes and the “pattern” that I drew out. I would guess I was about 7. 🙂

  8. The first “project” that I remember crocheting was supposed to be a square, but it ended up looking more like a beehive, with all of those missed stiches. 🙂

  9. I just learned last January from my husband’s 85 yr. old grandmother. Her advice to me was “If you’d learn how to hold your yarn right, you wouldn’t make such a mess!” My first project was a gray scarf out of cheap yarn with size 13 needles in case I messed up! I’ve graduated to smaller needles and much, much nicer yarn!

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