Loopy and Leonard the Lion

Leonard the Lion and Loopy The Loopy EweNo Yarn Update today because we’re knee-deep in Camp Loopy orders and working on getting all of those out to you! Loopy and Leonard the Lion are no help at all. They’ve been sitting by the campfire trading tall tales and warming their toes all day. Tomorrow we’re going to see if we can get them to do some actual work. Fingers crossed.

We hope you’re joining us for Camp Loopy this summer! You can find the details for this virtual camp on the blog. Click here for the yarn version and click here for the fabric version. We did run out of camp t-shirts way earlier than expected this year, so we will be ordering more and hope to have them back in time for our next Camp Store week. (We’ll put them up earlier if they arrive earlier!)

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Safari Crew


  1. I’m so glad you are ordering more shirts! I went to check out last night and saw they were gone!!!!! That’s actually a good thing though cause you know there will be a lot of campers this year! I will order earlier on the next shipment!!! Now to go finish checking out with my yarn order!!!!

  2. So darned cute! I may need to get him. And a t-shirt, even though I’m not able to play along this year. Because it’s just too cute.

  3. My reward for meeting my first few camp goals will be to get a little loopy and little leonard. Darn you, I love lions being a Leo and all. So adorable. The logo is just sweet this year. Will try to be patient for my BOF to arrive.

  4. My Leonard arrived today and he’s not only adorable, he’s very, very soft.
    Just sayin’

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