Photo Shoots and Loopy Academy Scholarship Winner

Sockupied-Photo-Shoot-1It’s getting cooler here in Colorado, and we’re expecting a whole bunch of knitters to start arriving today and tomorrow for our Fall Fling retreat. The perfect way to spend a fall weekend. (Join us next time!)

We had fun hosting a team from Interweave in the shop yesterday. They were using The Loopy Ewe as a backdrop for their next issue of Sockupied! It’s fun that the Interweave offices are just about 5 minutes down the road from Loopy. Sometimes they Sockupied-Photo-Shoot-2pop over on their lunch breaks for a little shopping and yarn therapy. If you don’t already subscribe to Sockupied, you should. It’s a fun magazine for sock knitters. They were shooting the Fall 2015 issue yesterday, but the Fall 2014 issue just came out and is available for you now. (You know these photos will be all spiffed up and perfectly cropped with good lighting for the actual edition. I just didn’t want to give away what any of the socks looked like, by zooming in any further! I will say, I’ll be making the lime-colored ones in that first photo, when the pattern comes out next year. They are gorgeous.)

loopy-academy-aug5We have loved packing up all of your Loopy Academy orders, and can’t wait to see the assignments start rolling in! (You can join us any time during the semester. For details on Loopy Academy and the three class assignments, check this blog post.) I am still picking out which cowl pattern I want to do, but I plan to start it at our Fall Fling retreat this weekend. We have drawn our first semester Loopy Scholarship winner from all of your blog comments! That will be going to Kerry C from CO. I know you’ll put the $75 to good use, Kerry!

There won’t be a Thursday Fabric Update this week, or a Monday Yarn Update next Monday (due to our retreat), but we’ll be back to our regular update schedule after that. Don’t miss this Friday’s blog post, where I’ll be sharing a wonderful new fall recipe with you, and next week I’ll share some Fall Fling photos and you might just have a chance to win one of our Goodie Bags. Until then, have a great weekend!

Sheri readyforabusyweekend,willsharephotosnextweek


  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much Sheri!!! What an awesome surprise! I will absolutely put it to good use. 🙂 I hope you all have a wonderful fling but I know there’s no way to have anything but an amazing time at Loopy Ewe!

  2. That’s awesome that TLE will be the setting for that issue’s photos. I visited your store when I was in CO a couple years ago, so it’ll be neat to stir those memories when I see the pictures. I love Sockupied…

  3. So excited for this weekend! I come in early-ish tomorrow, too! It’ll be warmer here when I leave my house at 6:00 am than it will be there the whole weekend! Looking forward to that! And I’m going to get my Academy supplies on my Loopy Central trip. Some things, you just need to see in person, you know? See you tomorrow!

  4. Congrats to the scholarship winner! Loopy Fling sounds way fun! Enjoy everyone! What a great thing to use the shop for photo shoots!!!! It’s getting colder and blustery here in dairyland!

  5. WishI were joining you all for fling.Was not meant to be this year,though Lord knows I tried.Hoping for next.Have a great time.Squish some yarn and have a glass of wine for me.

  6. Once again the inspiration for new yarns and patterns flows from your blog. I’m starting to get hooked on the fabric too!

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