Loopy Academy Spring Semester Extra Credit!

Lilacs The Loopy EweJust because it’s spring, and I’m ready for the lilacs to bloom, and some of you are now on Spring Break, and many of you have finished your Loopy Academy Spring Semester assignments already and are anxiously waiting for Camp Loopy to start up …. we’ve come up with an extra credit project for you!

This is totally not required in order to get credit for Spring Semester, but if you DO complete the extra credit project, we’ll be adding an extra little something to your Freshman Year Gift when you have successfully completed both semesters. The extra credit project requirements are easy, and we look forward to seeing what yarn you pick and what you make with it. The requirements are:

– pick a color or pattern name that reminds you of spring (favorite flower color, favorite place to go for Spring Break, favorite plant in your garden, favorite spring drink – lots of options!)
– you can use your “spring” yarn to knit anything you’d like, as long as the project uses at least 175 yards.
– yarn must be purchased any time between March 16th and the end of May when the project is due.
– photo of the completed project must be uploaded to the Extra Credit Photo Gallery on our website by May 31st at midnight (Mountain Time).


Q: What if I’m just now doing first semester projects and won’t complete the second semester until the fall?
A: If you do the extra credit project during this semester, we’ll send you the extra credit gift along with your Freshman Year Gift after you complete your Freshman Year in the fall (or whenever you complete it).

Q: I took this semester off, but I still want to have the chance for the extra gift. How does that work?
A: The extra credit projects must be done the semester they’re offered. If you do it this semester, we’ll mark your account as “extra credit completed” and will send you the gift with your Freshman Year gift (when you complete it).

Q: I don’t have time to do the extra credit this semester. Can I do it later?
A: No worries. This is just a fun little extra and there is no pressure to complete it. We’ll offer other extra credit projects at different times in the future, and maybe one of those will fit into your schedule a little better.

Have fun picking out a color that shouts SPRING to you, and we’ll look forward to seeing your project photos!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. What a nice idea! I’m not done with my regular projects yet- I am not that fast- but will definitely take on an extra semester challenge! I know the exact color I’m going to use- Lilac or Boysenberry. Here I come!

  2. Funny thing is I WAS thinking spring when I ordered the Casbah Silk In Blomidon on MARCH 10TH!!! Had the pattern for it too. Dang I hate it when this stuff happens.

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