Blue Moon, String Theory, Dream in Color & CONTEST 8!

Happy Labor Day to those of you in the U.S. (And I hope you’re not laboring today.) We have a fun Monday Update for you today. Just up, you’ll find:

Loopy Ewe Sweatshirts – Just in time for fall, we have sweatshirts available again! This time we brought in red zip-up hoodies for you to wrap up in. Available in sizes Small through 3x. Get them while they last!


Blue Moon Fiber Arts Marine Silk Lace – An incredible laceweight yarn that is 51% Silk, 29% Merino Wool and 20% Seacell. With 868 yards in the skein, you have a lot to work with! Need some pattern ideas? Try: Begonia Swirl, Snow Angel, Tiong Bahru, Echo Flower Shawl, or A Hap for Harriet. Shown below in Sapphire and Neptune.


String Theory Colorworks Continuum – Caitlin has sent us more of her beautiful self-striping yarn in a variety of colors. This fingering weight yarn is 80% Superwash Merino, 10% Cashmere and 10% Nylon. Perfect for socks, gloves, mittens, cowls and hats. We have just one more shipment coming from Caitlin, and then she’s taking some time away from large orders. Pattern ideas: Sockhead Hat, Jaywalkers, Fruit Stripe Gum Socks, Elphaba, or Vanilla Latte Socks. Shown below in Kinetic Energy and Trifolium.


Dream in Color Jilly – This is a new yarn base for us. Jilly is 100% Superwash Merino in a fingering weight. This single ply yarn comes 440 yards to the skein, and if you purchased one of our April Celebrations colors (or kits), you have already experienced the beauty of Jilly. We have lots of color choices for you. You’ll love this yarn for shawls, scarves, cowls and sweaters. Pattern ideas: Elianette, Rivington Cowl, Pebble Beach Shawlette, Boxy, Song of the Sea, or Pogona. Shown below in Galaxy and Daylilly.


Dream in Color September Dream Club – The new Dream Club has started! Many of you signed up for the whole six months with us. If that’s the case, then we’ve already put the reserved skein in your cart. For those of you who wanted to preview and buy month to month, we have plenty of skeins left for you as well. This month’s Dream Club features a mega-sized skein of Smooshy, with 620 yards in the skein. Your purchase includes a copy of the Flight of the Maple Seed shawl/scarf that was written especially for this large skein. We’ll email you the copy of the pattern within 48 hours of your order shipping. Need other pattern ideas for a skein or two of this size? Try: Ishbel, Eyeblink, Whispers, Analucia Shawl, or Estuary.


unnamed-2We have a winner from Contest #7! Meaghan J. in CO wins a skein of Hand Maiden Casbah plus a skein of Skein’s Merino Silk. We’ll get this shipped out tomorrow, Meaghan! Today is our last contest celebrating our Eighth Anniversary. However, if you pop back by the blog on Wednesday, you’ll see one more special contest where you could win 3 project’s worth of yarn. Don’t miss that!

For today’s contest, the question of the day is: What was your favorite thing about high school? (We already did “Who Was Your Favorite Teacher“, which was a lot of fun to read through. But if you didn’t get in on that blog post back in 2010, feel free to leave your favorite teacher in the comments, too.) We’ll draw a name and announce the winner in Wednesday’s blog post.

Have fun shopping through the new things, and we’ll get your orders packed up with lots of Loopy Love and shipped off asap!

Sheri and The Loopy Ewe Crew


  1. It was the mentoring of 9th graders in remedial math. Math was my thing, and it was cool to be able to help the younger kids out!

    Thanks for all the chances to win!

  2. My favorite part of high school was the honors writing class that was sponsored by the University of MN. It gave me the passion and desire to become a writer.

  3. I really loved just about all of high school. My school had a wide variety of classes, so I was able to take classes that were challenging yet interesting. I also did a ton of after school activities – swim team, drama, orchestra, math team, chemistry olympiads, where I made a lot of really good friends.

  4. My favorite thing about high school was being a “computer aide.” I got to spend an hour every day in the library. It was great to catalog the new materials, edit the library policy handbook, help with the monthly after-school book club meetings, & the librarian was great about asking for my input about books I’d like to see added to the collection.

  5. My favorite thing about high school was being in the marching band. I played a lot of different instruments through the years, but being part of the band felt like being part of a family.

  6. My favorite part of high school was graduation. I was confused by most everyone and everything. Took a while but now I am not so confused!!

  7. During my senior year in high school, I had an English teacher who read aloud to us in an honors class. He was a slight Irish man with beautiful, loud red hair. He happened to also have a lazy eye. When he read, he always used different voices. It was always comical and very enjoyable!! Mr. MacKinnon was the best!!! I graduated in 1982.

  8. American Studies Honors. I loved that class — history, art, architecture, and literature all wrapped into one. Seriously. Having to read lots of novels all the time? Count me in.

  9. Helping out with the elementary special ed class. My friend and I taught a few of the kids to play cribbage. It was fun and I got class credit for it:)

  10. Math. And my teacher, Mr. Hodges, who inspired me to major in math in college. It was many decades ago and he is long gone, but I hope I told him he was my favorite.

  11. Graduating? I wasn’t really fond of high school as a whole. I was involved backstage in the school plays and enjoyed that, so I guess that would be my favorite thing from high school.

  12. My senior year lived in Texas. It was the best year of school for me, and I loved it because of all the people and my friends!

  13. Learning German. . . and Latin, and Spanish. But learning the German well enough to be able to communicate in Germany, well enough to actually think in the language, and well enough to really be able to jump into junior level courses when I started college.

  14. I loved high school so much, I haven’t left. 17 years and counting teaching high school science. Don’t be jealous but yes, I still go to prom at 40! ☺

  15. Half time shows at football games. I was in the band and we had to learn a new show every week. Very, very fun.

  16. My favorite thing about high school was my senior prom. I grew up in central Florida and the prom was held at a hotel at Disney World.

  17. My favorite thing about high school was Calculus. My teacher was amazing, and restored my confidence in my ability to do advanced math.

  18. My favorite thing about high school was the diversity. I went to a tiny private school through 8th grade, then to the biggest public high school in the county. From a class of 25 to a class of 600 – what a difference!

    1. I am tired and misread the question. I think! Otherwise my favorite part about high school was any time we had a road trip for a sporting event. I live in rural Montana so we had to travel long distances to games.

  19. My high school senior English teacher. She recognized the uniqueness of each student and treated us as true individuals. She encouraged reading – of all genres – like no other teacher before or since. What a gem.

  20. My favorite teacher was actually my second grade teacher Mrs Pignotti She inspired my love for reading — and also speed reading …lol.

  21. My friends! We were called Loungies cause we hung out in the day lounge in one of the buildings. 25 years later, we’re scattered round the world and they are still the people I would rather spend my time with than anyone else.
    Although overall, I love high school!

  22. My favorite teacher was my 8th grade teacher, Mrs. Ludick. She taught me how to maximize my creative thinking skills to become a good writer.

  23. English Lit classes. The books left me inspired, thinking I’d have all the time in the world to read and ponder life in my “adult” years. Hah.

  24. My favorite thing about high school was Fridays: we had fun pep rallies, I marched in the band, I spent afternoons helping the librarians, and the principals played music over the intercom while the students changed classes.

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