TNNA Yarn Market and Summer Deliveries

Last weekend we were in Indiana for our summer TNNA Market. (Not sure you can still call it the summer market when it’s in early May. It’s usually in June, so it was very early this year, for some reason.) The first TNNA I attended was back in 2006 and it was also at the Indianapolis Convention Center, so it was fun to be back there. Typically, the summer markets are in Columbus, Ohio each June.

It’s always fun to re-connect with friends, yarn company owners, designers, and other shop owners. But of course the main point of the weekend is to see new things that we might want to carry in the shop in the coming months! I wish I had taken more photos. I will remember to do that more the next time.

We added in the Mrs. Crosby line, from Lorna’s Laces. It was fun to see all of the colors they had come up with. We’ve been talking to Beth at Lorna’s for almost a year about this line, and have played with samples for a few months now. I know you will have fun with these beautiful semi-solids!

Mrs-Crosby1-The-Loopy-Ewe Mrs-Crosby2-The-Loopy-Ewe

I’ve been looking for these Knerd Knitting Bags since our Office Manager Lynn bought one awhile back. We were happy to find them at TNNA, and to find out that Renee runs this business out of Castle Rock, CO, which is just over an hour south of here (and also where Web Guy lives!).


There aren’t usually many indie dyers at TNNA (because it’s expensive to have a booth). But last year I was happy to find Lelah with Fable Fibers, and this year I was happy to come across Sarah from Fiberstory. Can’t wait to get her beautiful yarns in the shop, and she was equally happy to have us carrying her line!


Madelinetosh has come out with Unicorn Tales, which are small mini skeins in 30 different colors. (Here’s a photo they shared on their Instagram account a few days ago.) We will be getting all 30 colors any day!


We added in some additional bases from some of the lines we already carry: Jilly from Dream in Color – the same base as our April Celebrations color (shown below, knitted up) and included in our Spring Kit, plus their new Classy base, Fino from Manos del Uruguay, a new base coming in August from Blue Sky Alpaca, gradient kits from Frabjous Fibers/Wonderland Yarn, etc.


We placed plenty of re-stock orders (Shalimar, Blue Sky, Spud and Chloe, Chic-A, Shaune Bazner, and more), both at the show, and before and after the show, too. Re-stocking is always ongoing around here.

And we did some fun brainstorming and planning over dinners with others. Fun things coming in the next year. We’ll keep you posted, as always!

Next weekend is Quilt Market in Pennsylvania. More walking, more booths, more gorgeous colors, and more inspiration. I’ll report back from there when we return.

(As usual, our UPS guy is not happy to hear all of this.)

Sheri stillhavingfunseeingallofyourCampLoopypackagesgoout!


  1. Wow! You must have had a great time and we’ll all reap the benefits of your time in Indianapolis! Lots of beautiful things headed our way…

    1. The hardest part is always waiting for it all to arrive after we’ve placed the orders. 🙂

  2. Your UPS guy should be thrilled – after all, it is stores like yours that keep him employed. Sounds like lots of fun stuff coming

    1. Our UPS guy is actually very nice. He just doesn’t like it when we have so many deliveries that it takes more than one trip with his big cart. Now, our mailman who picks up all of the packages that we ship out every day? He’s another story. He doesn’t find the number of boxes at all amusing.

  3. I saw the fable fiber yarns while shopping for my camp project at Loopy thursday night. While they didn’t fit the bill for my first project, I am hoping I can find a second or third camp project to knit up with this yarn, it was so nice to touch. Some of the colors skeins just didn’t seemed to be put back into the bin. Funny how that happens to me there.

    1. Happens to me all the time, walking up and down these aisles. It’s dangerous (in the nicest way).

  4. Knerd Knitting bags look really great in a nerddy way 😉 and the Tosh Tales I gotta see! Looking forward to all the nice yarns and gear you found for us! Now…what to make with those tales. I know you will have ideas when they come in!

    1. Check out the Loopy Cakes thread on our Loopy Groupie board on Ravelry. Although the Madtosh Unicorn Tails are smaller, they may work for some of the same patterns. And of course they’ll be great for colorwork!

  5. It would be nice if you had extra time to drive further east to Lancaster County, PA to visit The Old Country Store and Quilt Museum in Intercourse (lots of nice fabric and quilt ideas) and Zook’s across the street. Zooks is where some Amish and Mennonite women shop for their fabrics to make their clothing, but there’s a quilt fabric section in the back. It’s mostly staffed by Amish women – who are super nice and helpful – both are fun to visit and also to do some shopping in. If you drive the other way down the main street away from town – you’ll see home made Quilt Shop signs at Amish farm houses – where they sell neighborhood made quilts out of “shops” in their basements or rooms separate from the houses. The prices are really good too – hand appliqued quilts. The quilts are much less expensive in these off the main track places than at the tourist spots.

  6. I love the look of the Knerd Knitting bags! I so don’t need another bag, but I’m pretty sure when these go up in the store, I’ll be getting one!! I hope they come in soon 🙂

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